Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 28

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 28

The next day Killian had woken up early to head to work. I’m assuming work most likely meant torturing Blake for information.

“No one appreciates sleep around here.” I grumbled at Killian. I couldn’t _ understand why anyone would refuse the offer of sleeping in.

Killian chuckled at my grumpiness and smirked, “Good luck trying to sleep, Kira’s in the kitchen waiting on you.”

I groaned and rolled over in bed, desperately trying to find the willpower to get up. Killian’s bed had to be the most comfortable thing I had ever slept in.

“Get your a*s up. I made breakfast and I don’t just cook for anybody!” Kira’s voice called out through the mind link.

“Kira,” I whined “I didn’t go to bed until after midnight.”

“I don’t care how late you and my brother were up. That’ll teach you not to be up all night doing the nasty.” Kira snapped in my head.

“Ugh, you know we weren’t doing that.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“Claire,” Maria’s falsetto called out. “If you don’t come down in five minutes, were coming up there. And you know we won’t be gentle.”

“Fine, fine. It better be some good breakfast you made.” I grumbled.

I could feel Kira’s smirk in my head, “Only the best for my future sister-in-law.”

“You’re just as bad as Killian.” I groaned, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

When Maria said five minutes, she meant five minutes. I had around ten seconds left and I could already hear her light footsteps coming down the hall.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” I held my hands up in surrender as I caught her sneaking down the hall.

She smirked and put her hands on her hips, “Took you long enough.”

“Not all of us can just jump out of bed and magically be awake.” I rolled my eyes at her. How someone could be so peppy early in the morning was beyond me.

“Well you better get waking up cause we have shopping to do!” Maria chirped.

“Wait, what do you mean?” I looked at her deadpan.

Rolling her eyes as though it were obvious, “The party tonight? You need something to wear.” She huffed, following me into the kitchen.

“I have dresses though.” I frowned, knowing very well that Kira had stocked my closet.

“Nothing good enough for tonight though! This party only happens once a year, so it’s extra special.” Kira and Maria snickered, placing two plates down in front of me.

I felt my eyes widen as I took in the chocolate pancakes and giant omelet Kira had made for me.

“You weren’t kidding about the food.” l talked with my mouth full of pancake.

“I never kid about food. Happy birthday, b***h.” Kira smirked at me, giving me one of those weird side hugs.

Kira rushed me to finish breakfast, wanting to have plenty of time to shop. I trudged along, only playing nice because Kira promised we would stop by a cafe for some coffee.

Yet again I was left with the notion that Hazel would absolutely love Kira and Maria. I spent half of the day playing as their personal dress up doll. While it sounds horrible, I didn’t actually mind. I trusted them to help me look my absolute best.

After what was probably hours, they finally decided on a dress for me. Normally, I wouldn’t wear anything like this. But with what i had planned for tonight, I wanted to look as appealing as possible.

The dress was a slate grey color, oddly reminding me of Killian’s eyes. It was much shorter than I would’ve liked, but it covered the important bits. The dress had thin straps, but hung low in the middle and showed some of my cleavage. My favorite part about the dress was the slit running up the t***h, it had thin chains holding the slit in place.

“Killian is going to lose his mind.” Kira and Maria smirked at eachother.

“Yeah well if he loses his mind in a bad way, I’m blaming you.” I teased.

Even with the constant outfit changes, I had a great time. We stopped by the cafe for lunch a few hours in and l reluctantly told Maria about what I had planned for tonight.

“Once he sees you in that dress he might just drag you away and seal the deal.” Maria smirked at me.

“Well that means we need to get you something s**y to wear.” Kira waggled her eyebrows at me.

Blush b****d my face, “I don’t really do s**y.” I sputtered. I could see myself as cute, beautiful even but never s**y.

“Have you seen yourself?” Kira rolled her eyes at me.

I frowned, “Plenty of times.”

“And have you seen the way Killian looks at you?” Maria giggled.

“Well…No not really, I guess.” I shrugged.

“Girl, he can’t resist you. I’m betting you could get away with just about anything.” Kira laughed.

After the slightly awkward conversation about which lingerie was best, we headed to the next shop.

If I thought trying on dresses was stressful, shopping for a bra and underwear with the two of them was even worse. Lingerie was something l refused to try on in front of them.

