Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 26

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 26

The ride to the club was beyond awkward.

A few of Kira’s friends decided to join, along with Maria and her mate. Every seat was filled which meant I was stuck sitting on Killian’s lap.

I know, I know. After everything that we’ve done you’d think I wouldn’t be so timid, but I am. It seemed that every time I was alone with Killian it was next to impossible to control myself.

I felt my face flush as we hit yet another bump in the road, my bottom grinding into Killian’s lap. I was all for public displays of affection but this was a little extreme.

And of course, my traitorous mind thought back to what happened in that small room only moments earlier. I never had a good outlook on s*x, but Killian seemed to chase all of that away. I felt safe with him, safe enough to let him take control. He changed my outlook on a lot of things.

“Claire, stop thinking about that.” Killian’s deep voice whispered in my ear, tinged with amusement.

I felt my face heat up in embarrassment, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I hissed back at him.

A deep rumble came from his chest, followed by a silent chuckle, “If you don’t stop this entire car is going to smell what I do to you, little mate.”

As if on cue, we hit another bump. I could feel something stiffening beneath my bottom, which only encouraged my current train of thought. I felt Killian’s grip on my weight tighten as he tried to hold me still.

“You’re not helping here.” I grumbled at him, moving my bottom against him to prove a point.

I could tell there was a smirk on his face, “Well, you can’t blame me. You need to learn to control your thoughts.”

“You need to control your…” I snapped back, my voice ending on a high note before I could say the exact word that came to mind.

I could feel Killian’s amusement and I willed the d**n car to drive faster.

“What was that, little mate? My what?” His husky voice taunted me.

With my face burning and my voice caught in my throat, I ignored him.

Killian continued to taunt me, “Are you too shy, little mate?”

His chest rumbled, and I stayed quiet as l continued breathing in his delicious scent.

“You’ll be begging for it soon enough.” His hot breath hit my ear and I couldn’t suppress the shiver that rolled down me.

Thankfully we pulled up to the club, and I nearly threw myself from the vehicle for a breath of fresh air.

I had never been to a club before, but I had seen plenty in the movies. It was frightening to know that the movies weren’t very far off. While it looked plain on the outside, I could hear the music and see the lights flashing on the inside.

We skipped the line, and I assumed it was because someone who worked the club knew Killian was Alpha.

We all walked into the club and I scowled at how it smelt. Alcohol, sweat and s*x.

“Come on, lets dance!” Kira yelled over the music, tugging my arm.

I looked back at Killian who leaned against the bar watching us, a glass of amber liquid in his hand.

“Go on.” He nodded, bringing the cup to his full lips in a move that made my pupils dilate.

“We have time for that later, Claire.” His amused voice ran through my head.

I still couldn’t figure out how he was able to do that. I didn’t seem to be able to do the same.

I was pulled onto the dance floor with Kira and followed her lead as the band started playing some upbeat pop song started playing. I made sure to keep my distance from guys, who were grinding on whatever attractive female they could find.

I wasn’t sure how long we danced for, but one song melded into another and so on.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.” I yelled over the music at Kira. I wasn’t sure if she caught what I was saying.

I made my way through the crowd of people to a hallway across the room. The bathroom sign flickered weakly.

I wen’t into the bathroom and wen’t pee in one of the shady looking stalls.

The smell of beer and sun kissed skin wafted into the bathroom as some girl came in the room.

A strange feeling twisted in my gut, but ignored it.

“Something feels off, Claire.” Sierra paced in my head.

“You think so?” I frowned.

The disgusting stench of beer made me scrunch my nose up. I had never liked it after what happened last year.

I exited the stall and smacked into someone. A familiar voice made my blood run cold.

“Well, well. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you dancing. I never thought I would be this lucky.” The familiar voice taunted.

My body was frozen from the voice that haunted my nightmares for months.

I looked up into the eyes of Blake. My abdomen twitched, remembering the pain of the silver coated knife.

“Did you miss me, Claire?” He smirked, his chipped tooth showing. The smile that I once found charming was sinister.

“Claire, we need to get out of here.” Sierra snapped in my head, but I was frozen in fear.

My mind raced. I had never fathomed seeing him again. I had never prepared, never trained.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Damien’s here too. He’s been d***g to get a taste ever since you got away.” His voice turned cold as he tugged on a strand of my hair.

“Killian!” Sierra screamed from inside my head.

In the midst of the fear that paralyzed me, I couldn’t help but find it ironic that I would d*e right here. My Alpha mate in the same club, yet unaware.

Blake’s arm lurched, and I felt myself smash against the cold brick of the bathroom wall.

