Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 25

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 25

I was practically on cloud nine. Sure l squirmed under all of the eager eyes, but I felt like I finally had a place in the midst of everything.

Of course, when you’re feeling your best something has to come along and try to ruin that.

I strayed from Killian’s side for the first time since we arrived at the party, looking for Kira and also something to drink.

I found what I was looking for at a table twenty feet away from where Killian stood. I couldn’t make out his features any longer due to the volume of people mingling.

I grabbed a pepsi for myself and sipped contently. My train of thought was broken when an absolutely gorgeous blonde woman approached me. Female werewolves all seem to look like supermodels. All werewolves are naturally fit from training, but each of them radiated with their own beauty.

This woman was no exception. She had that perfect hourglass figure followed by defined cheek bones and full lips.

She was wearing an extremely low cut cherry red dress that highlighted her long legs. I could tell by the sour look on her face that our conversation wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“Cassie, is it?” Her voice came out shrill and nasal.

My brows furrowed in confusion, I was never one to be mean.

“Claire.” I corrected her, hoping to salvage the conversation while I could. I should’ve noticed some of the d***y looks I was getting from the unmated females, but I was enjoying my time with Killian far too much.

“Mm, right.” She smirked, “I see you’re Killian’s new fling.”

“What the f**k.” Sierra spat, her fur bristling.

I could feel my eyes darken at her words. If it wasn’t for my own will power, Sierra would’ve pounced by now.

“I’m his mate, actually.” I scowled at her, trying to keep myself calm. I never had an issue with my anger before, but what she was saying hit me somewhere entirely new. I wasn’t prepared for the jealousy that smashed through me.

“Yeah sure. Don’t get all f*****g high and mighty. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last.” She sneered at me, her ruby red lips turning up in a mean smirk.

My blood boiled, and I could feel my face grow red in anger.

“Sounds like someone’s jealous.” snapped back at her. I felt my hands ball up into fists as I resisted Sierra’s extremely compelling argument on why we should pummel this woman.

“She’s not only disrespecting you. She’s disrespecting Killian. Her Alpha. Only we get to call him Killian.” Sierra growled in jealousy.

In the back of my mind, I wondered if my jealousy was magnified due to being mated to an Alpha.

“Oh please. Killian was f*****g me before you were even in highschool. You’re just a pathetic baby maker.” The blonde snapped.

I wasn’t quite sure what happened next.

The only thing I remember was seeing red, and then Sierra charged forward with more strength than I had ever thought possible. She ripped through any hold I dare had on her.

I felt myself slam into something hard, and knock it to the floor. For a moment I even tasted something metallic.

The next thing I know, I was being lifted. I could smell the familiar scent of citrus and sandalwood. Once the smell flooded our senses, I could feel Sierra relax. The sparks shooting through my torso made me feel calm, and washed away the absolute rage I had been feeling. She retreated to the back of my mind with a smug swish of her tail.

“Dumb b***h.” Sierra snarled.

“Killian, she just attacked me out of nowhere!” That familiar nasal voice screeched.

The red faded from my vision and I could feel Killian’s strong arms wrapped around my torso. The blonde woman who had been taunting me sat sprawled out on the floor. The bite mark Sierra had placed on her forearm was already healing.

“I did not.” Sierra and I snarled, lurching forward but we were no match for Killian’s grip.

“You will address me as Alpha. Now, shut the f**k up, Rachel.” Killian’s voice was deadly calm. While I could feel his hostility, I could also tell that none of it was directed at me.

A man I remember speaking to earlier on approached Killian and spoke quietly to him. I was too busy seething to listen. My darkened eyes were glued on the girl Rachel.

The thought of Killian touching her had me seething, Sierra included.

“You purposefully disrespected my mate and I, then proceeded to antagonize her.” Killian spoke down on Rachel, the command in his voice clear. There was no arguing with who was in charge. Killian radiated dominance. His voice spoke as a challenge to anyone that dare disobey him.

“I-” Rachel sputtered her face paling as Killian’s words battered her.

“You will be punished for your disrespect.” Killian cut her off, his voice growing lower with each word. Something about her openly taunting me had him the angriest I’ve ever seen.

“Gabriel, ensure she makes it home. And stays there.” Killian snarled at his Beta, giving Rachel one last cold stare.

“Now to deal with you.” Killian turned away from the gathering crowd, speaking to me as he walked out of the canopy and towards a house.

“Let me go.” I grumbled, my jealousy placing images of Killian and Rachel in my mind. I squirmed in his grip, but his arms didn’t budge.

“For someone so tiny, you should not be able to hold this much rage.” The amusement in his husky voice only infuriated me.

I let loose a warning growl at Killian as he brought me into the house, and into another room that looked eerily similar to his office across town.