I told them that it had to be something black, due to Killian’s reaction last night.

After awhile they found me something lyrics approved on. A simple lacy bra, and a pair of lace panties. Kira threw in a lace garter, which she insisted I wore as well.

We headed back to pack territory and noticed how quiet the town seemed.

“Where is everyone?” I frowned, only noticing a handful of people out and about.

“Just working, Killian’s been assigning extra guard duties and all of that fun stuff.” Kira shrugged as though it were no big deal.

I frowned, my mind wandering back to Killian. “I wonder how things are going with Blake.” I resisted the urge to cringe at his name.

“Yuck, torturing is definitely not my forte.” Kira scowled.

“Mine either, but I still hope he gets something useful out of him.” I sighed. No matter how long I was away from Killian, I always seemed to miss him. I never seemed to get tired of him.

We spent the next few hours lounging about, and Kira even taught me how to make baked chicken. I was almost positive that I wouldn’t be able to recreate her masterpiece on my own, but it was the thought that counts.

After dinner I played dress up doll again as Kira and Maria took turns doing my hair and makeup. Once I was finished, they completed their own. I had to say, each of us looked stunning. Maria wore a baby pink dress that complimented her tan skin and blonde hair. Kira wore a black lace dress that made her eyes pop.

After getting ready we sat at the kitchen island, each of us with a glass of wine in our hand. This time I was well prepared, I wasn’t planning on drinking more than a single glass.

“Little mate, I’ll meet you at the party tonight. Stick with Kira and Maria.” Killian’s husky voice called out in my head. I smiled to myself as I realized how much I missed his voice.

“You’re not going to come with us?” I frowned.

“I managed to get something out of Blake, it’s going to take me awhile to finish up.” I could feel his reluctance as he told me this, but I wasn’t afraid anymore.

“What did he say?” I asked hastily.

“Nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow, little mate. I want you to focus on enjoying your birthday.” The affection in his tone made my heart jump, and land ached to be with him.

“And I’ll see you tonight?” I smiled in my head.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” His husky voice replied, and the link was ended.

“Killian is just going to meet us at the party. Apparently he had a breakthrough with Blake.” I shrugged at the two of them.

“Oh jeez. Well did he say anything?” Kira frowned.

I sighed, ” He said it could wait until tomorrow.”

“I don’t blame him,” Maria shrugged “I wouldn’t want to deal with that on my birthday either.”

After awhile Travis made it to the house, letting me know that Killian would meet me at the party shortly after we arrived. We all piled into the sedan and set off to wherever this party was.

I let my mind wander to thoughts of Killian, and I couldn’t stifle the excitement I felt at seeing him. I knew he would love the dress I was wearing, but I hoped he wouldn’t be too mad at me showing so much skin.

I frowned when I noticed we hadn’t left the pack territory.

“Is the party on our land?” I asked, confused.

“Oh, yeah it is.” Kira nodded hastily.

I raised my eyebrow at her, but she launched into a conversation with Maria.

We pulled into a large clearing. I recognized it as the same place mine and Killian’s ceremony had taken place. The only difference was it looked completely different. The entire area was transformed into a huge garden. Tulips and gardenias were scattered around, along with honeysuckle and lily’s. The entire clearing smelled sweet and earthy. The best part was the giant porcelain fountain in the middle. Table’s full of food and drinks were also scattered around. Twinkling lights of every color hung from the trees like rainbow canopies.

“Wow, this is incredible.” I beamed, taking deep breaths of the flower scented air.

“I’m glad you like it, little mate.” A familiar voice swirled around me and l could feel my heart jump. I turned around and smiled into my mate’s silver eyes.

As always, Killian looked better than ever. He wore a simple black button down shirt with black slacks, but he looked perfect. His muscles rippled under his shirt, and I wondered how he ever found any clothes that actually fit.

Stifling a giggle, I hugged Killian and allowed his addictive scent to mingle with the scent of flowers.

“You did this?” I asked, confused. The smirk on his face only confused me more.

“For you.” He gave me a genuine smile as he leaned down and pressed his lips to my own. My head buzzed and my lips tingled when he finally pulled away. “Happy birthday, Claire.”

“This- This is all for me?” My voice came out high and unsure.

“Everyone is here for you.” His hot breath … fanned against my ear.

“Thank you so much!” I giggled, wrapping my arms around Killian’s waist.

