Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 16

Read Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 16

*Claire’s P.O.V*

From the second my eyes opened my head began to split. I didn’t dare open my eyes, the last thing I needed was the sun enhancing my miserable headache.

I let my mind wander, trying to place last nights events. While my memory was unusually foggy, I did remember being invited to dinner with Kira and Travis. Step by step, I tried to go through the events that led me to where I was now. I could easily remember sitting at the round table with Kira and Travis, a strange fruity liquid sloshing in a glass as I brought it to my lips. Everything after that became incredibly fuzzy. My splitting headache made it harder to think, shrouding my memories like a blurry picture.

I found myself remembering flashes of different faces, and for some reason Alpha Killian’s was brought into the mix. His expression wasn’t what I remembered, his features looked soft somehow. His silver eyes glinted in amusement as his lips pulled into a small smirk.

I rolled off of the bed and stumbled into the bathroom, cringing away as I flicked on the light, My mothers voice played in my head, warning me about drinking alcohol, if only I had listened. Maybe, if I had paid more attention as I stood from the bed, I would’ve realized I wasn’t alone.

While I was grateful for the lack of nightmares, the k****r headache was definitely a negative. I stripped off the black t-shirt I must’ve thrown on last night, my senses too battered to realize how strongly it smelled of Alpha Killian. I stepped into the scalding water, letting out a sigh as it ran down my spine, soothing my muscles. While it did absolutely nothing for my headache, my body felt much better.

I wrapped a fluffy towel around my chest and walked back into the bedroom. Finally my brain registered the giant human shaped lump under the covers of my bed. And like any completely rational person, I clutched the fluffy towel around my body and opened my mouth to let loose my best girly scream.

Whoever was sleeping in my bed shot up at the sound of my high pitched wail and looked around frantically. I felt my jaw slack open as my brain registered the familiar dark hair and silver eyes.

“What the h**l is wrong?” Alpha Killian barked, shooting up from the bed in a crouch as though he were searching for a threat.

“W-What are you doing in here?” I sputtered, my startled gaze locked on his messy bed head. I felt my cheeks flush red as I took in his shirtless torso. He looked so much better than the perverted images Rhea enjoyed putting in my head.

The tattoo’s that ran up his arms flowed onto his chiseled chest in what looked like a tribal pattern. His dark hair that was shaved short on the sides and long on the top sat on his head in a messy yet incredibly attractive style. For being startled out of bed he looked good. Well, better than good. He looked like a d**n god.

As he registered my startled words, he straightened up from his defensive crouch and looked at me with a single eyebrow raised. The sunlight streaming through the c******s caught his hair and made it look like the feathers of a raven, his skin was creamy and flawless.

“You asked me to stay.”‘ He spoke slowly, each word rolling off his tongue. I could see the slight amusement in his silver eyes, which quickly darkened at the sight of the short towel that was wrapped around my body. The towel came just below my butt and luckily covered the important bits, but my legs were on full display.

Before I could open my mouth to deny ever having told him to stay, a familiar voice rang through my head.

“Mhm, it’s true. You did ask him. That’ll teach you not to get shitfaced.” Sierra taunted me.

“You didn’t want to say anything when I woke up?” I snapped at her, my head pounding at the same rhythm as my frantic heart.

“I wanted to see how you’d react. Didn’t think you’d scream our d**n mate awake though.” Sierra cackled in my head, replaying the scene of me screaming as though it were the funniest thing she’s ever seen.

“Gee thanks for that.” I snapped at her, shaking the scene from my mind.

“You could’ve said no. I was drunk after all.” I frowned at him, trying to keep my eyes on anything other than his glorious body.

I tightened the towel around my body as his eyes traced over my b**e skin. My cheeks continued to flush in embarrassment, but I felt my skin warm under his dark gaze.

“I wanted to stay.” He spoke so quietly, I wondered if I had heard him right. My eyes shot over to his face to see his eyes locked on my own.

Resisting the overwhelming urge to approach him and run my fingers over his creamy skin, I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Why does my head hurt?” I grimaced, pinching the bridge of my nose as though my headache would magically go away.

“You have a hangover, little mate.” His full lips pulled up in a smirk.

He began to walk towards me and I felt my body stiffen, my heart rate sky rocketing in anticipation. Much to my wolf’s dismay, he stopped a few feet in front of me and reached out with his hand slowly.

Rhea was practically jumping with joy at the possibilities, while I watched his hand reluctantly. With his eyes on my shoulders, he used his hand to gently brush the wet clump of hair that had stuck to my neck.

As the sparks ran along my neck, settling in the extremely sensitive area where his mark should be, I could feel my legs threaten to buckle.

As if he could feel my reaction to his light touch, his smirk deepened and he pulled his hand away from me. Even resisting the mate bond, I felt disappointed at the loss of his touch.

“Get dressed and meet me in the kitchen, I’ll make you something that should help your hangover.” He said almost gently, looking down at me.

Not trusting my voice at the moment, I simply nodded and let my eyes glue themselves to his chiseled back as he left my bedroom.

Taking a few steadying breaths, I managed to force myself from the spot I was standing in and searched for some clothes.