“Tiny yet vicious.” Killian mused, sounding as though he were talking to himself.

“I’ll show you vicious.” I grumbled, shoving him away as he sat me down on the large desk. I could feel him willingly move away as I pushed. I wasn’t strong enough to move him on my own.

“I do have one question for you.” The amusement in his tone angering me.

His smirk deepened as he approached me, pinning me on the desk with his legs. He ignored my feeble attempt at shoving him away a second time.

“What?” I grumbled, crossing my arms as I tried to glare at him.

“What is with you and biting people?” His smirk deepened and he began to laugh. Once again I was mesmerized at how the simple action completely changed his face. My ogling was short lived when Sierra placed another unwanted image in my head, fueling our jealousy even more.

I turned my head away from him and sighed in defeat when his rough hand cupped my face. He lifted my chin until l was looking him in the eyes.

“You’re angry with me.” Killian stated, his full lips turning down in a frown. My heart lurched at the sight of his face.

I sighed, “No, not angry…just jealous.” I grumbled quietly.

The frown on Killian’s face slowly slid away, but didn’t hold the smirk I was expecting.

“It was something Rachel said.” He stated, scowling when I nodded.

Jealousy forced the blood to rush to my cheeks, “She said you used to sleep together. Well, you and a lot of girls.” I grumbled, but my voice came out quiet and small.

I half expected Killian to gloss over the truth. While what he said hurt me, I was glad he was honest.

“That is true,” He frowned and ran a hand through his already messy hair, “After I turned eighteen I lost hope in finding a mate. I gave my body to women, and eventually found one suitable to produce an heir. I never gave my heart to one.”

His words lingered between the two of us. Unspoken potential. Was that what we were doing? Were we falling in love?

“But not a single woman has captured my attention the way you have, little mate.” His deep voice was oddly soft, a tone only I was lucky enough to hear.

His words sent Sierra into a love sick frenzy, clawing at the edges of my mind.

Giving into Sierra’s pleas and my own temptation, I stood from the desk and pressed myself against Killian softly.

My heart skipped a few beats as his hand glided down the side of my face, his eyes locked on every curve.

I stood on my tip toes, and even in heels my height was much shorter than his own. Surprise flashed across his silver eyes as he realized what I was doing. He wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me so I was eye level with his face.

I felt him pause, waiting on me to make the first move. My body was a bundle of nerves, but this was something I had been wanting to do ever since I left his office.

I placed my hands against the stubble on his face and brushed my lips against his own. Sparks ran down the length of my face, and I was sure he could taste the hesitation on my lips.

Feeling somewhat bold, I pressed my lips against his own a little harder. I happily let him take control as our lips moved together, sweet peppermint invading my senses.

My hold against Sierra slipped in just the slightest.

“Mine.” I growled against his lips, my legs wrapping around his waist on their own accord.

A loud growl ripped from his chest and left felt my back slam against the wall.

“Say it again.” He growled, his black eyes met my own and his lips began moving across my jaw.

“You are mine.” I growled, repeating the same words he had first spoken to me.

Another growl ripped through him and love could feel the raw desire that swarmed in his mind. His wolf was going as crazy as my own. They had both been denied for so long, and now they were gnashing at the chance of being together.

I let out a breathless m**n once Killian’s lips found the sensitive spot on my neck. Sparks ran down my t****s as his hands moved around to my bottom, holding me in place against him.

The aching in between my legs returned with a vengeance, determined to find some release. I pushed myself against the hardness in his pants, using what movement I could to grind myself against him.

“Killian?” My voice came out high and dazed. No part of me wanted him to stop, but I wasn’t quite ready to give that last part of myself up.

His fingers trailed down my t***h as he pulled away from my neck with a frustrated groan.

“S-Sorry, I just… I’m not ready for that. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m just not ready to go all the way.” I spoke in a rush, embarrassed to even bring it up.

“You’re a virgin?” His attention was grabbed by my words. I could feel the surprise running through him followed by excitement and pride.

“Well yeah… I mean, I hadn’t even had my first kiss until I met you.” I stammered, feeling like an inexperienced teenager talking to a grown man.

His silver eyes widened as he looked over my flushed face, “I was your first kiss?” His husky voice sounded surprised.

“Well yeah… My mom was always strict about saving our self for our mate and l just never met a guy I had liked enough-” My erratic stammering was cut off by his soft lips slamming against my own.

“When you’re ready, just say the word.” Killian smiled against my lips.

“You don’t mind that I have no idea what I’m doing?” I sounded small and unsure.

Killian grabbed my t****s and pulled himself closer to me, his face inches from my own.

