Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 35

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 35

Alpha Killian’s POV

I stared into the empty cell. The only proof that Claire had once been here was her delicate scent wafting in the air, getting weaker by the second.

“She’s gone.” My voice came out strong, but I could feel myself losing control.

My Beta snapped me out of my misery, “They couldn’t have left that long ago. Her scent is still fresh.”

I turned to the rest of the warriors, “Are any of you skilled at tracking?”

They looked around at eachother in silence when one man stepped forward. He had to be in his mid thirties, the lines on his face accompanied his many scars.

“I’ve got a knack for it.” He nodded, walking up to the cell and breathing deeply.

I turned to my Beta, “Go back to the dungeons, get more information from Blake. Link me if he says anything useful.” I growled, turning my attention to the tracker.

The tracker walked into the empty cell, his eyes closed as he smelled the air around him.

He opened his eyes and nodded at me, “It’ll be difficult if they’re driving, but if we’re fast I may be able to find her.”

I bit back my reply. I wanted to threaten him, tell him that his life depended on finding her.

Instead I turned to the rest of the men, “Lets go.”

The tracker took the lead, and I kept myself on his tail. We turned down another corridor and walked into a large room. It had faded and cracked tiles on the floor while flickering light bulbs hung from the ceiling.

“She was in here.” The tracker nodded and I locked eyes with the scarlet blood staining the white floor. A growl tore through me and the tracker looked at me with sympathetic eyes.

“Let’s go, Alpha. We have no time to waste.” And with those words the Tracker left through another doorway, leading us down a darkened corridor.

The nineteen of us followed the tracker closely until we reached a set of stairs followed by a wooden cellar door.

The tracker opened the door and exited, while the rest of us followed. We walked out into the open air, and I was surprised at how far away from the church we were.

“There tunnels like this under the entire town.” The tracker commented, jogging into the woods ahead of us. I grimaced, “And you’re sure she’s not still down there somewhere?”

“I’m positive.” The tracker nodded. He gestured to the main road leading out of town. I could clearly see the cars rushing by through the forest we were in.

“Her scent is stronger on this road. My guess is they put her in a vehicle and headed out of town.” The tracker nodded. “Were gonna have to shift, we need as much speed as we can manage.”

I let Titan come forward, and gave in to the sensations of my bones cracking and elongating. Shifting hadn’t been painful for years now, and I relished in the expanding and contorting of my torso.

Titan’s ears perked up as our Beta’s voice ran through our head.

“Alpha, the prisoner mentioned something about a safe house.” He informed me.

I growled, “Where is it?”

“He isn’t giving me much information. He made sure to tell me they had plenty of back up and allies.” My Beta growled.

My fur bristled, “Torture him, get whatever information you can. I want him alive when I return, I’ll be the one to k**l him. Inform the other towns, prepare them for a battle. I want all warriors gathered and ready. Anyone who is willing to fight may join. Make sure all of the children, elderly and pregnant woman are kept safe in a different town. If their going to attack us, they’ll head for our town.”

“Yes, Alpha.” And with that the mind-link disconnected.

There was no guarantee that this would end in war, but I needed to be prepared. Once I had Claire back, I would find every hunter involved and k**l them. While loop didn’t want my pack to suffer the effects of a war, these hunters had grown too bold.

In the early days, hunters mostly kept to themselves. They would k**l the occasional rogue, but they would never have the audacity to attempt an assault on a pack.

Blake had told me the hunters had big plans, but I laughed at his confession.

“We’re going to be running for awhile, preserve your strength.” The tracker told the rest of the men as we barreled after him.

We kept ourselves concealed in the dense forest, keeping close enough to see the main road as we ran.

“I lost my mate years ago to hunters. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” The tracker’s voice ran through my head. I could feel my heart ache at the thought of losing Claire, but I refused to give in.

“These hunters have grown bold.” growled, anger pushing me to run faster.

The tracker nodded, keeping up with my pace. “In my day they were hardly heard about. One could go their entire life without ever hearing the word.”

“That will be the result when I am finished with them.” I let the livid growl emerge from my chest.

The tracker huffed, “I am very much looking forward to that, Alpha. If I may, I would like to end the life of the one who took my mate from me.”

“What is his name?” I growled, intending to give him what he wanted.

“I only know his face. But I know his spawn, his name is Damien.” The tracker replied. A growl tore through me, remembering the name that haunted Claire.

“You may have him.” I assured the tracker.

With a grateful nod his pace quickened through the forest, “Now, lets focus on finding the Luna.”

I growled at him, “My story will not have the same ending.”

“We will make sure of that.” The tracker nodded, increasing his pace. I was beginning to feel great respect for the man, and I sympathized with him over the loss of his mate.

We had ran for countless hours, but I felt no exhaustion. With each passing hour l felt new strength flow through me. They would not get away this time.

“Warriors and citizens from the other towns just arrived. The others are safe. There’s quite an army here, Alpha. It seems they all want their Luna back safely.” I could hear my Beta’s voice ring out in my head.

I huffed, “Make sure everyone has a place to rest and food to eat. Let them know their sacrifice is appreciated.” If could feel my chest swell with appreciation for my pack. Every cruel thing I have ever done was for the benefit of my people.

“Blake said one more thing.” My Beta hesitated.

I growled at his pause, “What is it?”

“He said to be prepared. They know you’re coming.”


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