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Alpha Asher by Jane Doe Chapter 82

Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 82

Asher had set to work the moment he returned from Brittany’s cell. Luna Freya had managed to free Brittany and k**l the guards. Upon further investigation, one of the patrol teams on the western side of his territory had been k****d. We could only assume Luna Freya had been working with the Vampire’s and used them to free Brittany.

Without Tyler, we hadn’t a clue why Brittany was valuable to the Vampires, and I was reluctant to visit Tristan and ask him myself.

Asher and Zeke left the house shortly after searching the dungeons, taking their Beta’s with them. The rest of Asher’s men had arrived and needed proper housing and food. Bran had also left due to the arrival of his men. The few warriors Luna Freya brought with her were confused by her absence, and repulsed at how their Luna had betrayed the pack.

Breyona wasn’t answering my calls, not that I expected her to. While I was still uneasy about Giovanni, I knew he would never hurt her. I resisted the urge to call Mason, though I hadn’t heard from him since the Vampire’s had attacked the pack. Even my Grandma, Dad, and Sean were busy. For the first time in a long time, I felt utterly bored.

I savored the free time I had, relishing in the peacefulness. Sometime during the afternoon, Breyona had finally called. After reassuring me everything with her and Giovanni was fine, she asked if I would sleep over tonight.

Breyona picked me up from the packhouse around seven at night. The stress and weariness had left her shoulders, leaving a light glow across her skin. Her eyes had a sparkle within them, twinkling with happiness when she thought I wasn’t looking.

“How’s everything with Giovanni?” I asked, noticing the smile that tugged at her lips when I said his name.

“He’s struggling. He’s leaving behind his family, but he understands the choice he made.” Breyona sighed, “Alpha Asher stopped by today and questioned him. He seemed to believe Giovanni.”

“Asher stopped by?” I frowned. I hadn’t seen or heard from him all day.

“Only for a couple minutes.” Breyona shook her head, “Is it bad that I’m happy? I feel horrible for Giovanni, and I understand what he lost–but, I’m still really happy.”

“I don’t think that’s a bad thing.” I frowned, “I just hope other Vampire’s see things his way. We don’t want to eradicate them the way they do us.”

“Giovanni never wanted any part of that.” Breyona frowned, “He was raised to obey the King above anyone else, his opinions never mattered.”

“Well, they do now.” I nodded, giving her a reassuring grin.

We spent the night in her bedroom as we had countless times in the past. She told me about Giovanni, and how she would meet with him at her Aunt’s house. I could see the guilt burning in her eyes, but I couldn’t seem to muster any blame. I knew I would have done the same. She couldn’t seem to stay away, but she hadn’t betrayed the pack by giving him information. I promised her I wouldn’t tell Asher, a promise I was happy to keep.

Her pastel pink walls remained the same, even though she had begged her Mom for months to repaint the room. Over the years, her twin sized bed had been switched out for a larger one, along with a sofa against the far wall. Her room hadn’t changed much from when we used to be friends.

‘I hear you’re spending the night away from me.’ Asher’s deep voice coiled into my mind.

‘Who told you?’ I asked, shooting a suspicious look at Breyona.

‘Breyona.’ Asher chuckled, his laugh deep and rich. ‘Whatever will I do without you hogging my bed?’

‘I don’t hog the bed.’ I scoffed, ‘You’re the one that likes to cuddle all night.’

‘You sleep nak*d.’ Asher chuckled, ‘Can you blame me for wanting to stay close?’

‘I sleep nak*d because you refuse to let me sleep in clothes.’ I rolled my eyes, though a blush had already began forming on my face.

‘Clothes are restricting.’ Asher snickered, ‘I’m afraid I’ll miss you tonight.’

‘The mighty Alpha Asher can handle a night to himself.’ I cooed, chuckling as his low growl reverberated through the mind-link. ‘After all, you left me alone all day today.’

‘I had business to attend to.’ Asher sighed, and my heart fluttered as a strong pang of longing flowed through the mind-link.

‘Does that business have anything to do with why my entire family seemed to be busy?’ I smirked.

‘It is your birthday tomorrow.’ Asher chuckled.

‘I don’t need a party or anything like that.’ I sighed, though a smile had worked its way onto my face. ‘I have enough to worry about tomorrow.’

‘In the midst of all this d***h, we all need some downtime.’ I could feel Asher’s smirk through the mind-link, ‘You most of all.’

‘I suppose it wasn’t a horrible idea.’ I chuckled, my face turning red at the thought of Asher organizing a party for my birthday.

‘Goodnight, Lola.’ Asher purred, ‘I’ll be thinking of you tonight.’

Breyona eyed me suspiciously as I ended the mind-link, the corners of her lips turning up in a smirk as she registered the heat on my face.

“I’m guessing you talked to Alpha Asher.” Breyona snickered.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t have the same look on your face when we were talking about Giovanni.” I teased.

The two of us stayed up late, talking as we used to. Asher was right, we needed some fun in the midst of all this drama. We couldn’t let d***h take laughter and love from us. I curled up on Breyona’s couch, a mountain of blankets covering me to replace Asher’s incredible body heat. Sleeping without him left me feeling cold, but I reminded myself it was only for one night.

