Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 32

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 32

*Killian’s POV*

I reluctantly left Claire in the morning and headed to work. Mine and Titan’s longing for our little made was worse than ever. I assumed completing the mate bond had something to do with that.

It was harder to focus on work, her angelic face popped into my mind every minute. I replayed the events of last night and had to fight the urge to hunt her down. I had never expected a mate as incredible as her.

She’s strong and compassionate all whist remaining innocent. She could be a little strange at times, but I found it adorable.

I grunted in approval when Kira popped her head in and told me she was going to take Claire and Maria shopping. Claire needed a distraction, especially with the news I had to tell her.

After countless days and nights of torture, Blake finally cracked. I wasn’t surprised. I often kept him on the brink of d***h, but lucid enough to feel the pain I inflicted. The news he had given me set my teeth on edge.

The only people who knew what Blake had confessed were me and my Beta. I refused to tell anyone else until l gathered more information. There was no point in needlessly frightening the rest of the pack.

I lost track of time in the mountain of paper work I had scattered around my desk. I didn’t bother looking up from the countless pages when someone barged into my office. Annoyance fell over me at the intrusion.

“Killian!” Kira busted through my office doors, her chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath.

I eyed my sister suspiciously. Her eyes were wide and wild, her body was covered in sweat.

Titan paced in my head, his instincts telling him something was wrong. My stomach lurched when an image of Claire popped into my head. I clenched my fists and prayed it wasn’t anything to do with her.

“Killian” She huffed in between pants, “Someone took Claire!” She practically screeched at me.

My blood ran cold and I found myself struggling to process her words. Titan howled in my head, forcing me to take action. I would have remained frozen if it weren’t for him. A foreign emotion coursed through me. It felt like shards of ice in my veins. I vaguely recognized it as fear, an emotion I hadn’t felt since I was a child.

I closed my eyes and reached out with the mind-link, connecting to each and every member of my pack. Across countless towns I could feel each and every one of them. The thousands and thousands under my command waited for me to speak.

“Attention,” I bellowed, the Alpha Command amplifying my words as I fought back the mixture of rage and fear that consumed me. “My mate, your Luna has been taken. I want every warrior and guard in this pack on high alert and searching for your Luna. Every city, every town needs to be searching. We will not stop until she is found.” I growled, feeling the attention of every member in my mind.

I turned to my panic-stricken sister and growled, “Explain, now.”

I couldn’t contain my rage as Kira explained what happened. I felt a growl tear through my chest as my computer smashed against the wall.

“Did you see anyone, anything helpful Kira?” I spat. I didn’t care if it wasn’t her fault. More than anything I blamed myself, but the fear and anger were too much to handle. I could feel myself slowly unraveling without my little mate.

“I couldn’t see anyone.” Kira hung her head in shame, tears streamed from her eyes. “All I saw was a black van speeding away. It didn’t have any license plates.” Kira stifled a sob.

In an instant I was on my feet, barreling through the door and out of the house. I knew who I needed to talk to.

I shifted impatiently, frustrated at my human speed and rushed towards the dungeons.

Blake hung against the wall, his face a b****y contorted mess. I shifted into my human form and gave a curt nod to my Beta as he handed me a pair of sweatpants.

“Everyone is on high alert, Alpha. The warriors of each town are searching as we speak.” My Beta assured me, but I didn’t feel any better. What may make me feel better hung against the wall, a canvas for my brutality.

“Where is she?” I growled, lunging at Blake. One of his eyes was swollen shut, crusted with days old blood.

I let my fist smash against the cold rock of the dungeon wall. The pain that flashed through my hand was almost therapeutic.

“Where’s who?” His rough, gargled voice called out. Even in this horrendous state, Blake was cockier than ever. He was extremely strong willed for a human, but I chalked that up to being a psychopath.

“Where is Claire, Blake?” I snarled, gripping his broken jaw in my hand. I could see the pain register in his eyes, but he made no physical indications that he had felt it.

A deformed smirk worked its way onto Blake’s face, “Your little mutt is missing, huh? If only I knew how to help.”

My vision turned red and I couldn’t control myself as I landed blow after blow to Blake’s battered body. After some time, my Beta pulled me away.

“Enough, Alpha!” My Beta bellowed, snapping me out of the trance I had been in. I looked at him furiously, “K*****g him isn’t going to find our Luna. If the hunters have anything to do with this, he’s the only chance we have.”

I stormed out of the dungeons and back to the pack house. My feet carried themselves to the bedroom Claire and I share. Without thinking, I snatched up the t-shirt she had last worn and breathed deeply.

Her creamy vanilla and honey scent swirled around my head, easing my headache and Titan’s mournful howling.

With the shirt clutched in my hand, I went back to my office. I shoved the paperwork to the side, unable to focus on anything but Claire.

I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes, reaching out into the darkness for our little mate. I couldn’t feel anything, forge any connection. My stomach rolled, but I knew she was still alive. She was either asleep or unconscious.

I pulled out a bottle of whiskey I had sitting in one of the drawers and poured some in a glass.

The next few day’s passed, and I found my anger growing with each passing day without my mate. My agony accumulated, and I found myself contemplating a life without Claire. I realized, a life without her wasn’t one at all. When she took her last breath, I would take mine as well.

Each day I visited Blake’s cell. Cutting, carving, beating, burning any part of his body I could. Torture was something I excelled at. Each day his smug remarks grew weaker, and I knew I was chipping away at him. Each afternoon I sent the pack doctor to tend to his wounds. I wanted him in shape for the next day.

The second I found Claire I would end his miserable life.

I found myself sitting at my desk again. Over the few days, my office had gradually worsened. I smashed the book shelf into pieces on the second day. The third day I destroyed the side table and every picture on each wall.

The only thing left standing in the room was my desk and chair. I could feel something stirring in the back of my mind. Titan had been silent for days now, unable to handle losing his mate.

I sat frozen in place when her soft voice ran through my head.

“Killian?” Her frantic yet angelic voice ran through my head, “Killian!”

She sounded far away. Titan sprang to life at her words, clawing and growling at the edges of my mind.

“Claire? F**k, where the h**l are you!” l practically yelled. My heart was racing at the sound of her voice.

A hazy image formed in my head. It was hard to make out clear details. I could smell wet earth and rust. A small orange light flickered a few feet away.

Her frightened voice called out in my head, “Some men took me! You need to find me! I’m underground in some kind of cell.” Her voice was almost frantic.

The blood boiled at the thought of my mate locked away, caged like an animal.

“Have you seen anyone since you’ve been there?” My voice came out in a rush, I needed as much detail as possible.

The image of two men formed in my mind. One scrawny and d***y looking, while the other was bald and muscular. I ran through the details of the image, committing both of their faces to memory. I made the decision that their life would end at my hands.

“You need to talk to Blake. These guys are human. They injected me with wolfs bane!” Her voice replied, and I could feel the pain that lingered in her words.

Titan howled, his fur bristling and his teeth gnashing at the thought of our mate writhing in agony. Wolfs bane was one of the worst pains to endure. The fact that she had found the strength to contact us showed how strong Claire had become.

“I’ll find you, Claire.” My voice came out rough as I fought the tears that formed in my eyes, “I promise I’ll find you.”

I could feel the link crumble in my mind, and I knew that she had lost consciousness.

With a growl full of rage, I flipped the oak desk that sat in front of me.

With more anger and motivation than ever, I ran from my office. It was time for another visit to Blake’s cell, and this time I would get some answers.