While my head was swimming, the pain was enough to knock me out of my stupor. Sierra’s own strength flooded through me, warming me.

I let Blake approach me, and when he was close enough I kicked my feet out. Swinging my legs, I smiled when his body hit the floor.

I knew it wouldn’t stop him for long, but it felt amazing to finally fight back.

I jumped to my feet and made a run for the door, but a hand wrapped around my ankle and yanked me down. My face bounced against the tile floor with an audible “Crack!”.

Warm liquid rushed down the side of my head, but I felt stronger than ever. I turned on my back and kicked as Blake crawled on top of me.

“Damien always saved the best ones for himself. I think it’s time I get a turn.” Blake’s beer soaked breath wafted in my face making me gag.

“Fat f*****g chance.” I growled. Doing what I did best, I sunk my teeth into his arm. Using my other hand I slashed against any bit of skin I could find.

Blake howled in pain and I smiled as I felt his blood on my fingertips.

My insides ran cold as I watched him pull out a blade. It glinted at me as if it were welcoming an old friend.

Just as Blake flicked the blade open, the door came crashing down, sending splinters everywhere.

If I thought I had ever seen Killian angry, I was wrong. It seemed he had different levels of anger. I always thought ‘calm’ was his highest level of angry, again l was wrong.

Killian lifted Blake off of me as though he were a rag doll. I watched in equal parts horror and amazement as Killian grabbed Blake by the back of the neck and slammed his face against the porcelain sink.

He slammed him again, and again, and again, and again.

The sickening crack of Blake’s face against the sink reverberated in my ears. His coppery blood filled the air.

“You need to stop him. He can’t question him if he dies first.” Sierra murmured in my head.

My feet moved on their own accord, making their way over to Killian.

“Killian, stop!” I pleaded, placing my hands against his back.

With Blake’s unconscious body in his hand, he froze.

“Killian, you’re going to k**l him. He needs to be questioned.” I spoke softly, letting my fingers trail down his arm.

I flinched as Killian dropped Blake to the ground like a sack of flour. He turned to face me and I saw how angry he really was.

His teeth had extended, and his eyes had turned fully black. His chest still heaved with rage, and his fists were still clenched.

“Claire, you need to leave.” Killian growled, any human quality gone from his voice.

“I’m not leaving.” I replied, my voice sounding full of conviction.

Even with Killian more m*******s than ever, I felt completely safe. I knew him and his wolf would never hurt me.

I let my hands make their way up to Killian’s face, smiling at the sparks that rushed through us. The stubble on his face was scratchy, but I enjoyed the sensation. I pressed myself up against his chest, and flattened my head against him.

His quickened heartbeat thumped in my ears, calming me.

“I’m alright, Killian. You came just in time.” I soothed, taking his arms and wrapping them around my waist.

I didn’t let go of him until I felt his body relax, and him let out a deep breath.

I looked into his familiar silver eyes and smiled. His face looked grim, but his canines had retreated and his eyes were no longer black.

His rough hand came up and wiped some of the blood off my head.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone.” His voice was cold. I could feel him beating himself up over this. He blamed himself.

“None of this was your fault.” I growled, but he wasn’t hearing any of it.

“Listen to me, d**n it!” I snapped, taking his head in my hands. I could feel his shock at my outburst but I had enough. It was bad enough Sierra and I both blamed ourselves for the past, we weren’t going to let Killian blame himself as well.

“This was not your fault. None of us knew they would be here. I was going to the bathroom, Killian. You can’t be with me 24/7 and that does not make any of this your fault.” I growled, glaring into the silver eyes I had grown so attached to. I hadn’t realized I was crying until the tears poured freely down my face.

Killian’s response was a deep sigh as he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me tighter. I didn’t resist when his rough hands wiped the fallen tears away.

Travis came into the b****y bathroom, along with Maria’s mate and Gabriel.

“From what we’ve heard, this dude didn’t come alone. We almost had our hands on him, but he got away.” Gabriel glared at Blake’s d********d face.

“Damien.” I whispered to myself.

“What was that, Luna?” Maria’s mate spoke up. Maria’s mate was one of those quiet guys, someone who never had much to say. That only meant he caught everything that was going on.

“The guy that escaped. His name is Damien.” My voice sounded hoarse, and l pressed myself closer to Killian.

“And who is…that?” Maria’s mate gestured to Blake, hesitating when he saw what his Alpha had done.

“That’s Blake. Their hunters.” My voice sounded small, and I felt myself relax as Killian’s hand traced circles on my lower back.

“Why did they target you, Luna?” Gabriel scowled.

“Because I got away.” I whispered, looking up at Killian.


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