As I slipped into darkness, a feeling of unease settled in my stomach. The pink walls around me faded, replaced with smooth stone. The carpeted floors evaporated, turning into smooth tile. Where her desk had once sat, a roaring fireplace resided.

Tristan stood from the couch he sat on, a breathtaking smile on his face as we locked eyes. I was positive I hadn’t brought myself here, and wondered if he were able to call me against my will.

“Hello, beautiful.” Tristan grinned, “Happy birthday, Lola.”

My eyes flickered to the clock on his wall, looking strangely out of place against the velvet maroon furniture. Tristan was right, it was my birthday. The clock on his wall read three in the morning.

“What am I doing here?” I grimaced, “I didn’t bring myself here.”

“For once, I called on you.” Tristan smirked, “It’s not every day the future Vampire Queen finds her mate.”

“You’re not my mate.” I scoffed, relief flooding my veins at the absence of a mate-bond between Tristan and I.

“You are half Vampire, Lola.” Tristan smiled slyly, his ocean eyes seemed to capture the light from the fire, making them flicker with heat. His voice turned uncomfortably soft as he began to approach me. “You are more like me than you think. Tell me beautiful, did you enjoy the taste of that Vampire’s blood? Did it make you feel powerful?”

Heat flooded to my face but disgust did not follow. He was right. The Vampires blood healed the wound in my stomach, but also filled me with a sense of power. The blood swelled my muscles, and sharpened my senses. The taste was alluring and rich like dark chocolate, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to feel disgusted.

“You don’t have to say anything, beautiful.” Tristan murmured, coming to a stop just a few inches away from me. His hand grazed across my jaw, but I was rooted in place. The trail his hand made across my face was warm, similar to how drinking blood made me feel.

“So beautiful, so perfect.” Tristan purred, awe lingering in his tone. As I looked from the corner of my eye, I noticed him watching me. “I am asking you to choose me, Lola. I know what you want, what you need. I would give you the world.”

My chest constricted at his words, and I tried desperately to force myself away. The mark on my neck b****d with need, and it took all of my willpower to remain rooted in place. I could taste the sincerity of his words on my tongue, I could feel his fondness for me grazing over my skin.

“I don’t–I don’t want that.” I managed to force the words from my lips, though they lacked conviction.

“What a beautiful Queen you will make.” Tristan murmured, his fingers running down a lock of my raven hair.

Something in his words called to me, making my blood sing. Queen, I would be Queen. The power was in my blood, waiting for me to accept my role and step into power.

“You feel it don’t you.” Tristan murmured; his eyes soft as I fumbled for the words to say. “The power is right there, Lola. All you have to do is reach out and take it.”

An image full of blood and d***h flashed through my mind. Asher’s cold corpse lying on the ground, his blood watering the earth. Breyona and Giovanni, sprawled out in the middle of a battle feild, their fingers intertwined as they met at d***h’s doors. Sean, Dad, Grandma, Mason, Zeke, Bran. All of them scattered across a battle feild, the grass a brilliant shade of scarlet. Birds circling up ahead, lured by the smell of blood and d***h. Buildings b****d and reduced to rubble, shards of class littered along sidewalks and deserted roads. The packhouse bright with flames, crackling as the heat devoured every trace. A once beautiful town reduced to rubble, the earth stained with the blood of thousands. A crown of gold and rubies sitting upon my head, Tristan at my side. My Father, the man who had used and discarded my Mom, smiling at me from the throne I sat on. Countless Vampire’s at my beck and call. So much power, and so much d***h.

I wanted none of it.

“No.” My voice came out in a breathless rasp as I stumbled away from Tristan. “No. I don’t want this. I don’t want to be Queen. I will not help eradicate Werewolves.”

“Why k**l off an entire species when you can rule them all?” Tristan’s voice grew quiet, his eyes intense as they roamed my h****r-struck face. “I would never ask that of you, Lola.”


“The Vampire King has his own agenda, and I have mine.” Tristan murmured quietly, his eyes flickering to the thick oak door that separated his room from the rest of the building. His words were sincere, but laced with a danger I did not want to face. “You must listen closely Lola, as I will only say this once. Your Father wishes for the complete destruction of Werewolves. Without Werewolves, we will be free to enslave humans.”

“Becoming Queen won’t change that.” I hissed, but the fire in my voice had long been extinguished. “I’ll fight with my pack until this mess is over.”

“It will never be over, Lola.” Tristan’s words were dark, his tone heavy. “If you think for one minute your Father does not have a backup plan, then you are a fool. I know you well enough to tell you are no fool. If you do not accept the throne, you will sorely regret it.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I hissed, jumping as footsteps echoed outside of Tristan’s door.

His eyes were wide as they turned on me, his voice held desperation. “I am not as evil as you make me out to be, Lola. Choose me and I can help you. There are some Vampires who agree with me, who do not wish for the destruction of your kind.”

“What is his backup plan?” I pleaded, but the room around me had already begun to fade, leaving behind a heavy sense of foreboding I couldn’t seem to shake.


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