Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 13

Read Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 13

I slept peacefully with pickles in the fluffy white bed regardless of my circumstances, last night was free of nightmares for some odd reason. While the lack of nightmares confused me, l was grateful. My real life had become a nightmare, the last thing I needed was for my demons to haunt me as I slept.

I spent the day in my house-like bedroom, refusing to leave even for food or water. The last thing I wanted was to see Alpha Killian’s face. I still couldn’t understand if he had some kind of mood disorder or if he just wanted to wait until I was on his territory to be an absolute d**k to me.

Sierra whimpered at the thought of our mate hurting us. She had already begun to grow attached to his strong face and charcoal eyes. I on the other hand was more sure than ever about my distaste for mates. This was exactly what I had been worried about.

I could tell it was late in the afternoon as the sun began to set through my window and the sky began to dim. A quiet knocking at my door pulled me from my brooding thoughts. My stomach twisted into knots at the thought of opening the door to an angry Alpha Killian, but I could tell from the floral scent seeping through the door that it wasn’t him.

I hesitantly opened the door and found myself face to face with a girl around my age. She was taller than me, but her face looked frightened. It finally occurred to me that she wasn’t scared of me, but scared of my mate.

“Alpha Killian requests your presence for dinner.” The girl spoke softly, taking a step back so that I could follow her.

“Alpha Killian can leave me the h**l alone.” I snapped, instantly regretting my words as the poor girl’s face paled and a look of terror came across her delicate features.

“Luna, he wanted me to inform you that if you do not come with me he will come up here and drag you downstairs.” The girl spoke softly as she looked at me with pity. I felt my stomach clench into knots at her words. Of course, Sierra urged me to stay put and make him come and get us. She wanted another chance at being alone with him, to see if we could end his hostility towards us. I on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him.

“Fine, just let me get dressed.” I sighed, letting the girl come in my room. I grabbed a v-neck shirt at random and the first pair of jeans i had seen, and walked into the bathroom. I brushed through my hair hastily and threw on the clothes. With my fists clenched at my sides, I followed the young girl downstairs.

She led me down a couple halls and finally down a huge flight of stairs. My eyes roamed around the huge dining room. The table sitting in the middle of the room could easily fit thirty people. I noticed Alpha Killian sitting at the far end of the table, along with place for me to sit directly next to him. It was bad enough that i was being forced to eat dinner with him, but now I also have to sit next to him.

I watched as a cold smirk came across his flawless features, clearly knowing it was his threat that had caused me to leave the bedroom. Without a glance in his direction, I made my way to the chair beside him and sat down. Even though l hadn’t eaten all day, my stomach wanted nothing to do with food. I felt as though I was in mourning, knowing well that if his attitude didn’t change, I wouldn’t be surviving this place.

The young girl came back into the dining room and set a plate in front of each of us. Pot roast, potatoes, and carrots sat on the plate. The smell of cooked meat should’ve been enough to stir my hunger, but I refused. I wanted Alpha Killian to know he was forcing me to be here, and in no way was I going to enjoy it or make things easy for him.

I sat in absolute silence as he began eating his food. After a few moments he finally spoke, catching on to my plans.

“Eat, Claire.” His deep voice commanded me, and I could tell he was using his ability as an Alpha to try and force me to comply.

Instead, I grit my teeth together and remained silent. I didn’t care if he found out about my weird ability, I would not give this man the pleasure of knowing he could boss me around.

“Claire, what did I say about defying me?” Alpha Killian’s cold voice boomed through the quiet dining room. I dug my nails into my hands to resist the urge to flinch. You could feel the power rolling off of him in waves.

Finally, my smart a*s got the best of me and I found myself answering him.

“I don’t remember, Alpha Killian.” I spat at him, locking my eyes on his in an act of defiance. The words came from my mouth without any control, and I instantly regretted saying them.

In half a second, his eyes turned pitch black as he stood from the table and glowered down at me. I could feel my face turning bright red, but this time it wasn’t in embarrassment. Anger rushed through my veins.

“You will learn to show respect, little mate. I was lenient yesterday, and now you need to be taught a lesson.” Alpha Killian looked completely calm, and before I could control my limbs, I was out of the chair and running towards the door.

Obviously I didn’t make it very far until thick arms wrapped themselves around my body and hoisted me up into the air. I felt my stomach hit into Alpha Killian’s shoulder as he grabbed me and began to head to a random door.

“Let me go!” I growled, flailing my arms and legs, hitting whatever part of him l could. I tried to use my fists to punch him in the b***s, but my arms weren’t long enough. The most damage I did was punch him in the chest a few times. I’m sure he felt like he was carrying a ten year old throwing a temper tantrum, but love didn’t give a s**t.

My fear and anger only escalated as he made his way down to what looked like a basement. What the h**l was he planning to do? Lock me in his basement?

He shifted his weight and brought his arm up to keep me from slipping down his chest. While I wasn’t exactly proud of my actions at this point, I felt that he deserved them. His forearm had gotten much too close to my mouth, and wanting to hurt him back, I sunk my teeth into his forearm.

I clamped my jaw shut even as he hesitated for a moment, looking down at my face as though I were crazy, I’m sure no one dared to try and attack him. As l tasted his coppery blood, I wondered how many wolves had truly caused him to bleed. I’d like to think of myself as the first.

In one fluid motion my teeth were ripped from his forearm and I was thrown onto a stained mattress on the floor. I watched in anger as a cage door had been closed on me, metal bars and all.

“You bit me, little mate.” Alpha Killian stated, giving me a strange look. I found myself glaring at his towering form. I spat some of his blood out on the floor and looked at him in defiance. What was he going to do, keep me in here forever?