“Knowing that I’ll be your first in every possible way is better than anything I could have imagined.” He breathed against the mark on my neck.

Eagerly this time, I let my lips find his own and relished in the sensations that coursed through my body.

“Claire?” Killian murmured against my lips.

“Hm?” I replied, dazed from his scent and the sparks that coursed through me.

Curiosity tinged his voice, “Have you ever played with yourself before?” His rough voice aided in the sensations that were building between my legs.

I could feel my face heat up at his words as I tried to find an answer. Never before had I felt so sheltered and inexperienced.

“I-I’ve tried, but it didn’t really get me anywhere.” The embarrassment was evident in my tone.

“Would you mind if we tried something different? You can stop me if you’re not ready.” My core throbbed at his words. His husky voice murmured against my neck, tempting me.

“O-Okay.” I sighed in pleasure, refusing to let myself get too lost in the moment.

His lips trailed across my neck as his fingers inched further up my t***h. I nearly growled in anticipation as his fingers reached the sensitive spot between my legs.

His finger pressed against the thin material of my panties, putting pressure on my c**t, and sending a rush of bliss through me.

Nothing about him was inexperienced. I was breathless as he teased me through my panties, taking his time. Finally, he pulled my underwear to the side, and allowed his lips to find my own once again.

His finger ran the length of p***y, feeling the wetness that he had induced.

“So that’s what I do to you.” He smirked against my lips. A low growl rumbled in his chest as I whimpered and pushed myself against his finger.

“Patience, little mate.” He said, sounding amused.

I whimpered again as the wait was becoming too much. I wanted him. The clothes that covered our bodies seemed to be too much. I had never wanted someone as fully as I have now.

“Please.” I whimpered breathlessly, my desire only increasing with the growl that erupted from him.

“What was that?” He smirked against my collar bone, nibbling as his lips moved lower.

“Please, Killian.” I moaned, throwing my head back.

His eyes were so black his pupils had completely disappeared.

Gently, he slid a single finger inside of me and groaned against my neck. My p***y gripped his finger tightly, begging to be satiated.

I couldn’t hold back the breathless pants as his finger slid in and out of me. Pleasure I had never felt before coursed through me, and I wondered what it would feel like to completely give myself over to him. I could feel something building in between my legs.

His thumb moved higher, rubbing against my sensitive c**t. I grinded my hips against his hand, urging him to go faster.

My fingers clawed at any part of him I could. They grazed his shoulders, and ran through his tousled hair.

Killian’s lips showered me with attention while his fingers brought me closer to the edge.

“Don’t stop” I moaned breathlessly, my head against the wall as Killian nibbled on his mark.

I could feel his self control wavering, but he held strong. The strength he had inside of him was incredible, he managed to hold his wolf back to pleasure his little inexperienced mate.

“Killian.” I gasped, feeling my p***y spasm and grip his fingers tighter than before. His finger thrusted into me with purpose, whilst his thumb pressed harder on my c**t. A wave of pleasure washed through me, shaking my legs and fogging my brain.

I let out a small sigh as he removed his finger from my p***y. My brain was clouded with the intense wave of pleasure Killian had brought me.

“You are the most incredible little thing l have ever seen.” Killian mumbled, speaking each word inbetween kisses along my neck.

Gently, Killian set my feet on the floor and allowed me to adjust my dress. I shoud’ve felt completely satisfied, but love still wanted more.

“Come here.” His husky voice called out to me. He was sitting in the office chair, giving me a look that was a mix between desire and awe.

I placed myself down on his lap, looking into the silver eyes I had come to adore.

We sat there for a few moments, just looking at eachother. I could feel some of his emotions slipping through. Disbelief, amazement, desire, and something I had never felt before.

“I meant to ask you,” I broke the silence first. “Kira wants me to come to this club tonight, but I wanted to invite you.”

I could feel his resistance, and I knew he wouldn’t think it was a good idea.

“Please,” I pouted, widening my eyes and sticking my lower lip out, “You’ll be there with me.”

Killian looked down on me for a few moments and sighed. He pinched the bridge of his nose and gave me a guarded look.

“No one should have this much power, y’know.” He frowned at me, shaking his finger at me as though I had done something bad.

“Is that a yes?” I smiled up at him. His face softened when I smiled.

“On one condition.” He smirked, his face becoming even more handsome.

My eyes widened at the possibilities, “Name it.” I hoped I wouldn’t regret this later on.

“You have to sleep in my room from now on.” He smirked down at me.

I happily agreed, knowing I’d never be able to sleep alone again after having this small taste of him.

The mate bond had practically solidified. There was no more fighting it, no more resisting.

It was simply a matter of when.

When would we fully mate?

When would I finally mark him?

When would we fall in love?


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