It was as if he hadn’t noticed what I was wearing until now. His eyes turned black as he held me at an arms length away, letting his eyes roam my body.

“You don’t enjoy making things easy for me do you, little mate?” Killian sighed, but let a smirk take over his features.

“I happen to think you have amazing self control.” I teased, “Besides, Kira and Maria are responsible for this dress.”

Killian shot Kira and Maria a pointed look, and Kira stuck her tongue out at her brother as she dragged Travis and Maria out of sight.

“You won’t be saying that when I drag you away from here and tear this little dress off of you.” Killian’s voice grew deeper, his hands putting slight pressure on my waist.

I could feel my heart speed up under his touch. From the way his words alone affected me, I was tempted to let him drag me away.

“And miss this amazing party you planned for me?” I asked breathlessly.

Killian smirked, holding me tight against him. “I think you’d enjoy it more if I . dragged you away.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that until I give you your present.” Killian sighed, taking my hand in his own. He led me into the party, stopping by one of the many tables for a drink.

I settled on a soda while Killian drank that strange amber liquid he seemed to favor. I could only assume it was alcohol.

I followed Killian to the porcelain fountain that stood in the middle of the clearing. It looked even better up close. The water in the fountain twinkled under all of the lights.

“Your present should be arriving any moment.” Killian smiled down at me, trailing his hand down the side of my face. I closed my eyes and leaned into the comforting sparks. I couldn’t believe he had planned all of this for me. I had never felt so special before.

“Claire?” A familiar voice pulled me from Killian’s side. I whipped my head around at the sound.

“Hazel!” I practically screamed. I blinked my eyes like an idiot, wondering if she really was here. I had my answer when Brandon came into view.

Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any more surprised, four more people came into view. My Mom, Dad, Sabrina, and Derek caught my eye.

I looked at Killian incredulously.

“You did this?” I gasped, looking into his silver eyes as though I were seeing him for the first time.

“Happy Birthday.” He smiled down at me.

I felt the tears fill my eyes and I jumped into his arms. I wanted him to know how much I appreciated what he had done for me.

I didn’t realize I was crying until he leaned down to wipe my tears away.

“Don’t cry, little mate. Go see your family.” He spoke softly, cupping my face and giving me an extremely tender kiss. Feeling lightheaded, I ran to my friends and family. I couldn’t imagine the night .getting better.

Well… One thing could make it better. But I kept that thought tucked neatly away.

“I can’t believe it.” Hazel gasped, “We’re here, and you’re here, and you’re happy, and you look amazing!” She sputtered, obviously overwhelmed.

I launched myself into her arms, both of us laughing as though we hadn’t spent any time away from eachother. From what I could tell, Hazel hadn’t changed a bit. The only thing different about her was the glistening mark that displayed itself on her neck.

“You’ve got to meet Kira and Maria, you’re going to absolutely love them.” beamed at her, “Just don’t let them take my best friend away.”

“As if that could ever happen!” She giggled, “I’m assuming they were the ones responsible for this?” She laughed, gesturing to my outfit.

“Oh of course.” I giggled, “You think I could ever put this together without your help?”

“Not a chance.” She sniffled.

I turned away from Hazel and pulled Brandon in for a hug. He still looked the same, as if no time had passed. I could feel Killian’s jealousy b**n through him at the sight of me in another male’s arms, but I could also feel him reigning it in. He didn’t want to ruin this moment for me. That made me care for him even more.

“Thing’s haven’t been the same without you.” Brandon smirked down at me, letting me step away from his open arms.

“Oh I don’t doubt that.” I giggled, elbowing him in the side.

My mom cleared her throat and I turned to face the rest of my family. The first person I ran to was Derek. He pulled me into his arms and squeezed me tight.

“It’s nice to see you so happy, Claire.” I heard his voice speak quietly in my ear.

“It’s nice to finally feel happy.” I giggled, looking up at him. I tried to tell him through my eyes that he had been right about everything. Killian had fixed what was broken inside of me, and gave me the time and space to find myself again.

“Mom, Dad.” I couldn’t help but beam at the two of them. They looked relieved to see how happy I was. I pulled both of them into my arms and tried to hold back the tears that wanted to fall.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that everything worked out for you, Claire.” My mom sniffled in my ear. Even my dad was looking a little teary eyed.