“If you were anyone else, you would be d**d by now.” He spoke calmly, still giving me that strange look. I had two realizations in that moment, One, Alpha Killian definitely had some form of mood disorder. Two, I was going to defy him at every step until he either let me go, or my life was ended.

“You’re an a*****e.” I spat up at him. My voice still sounded small, but at least it sounded angry.

“You will stay down here until you learn some respect for your Alpha.” He stated, turning his back and slamming the door.

Darkness engulfed me, I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face.

My bravado and aggression begun to wear off, and I found myself terrified. My heart was the loudest thing in this silent basement. Thoughts of my cruel mate berated my mind. He was really going to keep me down here until I was a little compliant mate, ready and willing to be his incubator.

I wasn’t sure what to do and for once Sierra was no help. She craved our mate, she wanted to be close to him, but she also knew that you should never treat your mate this way. The both of us were torn. Stay defiant and stay trapped, or become a submissive little mate and most likely be raped.

My stubbornness won as I curled up on the disgusting mattress and finally allowed myself to cry.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, there were no windows to let any light inside of the dark basement. Every so often Alpha Killian would come down and ask if I was ready to be compliant and show respect. Each time I called him something new. A*****e, d******d, I even tried to bait him into a fight at one point.

Any time I tried to sleep, I would scream myself awake from nightmares that were far worse than my waking moments. I had hoped for some peace as I slept, but the nightmares plagued my sleep as though I truly did deserve to be punished. I wasn’t sure if anyone could hear my horrified screams, but if they could, no one came to my rescue,

My stomach began to rumble and I wondered how long it had been since l last ate any food. I heard some noise coming from the top of the stairs and I began to contemplate what I would call Alpha Killian next.

My thoughts came to a halt as I heard a girl yelling. As much as I tried to resist, I couldn’t help the rush of absolute jealousy that flooded me. Did he have another female over? What were they doing?

I put my jealousy on the back burner as I tried to listen in on what the girl was saying.

“Insufferable…lock her up…your mate…” heard bits and pieces, half of the words muffled by the thick wooden door at the top of the stairs.

“How long…days…let her out…cruel…” The angry girl’s voice shouted.

I pressed my ear as close to the bars as I could when I heard Alpha Killian’s voice speak up, after remaining quiet through the girl’s anger. I heard heavy stomping trailing away from the door and I wondered where Alpha Killian was going.

The door at the top of the stairs began to creak as it always did when someone opened it. I flattened myself against the wall and watched cautiously as a girl my age walked down the stairs.

“Claire, right?” The girl asked, making her way up to the bars of the cage I sat in.

“That’s me.” I replied, cringing at how hoarse my voice sounded. I haven’t had water in god knows how long.

“If I open it do you promise not to run.” The girl looked at me warily, her eyebrow raised.

“I won’t get very far either way.” I sighed, “No, I won’t run.”

“Good! Sorry about all this.” The girl sighed, opening the bars to my cage.

I wobbled on my feet but was able to stand by myself after a few moments. I tried to steady my steps as I walked out of the cage and followed the girl out of this horrific basement.

I took deep breaths of the clean air, thankful that the smell of wet dirt and cement were gone from my nose.

“I leave for a few weeks and come home to find my brothers mate locked in a cell, by none other than my brother himself.” The girl grumbled, talking more to herself than she was to me. The jealousy that had been festering in my gut evaporated.

I took in the appearance of Alpha Killian’s sister. She was definitely around my age, 17 or 18, and looked so much like her brother. Her dark hair was long and her grey eyes stood out against her pale skin. She also happened to be much taller than me, and way more curvy.

“He’s your brother?” I trailed off incredulously.

“Unfortunately. He’s an a*****e isn’t he?” She sighed, frowning at my d***y clothes.

“Yup,” I said, popping the ‘p’. “So, uh how long have I been in there?”

“Three days. And I’m so sorry for that. If I had gotten home any sooner you wouldn’t have been in there for so long.” She frowned at me, obviously feeling sorry.

“Wow, didn’t feel like three days.” Was the best reply I could come up with.

“So, he just allowed you to release me?” i questioned her, really not wanting to be caught and thrown back in there.

“Yeah he did. Look, I know he’s an a*****e, but he has a soft spot for me sometimes. You’re his mate, so he has to have a soft spot for you. Eventually he’s gonna be able to start feeling your emotions and what not.” The girl shrugged, tapping her foot on the ground as though she were thinking.

“Don’t get offended if I’m doubtful of that. What do you mean hes gonna be able to feel my emotions?” I asked with wide eyes, I didn’t want Alpha Killian anywhere near what runs through my head.

“As you both spend more time together, the mate bond grows stronger, and basically urges you to…y’know… seal the deal.” She replied, feeling just as awkward as me.

“Oh also my name is Kira.” She smiled down at me. Huh, Kira and Killian. Funny.

“Claire, but you already know that.” I gave a small chuckle.

After a few moments of silence, and Kira looking me up and down judgingly, it seemed as though she had finally come to some kind of conclusion.

“I’m going to dinner tonight with my mate, Travis, but I just decided that you’re gonna come with.” Kira smiled happily.

“Um, I don’t think Alpha Killian is gonna allow that.” I tried to keep the scowl from my face, but it slipped through.

“Leave that to me. Go upstairs and get dressed, its 5:30 now so were gonna leave in thirty minutes. Also, wear a cute dress or something. Show Killian how you deserve to be treated.” Kira nodded happily as she made her way upstairs, most likely to wherever Alpha Killian was.

I sighed to myself. Kira made it seem so simple. If he hardly had a soft spot for his sister, why would he have one for me. He basically threatened to rape me. He locked me in a cell for three days.

I didn’t want to show him how to treat his mate. I never wanted to be his mate in the first place.


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