Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 30

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 30

I opened my eyes to the sound of Killian’s voice.

“Wake up, little mate. I have to leave for work.” His chest rumbled with laughter.

With a little groan, I lifted my head and looked into his silver eyes.

“Hm? Have a good day.” I smiled sleepily. I wrapped my arms tighter around him and buried my head against his chest.

“Come on you sleepy little thing.” Killian chuckled as he wrapped my legs around his waist and stood from the bed. A squeak of surprise left my lips.

“What are you doing?” I blushed, part of me hoping we would have a repeat of last night.

“We are getting a shower.” Killian chuckled, “But don’t think I wasn’t planning on taking you again.” His husky voice send shivers of desire down my spine.

I sighed happily as Killian stepped into the hot shower with me in his arms. He set me on my feet and turned me around so my back was facing him.

I was at a complete loss for words when he began running body wash along my back and shoulders.

I felt the strange feeling in between my legs return when his hand ran across my lower stomach, rubbing the body wash into my skin.

I turned around to face him and let myself melt into his arms. His lips found my own and I couldn’t think of anyone happier than I in this moment.

All too quickly our kisses became hungrier, more urgent. I didn’t argue when he lifted me again and placed my back against the warm tiles on the wall.

His fingers trailed lightly down my stomach and finally to my p***y, playing with my c**t as his mouth devoured my neck.

I whimpered when I felt his hard c**k press against my c**t, moving gently against my sensitive skin.

“Stop teasing me.” I moaned.

A smirk formed on Killian’s flawless face, “Now you see what you’ve been doing to me for weeks, little mate.”

My face heated, but the steaming water from the shower made my skin have a rosy hue anyway.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know I was teasing you.” I pouted, tightening my legs to pull him forward.

“That make’s it even worse. You’re too innocent to notice what you’re doing.” Killian smirked, his hands roaming my b*****s.

Without warning, Killian pushed his hardened member inside of me. I winced as I felt my opening stretch, but he was as gentle as ever.

The familiar ecstasy from last night returned and I marveled at how good it felt to have his c**k fill me.

This time his thrusts were slow, calculated and I wondered if this was what ‘making love’ felt like. I had always thought the term sounded silly, s*x was s*x. But as Killian looked into my eyes and peppered little kisses along my lips and jaw, I could tell this was something completely different.

Our orgasms erupted at the same time, leaving both of us panting. I looked into the eyes of my mate and wished that I could stay in this shower with him forever. Unfortunately Alpha’s and Luna’s weren’t able to do such things.

After finishing our shower we quickly got dressed and made our way downstairs. My only qualm was how stinking obvious it was that we finished the mating process. Our scents had mixed completely and the mark on Killian’s neck glittered proudly.

While I wasn’t embarrassed, I knew Kira and Maria would have loads to say.

An errant thought ran through my head and I remembered Killian’s words about Blake.

“Oh, Killian?” I asked, watching him as he cooked us a quick breakfast. He refused to let me touch anything in the kitchen while he was around.

“Yes, little mate?” He turned to look at me, his eyebrow raised as he felt the question I was going to ask.

I frowned, “What were you going to say about Blake yesterday?”

A dark look crossed over Killian’s face and I regretted bringing anything up, but I needed to know.

“Stop by my office around 3, we can talk then.” Killian sighed. I wondered what was weighing on him.

“You know, you can tell me anything right?” I frowned, walking into his arms and letting my fingers trail his rough face.

He looked down at me and gave me a sweet smile, “I know, Claire. I just don’t like worrying you.”

“I’m not afraid of them anymore, y’know.” I smiled up at him, “I trust you, and I know you’ll protect me.”

“If only I had the same unwavering faith.” He smirked down at me.

After eating our breakfast, Killian left for work and I struggled to find something to do. I nearly jumped with joy when Kira and Maria walked through the door, my worry about them smelling me had been forgotton.

“So, enjoy your surprise party?” Kira chirped, obviously still excited.

I smiled at the two of them, “Even though I specifically said I didn’t want a party, yes I absolutely loved it.” I giggled at their nervous faces.

“And how was last night?” Kira waggled her eyebrows at me, making me grimace.

“It was fine, thank you very much.” I replied, but my cheeks betrayed me and b****d a violent shade of red.

Kira’s mouth popped open, “You did didn’t you?”

I nearly jumped out of my shoes when Kira and Maria leaned in and smelled me.

“You smell like Killian.” Maria smirked.

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah cause I’ve been sleeping in his bed for a month.”

“No, that was different. You still smelled like you. Now you smell like him.” Kira smirked, giving Maria a side glance.

“I want to know everything!” Maria gushed, practically jumping up and down.

Kira grimaced, “I don’t want to know the details of my brother mating.” She shuddered.

After giving Maria as little detail as possible, Kira decided a shopping trip was in order.

We stopped by countless shops, and lofts managed to get my hands on a few new dresses, shoes and some jeans.

We made our way inside of some crowded shop, everyone was buzzing with excitement.

“Um what’s going on?” I asked Kira, confused by the excited look on her face.

“Their having their annual half off sale.” Kira squealed, pointing to a purse that read $399.99.

I frowned, “So its $200?” What kind of purse was $200?

“Um no, that’s the half off price.” Kira smirked.

I nearly choked, “So that purse is worth $800?”

“Well, duh! Look at it!” Maria practically cooed.

So I guess I didn’t like shopping quite that much. There was no way I could justify spending $400 on a simple purse.

I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket and pulled it out.

“I’m gonna head outside, it’s too loud in here.” I shook my head, leaving Kira and Maria to buzz around the overpriced shop.

I put my phone to my ear just as I walked from the shop.

“Hello?” Was the first thing I said. I stood impatiently, listening to the silence on the other end.

Confused, I looked at the number that had called me. I didn’t recognize the number, but it could’ve easily been one of my friend’s or family from my old pack.

“Um, hello? Can you hear me?” I repeated, and the silence on the other end continued.

“Claire, I don’t like this.” Sierra’s agitated voice called out.

“Shh, hold on. It could be mom or dad.” I frowned at her.

Just as I was about to hang up someone spoke.

“Watch out, Claire. It isn’t safe to be out alone.” The deep voice grumbled.

“We need to get back to Maria and Kira. Now, Claire.” Sierra urged. I looked around and couldn’t see a single person in sight. I didn’t see any threat.

I looked around confused. I wasn’t alone. I was with Maria and Kira. I stood off to the side of the shop, trying to figure out what the h**l the stranger meant.

“You left your friends, Claire. They can’t protect you.” The static filled voice answered.

“Claire, get the f**k out of here!” Sierra shouted in my head.

I let my feet hastily carry me away from the side of the shop. I hadn’t seen anyone lingering around, but Sierra had my nerves on end. My heart was raging in my chest.

“Look, I don’t know who you are but-” My words were cut short when something hard slammed into the back of my head. Dazed and confused, I snarled as something sharp jabbed into my neck.

Everything became slow and jumbled while liquid fire rushed through my veins. The pain was unbearable, clouding my senses.

I felt my legs give out underneath me and plummeted to the ground.

Another wave of blunt force hit the back of my head, and everything went black.