Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 34

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 34

Claire’s POV

“It’s great to see you again, Claire.” The voice called out from behind me.

He walked around me slowly, stopping when he caught my gaze.

Damien smiled cruelly, looking the same as he did last year.

“You..” I sputtered, “What do you want with me?”

Damien smirked, “You got away, Claire.” He leaned in close, but I refused to flinch. “No one gets away from me.”

His eyes were just as lifeless as they had always been. It was like there was no light inside of him, just an empty, dark room.

“My mate’s an Alpha, Damien.” I spat. “You made a big mistake.”

Damien chuckled, “Look’s like I wasn’t the only one who changed. So vicious, Claire.” He then shrugged, as if what I said held little meaning. “We already know who your mate is.”

“He will come for me, Damien.” I growled.

Damien smirked, pulling up a chair and sitting down. “Don’t you think we know that? We’ve had our sights set on Alpha Killian Desmond for quite some time. It’s funny irony that you, the only one who escaped me is his mate.” Damien chuckled.

“You hunters are pathetic.” I snapped at him, my blood boiling at the mention of Killian. “You try and fight against something you know nothing about. Do you know how many of us there really are?” I growled.

Damien shrugged, “Once your mate dies at my hands your pathetic pack will come next. We have friends on our side, Claire.” He smirked.

I had silently made a decision in that moment. I had never ended someone’s life before, but I promised myself that Damien would be my first k**l.

“Now, onto business-” Damien began, but his words were cut short. Something on my neck caught his attention and he threw the chair across the room with a yell.

“You f*****g idiots.” He hissed, seething with rage. I could hear the scrawny one shuffle his feet, while the big one spoke up.

“What did we do, boss?” The big one sounded confused.

Damien yanked my hair to the side, putting my neck on display. “She’s marked you f*****g idiots. Didn’t I tell you to find out if she’s marked?”

“I wen’t to check, but she attacked me.” The scrawny one shrugged, not understanding the big deal. I rolled my eyes. He went to check? More like try to sexually assault me.

Damien walked around me and out of my sight. I heard a loud crack, like he had hit the scrawny one with something. The scrawny one went silent.

“If her and her mate are both marked, he’ll be able to find her.” Damien snapped, and I heard a thud as he kicked something.

Damien walked back around to me, his eyes more m*******s than ever.

“Claire, you’re going to answer something for me.” Damien got down to my level, roughly grabbing my chin in his hand. “Did you mark your mate? Do not lie to me.”

I only had a second to think my answer through, any longer and he would know lyrics was up to something. I kept my face angry and strong, but I allowed fear to seep through my gaze. I needed him to believe I hadn’t marked Killian.

“Yes,” I let the word slip from my mouth just a little too fast, “He’s probably on his way now. You don’t have much time left, Damien.”

I held my breath as Damien scanned my face, his d**d eyes settling on my own. A cruel smirk formed on his face.

“You’re lying, Claire.” Damien cooed, his smirk still in place.

Damien turned to the big guy and said something that made my blood run cold.

“Untie her.” Damien grinned, his tongue running over his lips. “I think it’s about time we finished what was started a year ago, don’t you?”

I didn’t put up a fight as the big one untied me, but the second I was free, I lunged at Damien. He didn’t know it, but I wasn’t completely defenseless anymore.

I felt what strength Sierra had rush through me and I dragged my claws across Damien’s face, smiling as his blood splattered against my face.

“Stupid b***h.” Damien roared, swinging at me but I jumped off of him just in time.

I was grabbed from behind by the muscular guy, and winced as something sharp pierced my neck. I groaned at the familiar fire that coursed through my veins.

“You idiot. I told you to keep her alive not let her get her strength back.” Damien shouted at the other man.

There was silence for a few moments. “You can just take her now. There’s enough wolfs bane in her system to keep her docile.”

“No, I don’t want her to tune me out. I want her alert. I want her to feel everything.” Damien snapped.

A cellphone rang, cutting through the silence. My vision doubled and then tripled, but I could still make out the words that left Damien’s lips.

“Alright. S**t.” Damien snapped, slamming down his phone.

“Boss?” The big guy sounded confused.

Damien sighed in frustration, “Our source tell’s me the Alpha knows where she is. He’s on his way. We need to leave until the others show up and we can move her.” His voice was firm and my heart skipped a beat.

“How did he find out? She hasn’t marked him.” The big guy replied.

Damien growled, “Blake. The f*****g idiot let it slip. He’ll be d**d soon enough anyway, if he isn’t already.”

“Take her back to her cell.” Damien snapped.

I hardly felt the rough earth as I was dragged against it, only regaining focus when I was tossed into my cell.

I closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.

My eyes snapped open at the sound of distant thudding. I knew I hadn’t slept for long, the flames still licking at my veins.

I could hear multiple sets of foot steps and I shot up into a sitting position. The fire l****d at my veins greedily, but l didn’t care. I pressed myself against the bars, listening to the heavy footfalls coming my way.

My heart was ready to break from my chest, the only thing on my mind was Killian.

“Killian.” His name left my lips as the thundering foot steps closed in.


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