Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 24

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I didn’t fully process what had happened until I found myself downstairs.

Travis stood next to Katie’s desk waiting for me. When he noticed my disheveled state, he smirked. Katie watched our silent exchange with wide eyes, her own smirk forming as she took in my wardrobe.

“Not one word.” I shook my finger at him, turning and leaving the house.

The walk back was eerily silent, not many people were wandering around the town square anymore.

Travis was the first one to break the silence, “Their all getting ready for the party tonight. You won’t really see anyone out and about at the moment.” He pointed out.

“So, this event. Am I supposed to do anything?” I questioned, wondering if it was just a simple party.

Travis gave me an expectant smile, “Well, if the Alpha has already met his mate, this is when she would be introduced and officially announced as Luna.”

I bit my lip nervously, knowing what the ceremony would entail. I would officially be a part of the Blood Moon Pack. There would be a small ceremony where Killian and I slice our hands and let our blood mingle. My ties with my old pack would be completely severed.

I felt a sharp pang of guilt for not contacting my family or friends, but I had been dealing with plenty since I arrived. I promised myself I would talk to Killian about going to visit. I was sure he would refuse, but maybe Sierra and I could convince him.

“You know I’d love to do that.” Her elated voice rang out in my head. She was still on cloud nine after what happened between Killian and I.

I couldn’t really blame her though, I was feeling good as well.

“You got this, Claire. You’ll make an awesome Luna.” Travis reassured me as we walked into the house.

“Finally! Gosh, I thought we were going to be waiting all night.” Kira gushed, standing at the base of the stairs with Maria. Her hands were on her hips and she had a stern look on her face.

“I wasn’t even gone for an hour.” I rolled my eyes at her, stepping aside so she could embrace Travis.

“Well it only took me ten minutes to find the perfect dress for you.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“We still have hours until the party.” I pointed out to the two of them.

“We still have hair and make up to do.” Kira gasped as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

With a smirk, Maria stepped forward. “So I see everything went well with the Alpha.” Her smirk deepened when she noticed my cheeks turning red.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I mumbled, trying to change the subject.

Kira turned and looked me up and down, her eyes lingering on my neck for longer than necessary.

“Nuh uh. You guys didn’t!” Kira gasped, “In his office? Ooh, naughty.”

I looked at the two of them incredulously, “We didn’t do anything!” I could feel my face flaming, but it always did when I was overwhelmed. The last thing I wanted was to talk about Killian’s s****l experience with his little sister.

“Say that to the red marks all over your neck.” Maria smirked, and I gasped.

“Were definitely going to have to cover those up.” Kira shook her head, brushing my hair back to get a better look.

With a giggle, Maria chimed in “Maybe we shouldn’t cover them up. I don’t think Alpha would like that.”

“Oooh, good point.” Kira laughed with her, obviously amused by my discomfort.

“Whatever.” I grumbled, but I couldn’t stay mad at the two of them.

“Hey don’t blame us, there’s hardly anything to celebrate around here.” Kira sighed and rolled her eyes, earning a grunt of agreement from Maria.

I shrugged at the two of them, “The only thing we ever celebrated at home was my birthday and the Moon Ball. And my birthday only consisted of me and my two friends ordering take out and watching movies.”

Kira frowned, “You never had a birthday party?”

“No,” I chuckled, “But I don’t mind.”

“Well for your birthday this year were gonna take you out!” Kira chirped, and Maria agreed.

“You guy’s don’t have to do that.” I smiled gratefully between my two friends.

Maria gasped, “Of course we do!”

“As long as no one throws any kind of party for me, I’m fine. It’s a month away anyhow.” I frowned. Being the center of attention really wasn’t my thing. I wasn’t sure how I’d make it through the ceremony tonight as is.

“We’ll just find a party that’s already going on, no worries!” Maria shrugged.

“Alright alright, lets go get ready!” Kira chirped.

“Have fun.” Travis smirked at my obvious discomfort.

“Help!” I called to him as I was whisked up the stairs by Maria and Kira.

“No can do, Luna!” Travis chuckled.

While I was completely nervous for the ceremony tonight, I really didn’t mind being Maria and Kira’s make up doll.

Kira didn’t disappoint with the dress she had chosen for me and I couldn’t help but wish Hazel were here. They would love eachother.

Once my hair and makeup were finished, I slipped on the dress Kira had chosen. It was a short, black body con dress. While I wasn’t used to the tightness, I loved how the dress exposed my shoulders. I put on a pair of black strap heels and decided that Kira really did a good job.

My hair was down as always, but it was curled in loose ringlets. Just as Kira went to change into her dress, Travis popped his head in the room.