After slipping on some comfortable leggings and a simple sweatshirt, I made my way to the kitchen. I felt my eyebrows raise as I watched Alpha Killian flipping what looked to be an omelet.

“You can cook?” I found myself speaking the words before I even thought them through. Clamping my mouth shut hastily, I tried to remind myself what happened the last time I pissed him off.

“Surprised?” He turned his head slightly and smirked at my stunned face.

“Actually, yeah.” I murmured, watching him cut an avocado.

“Can’t you cook?”‘ His silver eyes twinkled as his smirk deepened.

My mind went back to the numerous cooking lessons my mother had tried (and failed) to give me.

“Um, not really…” I trailed off, feeling the blush creep to my cheeks.

“Why is that?” Alpha Killian asked, turning his back to add some ingredient to the sizzling pan.

“I b**n stuff. Sometimes stuff catches on fire. ” I shrugged, trying to tame my reddening cheeks. All of my life I fought against my mother’s idea of what a ‘perfect mate’ should be. And now I find myself disappointed that I hadn’t lived up to that expectation. What would Alpha Killian think of his little talent-less mate?

I grimaced to myself at that absurd thought. I could care less what he thought of me, I lied to myself. I forced my brain to remember the horrible things he had done since bringing me here. The scene of Alpha Killian threatening me as he first showed me to my room, played in my head. Only it wasn’t him who was threatening me, it was an all to familiar face that I had desperately tried to forget.

The wine had wiped the memory from my mind for the time being, but I was sober now and the memory resurfaced with a vengeance.

As if punishing me for dare attempting to forget, I felt myself being s****d into the past.

I could practically feel the sand in between my toes as the smell of fresh water flooded my senses. This was always how the memory returned, always bits and pieces. I was thankful it wasn’t reliving the memory in full.

The smell of beer and sunscreen filled the air. The scent could’ve been pleasant, if it wasn’t for what happened later on. That disgusting combination of beer and sunscreen always triggered something inside of me since that day, the smell would instantly make me sick.

The memory shifted, and I could feel the scratchy sand against my back as I was held still. The warm summer air turned as cold as the blade that was pressed against my exposed skin. Cruel laughter filled my ears as soft, beer flavored lips were forced on my own, hard enough to bruise.

“Claire?” A voice called out to me, one that didn’t quite fit in my memory.

Something rough gently grasped my wrist, ripping me from the memory as my head snapped towards Alpha Killian, My eyes met his own and I couldn’t fathom why I could see concern swimming in his gaze.

“What?” I choked out, cringing at how raspy my voice had become. I watched his gaze flit down to my clenched hands, only now realizing I had been digging my nails into my skin hard enough to draw blood.

“Where did you go?” Alpha Killian spoke softly, softer than I had ever thought possible. My insides clenched at the knowledge in his tone, and my mind desperately clawed at the fuzzy memory of last night. What did I say to him? What did he know?

“No where.” I cleared my throat, wiping the blood on the sides of my black leggings absentmindedly. It always took me a few moments to come back when I was s****d into a memory. But Alpha Killian’s touch had ripped me from the memory instantaneously.

“Do you know what post traumatic stress disorder is?” Alpha Killian asked me, his eyes locked on my own. I could feel myself squirm under his knowing gaze. The strange tone he had used made me feel uneasy. I was used to him sounding cold, cruel and even emotionless. This tone held some hidden emotion that wanted to make itself known, one of promise. That frightened me.

“Yes.”‘ I forced the word from my lips, wondering if it would’ve been smarter to lie. Knowing how erratic my heart rate can be, I decided to keep quiet.

“Have you talked to anyone about this?” He frowned, the concern in his eyes jolted me. I felt my walls slam up angrily, hating myself for letting something slip while I was drunk.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I clenched my lips together and forced my gaze away from his. My foot began to tap, and I desperately wanted to retreat back to my bedroom. I blocked Rhea from my mind, knowing she would only encourage me to spill everything to my mate.

“Claire-” Alpha Killian began to speak, but the anger and embarrassment burning inside of me overruled my emotions.

“No.” I snapped at him, fighting the tears that glazed over my eyes, “I don’t know what the h**l I told you last night, but it’s none of your business. I’m handling myself just fine. I don’t need help.” I practically spat.

I wanted him angry, hateful even. Anything to replace that concerned look on his face. I didn’t want him caring for me, I didn’t deserve it.

I looked away from his face and felt my lip tremble as the tears threatened to overwhelm me. The dam inside of me quaked and groaned, and I knew if I didn’t leave this d**n place, the dam would explode. I slowly took a deep breath, then another, and another. I had no clue how long I sat there for, simply calming my breathing as Alpha Killian remained silent.

I felt myself cringe as a rough hand was gently placed under my chin, the familiar sparks flowing through my face. I fought against the comfort that his touch seemed to bring. I didn’t deserve comfort.

“I will drop the subject, for now.” Alpha Killian spoke as he forced me to look into his eyes. His full lips were tightly pressed into a frown, but his eyes shined knowingly. The “for now” hung in the air around us, weighing me down with a sense of urgency.

I made my decision as I found myself lost in his silver eyes.

I would escape this place. Run as far as I could. And if that didn’t work, then there was always plan B.


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