“You have no idea. Killian has helped me so much.” I smiled at the two of them, hoping they could see how happy I was. I knew Killian’s reputation still frightened them, but I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. His reputation was nothing in my eyes.

“He’s a good guy, huh?” My dad mumbled to me and I couldn’t help but smile at his protectiveness. I glanced over to Killian and stifled a giggle as he winked at me.

“He’s a good guy, Dad. He can be a little abrasive at first, but I know someone else whose like that.” I teased, giggling as his cheeks turned red.

“It’s great to see you, brina.” I smiled at my little sister, all of my thoughts cut short as I looked at her torso.

“It’s great to see you too, Claire-bear.” She smirked back at me, watching my surprised expression.

“No way.” I was pretty sure my jaw had dropped to the floor.

I let my eyes trace over the small bump that protruded from Sabrina’s stomach, and I glanced at the glistening mark on her neck.

“I’m due in six months, but time is flying by.” She beamed back at me. I pulled her into a hug and laughed with her. I couldn’t believe my baby sister was going to be a mom.

I remembered back to the last time I had hugged my little sister. I was terrified of leaving home with Killian, determined to put as much distance between I and my mate as I could. So much had changed.

I spent the next few hours talking with my family, enjoying their company like l never had before. I couldn’t help but giggle, even when my mom commented on my revealing dress. All of the things that had annoyed me about my family, I now cherished. They were annoying and imperfect, but they cared about me.

I introduced Hazel to Kira and Maria, and I swore something clicked when they all had met. I somehow managed to stay on the sidelines as they launched into a heated conversation about fashion and makeup.

“I wonder where Brandon went.” frowned, looking around at the crowd of people.

“Brandon? He said he smelled something weird and just walked away.” Hazel shrugged, not thinking much of it.

“You don’t think?” I frowned, remembering the last time I smelled something so intoxicating. That was the night I met Killian.

“Nuh uh.” Hazel gasped, her eyes scanning the crowed urgently.

“There, isn’t that Brandon!” Kira jumped, pointing off to the side.

Brandon was sitting on one of the flower covered benches, a gorgeous yet familiar blonde woman was sitting next to him. I could tell they were flirting by the way Brandon’s cheeks heated. Brandon had finally found his mate. He held one of her hands in his own.

“Isn’t that the girl who talked s**t on you.” Kira glared at her.

“Rachel?” My jaw dropped. Brandon had finally found his mate, and it was Rachel.

“Oh h**l no. Do we need to say something to her?” Hazel growled at the pretty blonde.

I jumped into action, “No, no, no. Rachel did say some rude things, but Brandon is her mate. They both deserve to be happy.” I shrugged. I smiled on at Brandon and Rachel, and I couldn’t help but feel happy for the two of them.

“Sounding more and more like a Luna everyday.” Killian’s deep voice rumbled from behind me. I rolled my eyes as Kira waggled her eyebrows at me and pulled Hazel and Maria away.

“You think so?” I smiled up at him.

“I do.” Killian replied, leaving kisses along my cheek and lips.

I followed Killian with a smile as he led me to the dance floor, grabbing my hips just in time for a slow song to start.

“I thought you didn’t dance?” I raised my eyebrow at him, remembering conversation we had after leaving the club.

“I don’t, but this is a slow song and it’s your birthday.” He smirked down at me.

“This night is full of surprises.” I giggled, knowing he had no idea what I was planning to do tonight.

“Enjoy this while it lasts,” His voice grew deeper with each word. “The next time I’ll be dancing is at our wedding.”

If Killian wasn’t holding my hips, I was sure I would’ve collapsed. My cheeks flushed red as I stammered, trying to find something to say.

“You get that from your father, y’know.” His smirk deepened as his hand trailed down my flaming cheeks.

We turned and shuffled in beat with the song, our eyes not leaving eachother for one second.

The entire night seemed to pass in the span of an hour, but I knew it was much longer than that. I could feel myself growing tired with each song that passed. I spent as much time as I could with my friends and family. Killian even made an effort and talked to my parents, which also had my jaw dropping to the ground.

After many tearful goodbyes, my family had left to make the long trip home. My nerves had finally caught up to me, and.I tried to stifle the butterflies that swarmed in my stomach.

I wouldn’t let my fear stop me tonight.