“Alpha wanted me to let you know that he’s running late, so he’ll just meet you at the party.” Travis said.

“Oh, well that’s okay.” I nodded.

Travis smirked and said one last thing before he left the room, “Oh and he wanted me to let you both know, don’t let Claire out of your sight. And no wine.”

“We won’t let her out of our sight, but no promises on the wine.” Kira called out from the bathroom, her voice tinged with amusement.

Travis frowned, “Are you trying to p**s him off?”

“Hey, he may be Alpha to you but to me he’s my goofy big brother.” Kira taunted him.

“See how goofy he is when he rips your head off for getting his mate drunk.” Travis mumbled, rolling his eyes at his mate.

“What was that Travis?” Kira poked her head out from the bathroom. Half of her hair was curled. Her eyebrow was raised as she looked at Travis.

“Um, nothing.” Travis put his hands up in surrender.

Kira smirked, “That’s what I thought.”

Travis left the room, and I’m pretty sure he was mumbling something about mate’s and d***h wishes.

Kira and Maria didn’t take long to get ready. Maria wore a red cocktail dress, while Kira decided on a deep purple dress with a slit running up her t***h.

While the two of them finished up their hair and make up, we made plans for after the ceremony ended. They both wanted to go to a human club to see some band play. I knew Killian would never let me go alone, but the girls suggested I invite him too. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The party was on the other side of pack territory. It was outdoors and reminded me of the Moon Ball. The canopy was massive, and had twinkling lights running through it. Much like the moon ball, there were tables littered everywhere. Some were full of food, while others were empty.

I knew the Blood Moon pack was enormous, having well over 200,000 members, There was no way everyone would be attending.

Practically reading my mind, “The only people attending are the ones living in this town.” Kira explained.

“The pack territory is so vast, most of it’s broken up into smaller towns.” Maria chimed in.

Most of the town was already at the party and if it wasn’t for Kira and Maria, I may have made a run for it.

Whispers circulated as me, Kira and Maria entered the party. Sierra refused to let me cringe under the eyes of all these people, her instincts as Luna taking over.

Sierra was beyond proud.

I couldn’t help but crane my head, looking for Killian. I took deep breaths of the fresh air, searching for his scent.

“Already looking for Killian?” Kira smirked, and I blushed.

“Don’t pretend that you haven’t been missing Travis since the minute he left.” I smirked back at her and rolled my eyes as she stuck her tongue out.

The familiar citrus and sandalwood scent wafted from behind me, and I resisted the urge to turn around. From Maria and Kira’s widening smirks, I knew who was behind me.

“Hello, little mate.” His husky voice called out from behind me. I could feel the heat running off of his body and my mind was instantly taken back to earlier that day.

A blush crept up my cheeks as I turned around and faced Killian.

He looked absolutely gorgeous, wearing a solid black suit. His hair was tousled as usual. His very presence demanded attention. Standing so close to him, I hadn’t noticed that everyone else became quiet. All of my attention was on him.

His silver eyes roamed my face, darkening as they traveled down my body. I hadn’t realized how nervous I was to face Killian. I felt self conscious in this tight dress, and some part of me wanted his approval.

His eyes turned near black as he looked at the dress I was wearing.

“You’re welcome.” Kira whispered to Killian as her and Maria ran off giggling.

Killian smirked down at me, his eyes still darkened. “I see you let Kira dress you.”

“Yeah,” I giggled nervously, “I’m not sure about this dress though.” I chewed on my lip, looking down at the dark material that clung to my skin.

“If we weren’t surrounded by people, that dress would be on the floor.” Killian growled, his rough hand lifting my eyes to meet his own.

His words send butterflies flooding through me, and I suddenly felt much too warm.

Stifling a nervous giggle, “You hate it that much, huh?” I tried to mirror his smirk, but my voice wavered.

Killian wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me forward until my chest was up against him.

Anything I was planning to say caught in my throat at his next words.

“The dress is wonderful, but I think you’d look better without any clothes.” His hot breath rolled across my face.

The urge to kiss him was overwhelming, but the audience of people kept me at bay.

I practically glued myself to Killian’s side for most of the night, making small talk with anyone who approached him. I was surprised that many people approached me, wanting to know their new Luna.

An older gentleman preformed the ceremony on the two of us. I winced as my hand was sliced, but Killian remained stoic. His silver eyes were locked on my own the entire time. Even with an entire tent full of people, all I could see was Killian. I felt completely at ease and safe under his gaze.

When our b****y palms joined together l felt a tidal wave of awareness wash through my head. I looked at Killian in wonder as thousands of voices filtered through my mind, many of them saying ‘hello’ to their new Luna.

I was officially Luna of the Blood Moon Pack.

Kilian’s Luna.