Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 33

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 33

Killian’s POV

I didn’t spend long torturing Blake. I was more determined than ever to get answers.

I had the pack doctor waiting outside of his cell, knowing he would need immediate attention when I finally finished.

Peeling the skin from Blake’s abdomen, I leaned in close. He had finally stopped screaming and I waited for his next words.

The scent of blood, sweat and fear filled my nostrils, but that fueled me to continue.

“Tell me what you know, Blake.” My voice was calm as I contained the rage that pulsed through my body. “You have so much skin. I won’t stop here.”

Blake’s chest was heaving, his skin looking oddly translucent.

“Underground bunker” blaze rasped through the pain, “By Kentworth.”

The name of the small town fifteen minutes away caused Titan’s ears to perk up. This was a start. “Where is it, Blaze?” I looked into his lifeless eyes, jamming my finger into the b****y wound I had caused on his abdomen.

He let out another scream and I pulled away, letting him compose himself.

“Abandoned church.” His lips whispered before he fell into unconsciousness.

I stormed out of his cell, shouting for the pack doctor to keep him alive. I ran back to the house, alerting the warriors in my pack.

“Attention everyone,” My voice bellowed through the mind link. “Any and all warriors available report to my house in fifteen minutes.”

I ended the connection as I barreled through the front door.

Kira sat on the couch in the living room, Maria and her childhood friend at her side. Travis had his arms wrapped around Kira, trying to sooth her as sobs wracked her. Sabrina had been Kira’s friend ever since she was a child. She was practically raised with the two of us. While I never had time for friends, Sabrina was like another sister.

These past few days, I kept my distance from Kira. I was fully aware that she blamed herself. While my rage bubbled and threatened to spill over at every moment without Claire, I knew Kira and Maria weren’t to blame. The hunters that decided to touch what was mine were to blame. Nonetheless, I kept my distance from Kira. couldn’t trust Titan to not lash out at her, Titan blamed everyone, myself included.

Sabrina lived in the next town over, simply another branch of my pack’s territory. She frequently visited Kira, but it had been a few months since she last came over. These past few days she had been there for Kira and Maria, something they desperately needed.

“Killian, did something happen?” Kira shot up from the couch at my sudden intrusion. Kira looked a mess, but as much as I wanted to break down and join her, I had to find Claire.

“Blake talked, he told us where she is.” l huffed, attention snapping to the window as I noticed two van’s pull up out front.

Kira sputtered, angrily wiping the tears from her face. “Let me come with you.”

“No.” I snapped. “Hunter’s took her, Kira.”

Kira’s face paled, remembering the d***h’s of our parents. The same thing happened to our family. Hunters captured my mother, and my father was k****d trying to save her. I told myself the difference was the fact that I loved Claire. My father never loved our mother, he simply went for her because he owned her. My fate would not be the same as my fathers.

“We’re going to get her back, Kira.” I called out, turning and running out the door.

I nodded at the eighteen warriors that came to my aid. The rest were in other towns, too far away to make it here on such short notice.

My Beta pulled up in his own vehicle, taking his place at my side.

“We’re going to get my mate back.” I snapped at the eighteen men. “Take caution, these are werewolf hunters. They know our weaknesses and they know what we are coming for.”

Year’s of training helped me keep my composure, but on the inside I was a quivering mess. I had underestimated how attached I had become to Claire. The thought of running a pack without her was impossible. In the short time I had known her, she quickly became my reason for everything. I’ve always had trouble expressing any emotion other than anger, but that didn’t seem to bother Claire. She was truly my other half.

My Beta and I hopped into my car, speeding down the driveway as the two vans followed closely behind.

I wasn’t paying attention to the speed limit, other cars or anything that wasn’t Claire.

The abandoned church was easy enough to find. It’s light blue paint was cracking and peeling, while half of the roof was caved in.

The warriors and I entered the church, keeping our eyes scanned for any hunters. I was struggling to contain myself.

I could smell her.

She had definitely came through here. The smell of creamy vanilla with hints of honeycomb lingered in the air like an expensive perfume.

“Alpha.” One of the warriors rough voice called out as he stood in front of what looked like a basement.

The twenty of us, myself included, went down into the damp basement. The smell of wet earth registered in my nose as my eyes were locked on a trap door.

The trap door sat flush against the concrete floor of the basement and I could feel my heart thudding in my chest.

Titan was frantic now. He didn’t care about the hunters. He didn’t care who he had to k**l. All he wanted was Claire.

My feet moved on their own and I ripped the door off it’s hinges, throwing it across the basement with a sharp clang.

I raced down the stairs, deeper into the earth.

I followed her fading scent, letting the cacophony of warm vanilla and a whisper of cinnamon guide me down the winding tunnels.

I could hear the heavy foot falls of the warriors behind me. As I turned another sharp corner, the first set of metal cages made an appearance. They smelled of rust and grime. My heart raced at the familiarity.

Her scent grew stronger as I ran, causing my heart to thunder in response.

I knew the cage at the end of the tunnel belonged to Claire. Her creamy scent lapped at the bars, spilling through the cracks as though it recognized me.

“Claire.” Her name emerged my lips as l stood in front of her cell.


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