Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 10

Read Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 10

I picked Claire up from her home, refusing my Beta’s offer to do the task for me. My wolf was anxious at the thought of seeing her again, especially after what had almost happened last night. All through the night my wolf plagued me with thoughts of this little creature. I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around how she could possibly be a wolf. When you looked at her you saw this small, fragile little thing.

My wolf growled possessively as he laid eyes on the boy sitting much too close to our little mate. He growled, wondering how he had the audacity to sit so close to my mate of all people. The love in his eyes for my little mate was clear, but when I looked into her own I could see she hadn’t felt the same, if she even acknowledged the feelings at all.

I watched as Claire trudged outside, towing her luggage behind her. I felt a small amount of amusement watching this little creature carry something half her own size. As if on a whim, I spoke my thoughts out loud to her.

“You’re not very strong, are you?” I mused, my wolf chuckling at the thought of our little mate being a threat to anyone. Out of all the she-wolves I have seen, she was completely unique. I hadn’t expected myself to be mated to someone like her. I knew this would provoke her, somewhat wanting to see if her face would b**n as it had yesterday.

I couldn’t help but feel amused as I watched her face turn tomato red, remembering that she seemed to do that quite often. I found it entertaining how easily I could trigger it. Using what willpower I had left, I stifled a chuckle as she stomped to my black hummer parked in the driveway. I could tell she was using all of her power to walk past me and leave me in the dust. I kept up with her brusque pace quite easily, finding the shortness of her legs even more amusing than her blushing face.

I opened the backdoor to the hummer and gestured to the trunk, wanting nothing more than to see if she could manage. If it hadn’t been for her little tantrum, I would have placed her luggage in the truck myself. My wolf grumbled in amusement, enjoying watching our little mate prove herself. I watched in silence as she bent over to pick her luggage up. I felt the corners of my lips twitch in amusement as I looked at her horrible posture, finding another excuse to refuel the blush that had once tainted her cheeks.

“You’ll hurt yourself lifting that way.” I stated to my little mate, letting the slightest bit of amusement flow into my voice. This time I had to use much more effort to stifle a smile as her face had turned more red than ever. I didn’t think I would ever get tired of this.

I kept silent as my little mate somehow managed to lift the suitcase in her small arms. My amusement slowly dissipated as I noticed her tiny frame starting to fall backwards. I watched her crystal eyes widen as she realized she the weight had shifted, causing her to lean much too far backwards.As if from instinct, I suddenly found myself behind her, my hands steadying her little self before she could fall. I anticipated the sparks that would run through my hands and up my forearms but as much as I had anticipated, it didn’t prepare me for the real thing. I would never admit this, but the sparks were extremely pleasurable. Relaxing almost, and once again I found my walls being demolished by this tiny creature.

I could practically feel the shock wash over her as she realized I was the one to steady her small frame.

“Thank you.” She spoke softly, and I could feel my heart rate increase by those simple words. My wolf grumbled happily, knowing we protected our mate from herself.

Without another word she managed to get her luggage and her smaller duffle bag into the hummer. I opened the passenger door for her and climbed into my side of the hummer.

We began driving, and the silence only gave me more time to think things over. My wolf kept reminding me of the boy who had been sitting much too close to our mate. Who was he? How long has he known her? Did she know he was in love with her? Judging from her innocent face, I would say she was completely oblivious to how he felt. I almost felt sorry for the boy, being denied by this tempting little thing.

Unable to control my raging wolf, I finally broke the silence.

“The boy, he cares for you.” I stated, keeping my voice emotionless. I knew she would understand exactly who I meant as she had seen my wolf threatening to emerge earlier.

“Of course, he’s my bestfriend.” She confirmed, her voice sounding delicate and soft. My wolf relished in the sound of her voice, savoring each word as it came from her full lips.

“He is in love with you, but you don’t feel the same.” I answered, my wolf’s jealousy clouding my thoughts as I looked at her soft face. I could feel my eyes darken with Titan’s jealousy, but obviously held him back.

“Does he not know who we are?” Titan spat, a growl emerging from his lips.

“Can you blame the boy?” I asked my wolf, stifling my own jealousy for the moment.

“No, no I cannot. Now that he knows she is ours, he will be no threat.” Titan growled.

I couldn’t help but think of how easy it would be to eliminate the boy. No one would have to know. I could simply go back to her pack and snuff his light out easier than a candle.

“That would upset mate.” Titan huffed, not wanting to hurt this delicate little thing.

“Does it matter?” Her soft voice asked, and I felt myself regret letting Titan take over. One thing was confirmed though, she had been completely unaware of his feelings for her.

I once again allowed the silence to take over as my thoughts drifted. I contemplated what to do when we arrived at my territory. Would I let the entire pack know I had finally found my mate. Would I keep quiet? Would I allow her time to adjust until I finally took her to my bed and claimed her body as my own? I could feel Titan whine as temptation grabbed a hold of him. He wanted nothing more than to take our little mate in our arms and mark her as our own until the end of time. The thought of an umated male looking at her porcelain skin and mark-less neck was enough to invoke my own jealousy. I stifled and annoying growl so I didn’t scare Claire.

A sweet smell began to flood my nose. I couldn’t help but recognize how different it was to Claire’s typical scent of vanilla and honey. This smell was equally intoxicating and provoked Titan in ways I had not expected. I couldn’t place my finger on what the scent was, but it was beginning to drive my wolf mad. I took deep breaths of this scent, desperately wanting to know what the source was. I hadn’t smelled anything this delectable since I had met our little mate.

I watched from the corner of my eye as Claire shuffled and squeezed her legs together. The realization hit me like a sack of bricks. Our little mate was thinking of us.She was becoming aroused.

As if a match had been set inside of me, Titan roared to life, desperately wanting to take her where she sat. I had barely managed to control Titan before he had taken me over and claimed our mate right then and there.

“Claire, whatever you’re thinking about needs to stop.” I spoke powerfully, trying to find some hold on Titan. I couldn’t allow him to emerge and take our little mate, this wasn’t the time or place. I admit, I was equally tempted, but I had some experience controlling my desires where Titan did not.

Even without seeing, I could tell her angelic face had turned red. What finally pushed me over the edge was when her small tongue emerged from her mouth and l****d over her parched lips, fully confirming the source of her arousal. The fact that this was an involuntary response did twice the damage. Not only was I fighting Titan, now I was also fighting myself. Yet again our little mate squeezed her legs together, not realizing that only made her delicious scent waft much stronger towards us. I was breathing deeply, unable to stop myself from relishing in her delicious scent.

“Claire.” I growled, my wolf taking control of my arms and pulling the hummer to a stop on the side of the highway. I turned my full attention on her angelic face. The look of innocent shock only fueled my lust for this tiny creature. I couldn’t help but feel she was out to get me, out to be my downfall. Who knew the end of the notorious Alpha Killian Desmond would be due to a tiny little girl.

“Claire,I will not hesitate to take you right here and now. Even the scent of another male will not stop me.” I growled, my wolf’s thoughts mingling with my own. There would be nothing I would love more than to strip the clothes from her body and taste every inch of her delectable skin. I wanted to relish in her scent and the arousal I brought to her body. Every conquest, every woman I had ever slept with was nothing compared to this. I would show her pleasure she had never known, until she was screaming my name, begging me to let her finish.

I could feel her breathing slow and the delicious smell begin to dissipate. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed, admittedly I wanted her to give in. I knew it would only be a matter of time. If she could barely control herself in a vehicle, what would she do when we were truly alone in a bedroom?

This time it was my turn to control my thoughts.

As much as I tried, only one thing lingered on my troubled mind; Claire.


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