Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 36

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 36

*Claire’s POV*

“Killian.” His name left my lips as I heard the thundering foot steps closed in.

My hands gripped the cell bars tightly, waiting for the moment they rounded the corner and I could find the face of my mate.

My hope fizzled when a familiar face appeared in front of the rusted bars.

The big man from earlier had a cruel sneer on his face.

“Expecting your mate?” He grinned at me.

My stomach was twisting itself into knots. The big man unlocked my cell and I scrambled to get away from him. I needed to stay here and wait for Killian. If they moved me I wasn’t sure he’d ever find me or my body if things went south.

“Get away from me!” I growled, pressing my back against the earthen wall.

The big guy sneered, a syringe in his hand. “No can do, mutt. We need to get a move on before your rabid mate gets here.”

He grabbed me by the shoulder and forced the syringe into my neck, a whimper escaped my lips at the force behind his touch. If I had my full strength he would’ve never gotten his hands on me.

Flames l****d my veins and sent me into fiery agony. I could no longer feel my feet, and a whimper escaped my lips as they caved from under me and my world was s****d into darkness.

When my eyes finally fluttered open, I was somewhere different. I nearly freaked out when I saw two hazy figures sitting next to me. I kept my breathing even, resisting the urge to struggle against the hard bindings on my wrists.

The black sack over my head was partially see through, and I could make out two figures on either side of me.

The bumping and jostling let me know we were in a vehicle, and I prayed Killian wasn’t far behind.

I sat silently for what felt like hours, keeping my movements to a minimum and my breath steady. The fire in my veins was beginning to dull and I could think clearer.

“Once we’re there throw her in the blue room.” An unfamiliar gruff voice called out from the front of the vehicle.

I felt jittery and anxious, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle being in such a confined space.

My wish had been granted when the vehicle slowed and we turned onto a gravel driveway. The rocks crunched under the tires of the vehicle, letting me know we must have arrived.

I couldn’t see much through the darkened sack over my head, but I could just make out the outline of a large building surrounded by tree’s.

“She should still be knocked out. Grab her.” The gruff man’s voice snapped and I clamped my lips shut as one of the men pulled me from the vehicle.

I kept my body as lifeless as possible, hating the feeling of being carried by another man. Once Killian found me, I wasn’t planning on leaving his side for the next ten years.

I kept my eyes open the entire time. The closer we got, the more I noticed smaller details of the house. It was tall, and it had to be at least three stories.

I was thrown roughly on a spring bed and pretended to be asleep when the sack was ripped from my face.

“She’ll be up in a few hours.” Another unfamiliar voice spoke.

“Good. Inform me when she’s awake.” I could identify Damien’s voice anywhere.

His previous words ran though my head and I shuddered at what he had planned. He wanted me awake and conscious so that I could feel everything.

“Sierra, I don’t know if you can hear me. If you can, I need any strength you can spare.” I reached out to her, ignoring the throbbing pain radiating from my temples.

Once the talking ceased, and the slam of a door rang through my ears, I opened my eyes.

This was definitely a step up from the underground cell. The walls were painted a light shade of blue and the walls were absent of any windows. A small camera was mounted.

The only piece of furniture in my upgraded cell was a ratty spring mattress and a d***y blanket.

I sat up from the mattress and leaned against the wall, trying to conserve all the energy I could.

There was nothing to indicate how long l had been sitting for and I felt my self growing antsy with each passing moment.

I knew Killian was on his way, but would he make it in time? Did he have back up or was he going to fight all of these men by himself? What if he got hurt?

My inner turmoil was cut off when the door opened and Damien stepped in. He didn’t look like his typical cocky self. His skin was pale and his hair was a mess, like he had ran his hand through it multiple times.

“Claire, Claire, Claire.” Damien chuckled, taking a few steps in the room. I stood from the bed and flattened myself against the wall, putting as much distance as I could from him. He looked like a rabid animal, ready to strike. In could still see the scratches running down his face from when we last met.

Damien took another step forward and l glared at him. “You marked him didn’t you? Stupid f*****g mutt.” He spat.

“What’s it matter? He’ll be here soon anyway, and you’ll be d**d.” My lips spoke the words before I could stop them, a smug smile forming on my face.

Damien chuckled, the kind of chuckle you’d expect from a mad man. “Oh we have tabs on what your little Alpha mate is doing, don’t you worry about that.”

I tilted my head in confusion. How would he know what Killian was up to?

“Oh you didn’t know? We have someone on the inside. You never even noticed, did you?” Damien laughed, getting much too close to me.

I growled, “Back off Damien. I’m not the same girl you tried to k**l last year.”

Damien paused as if he had actually listened to what I said, but a cruel sneer came over his face. “Really? Has little Claire finally grown up?”

“You have no idea.” I growled, lunging for his throat as he took another step closer.

Realization crossed Damien’s face a second too late. My body slammed into his own and I felt my nails extend into claws.

I dug them into his shoulder, keeping us latched together. My energy waned before my canines could fully extend to tear his throat out and a grunt left his lips as he shoved me away.

I rolled across the hardwood floor until l reached a sitting position. Jumping to my feet, I prepared myself to lunge again.

“You think ‘m bad?” Damien cackled, it was as if he couldn’t feel the blood running down his shoulder. “Wait till you meet my sister.”

Before I could open my mouth to ask what the h**l he was talking about, his phone rang. He ripped it from his pocket and slammed it against his ear, a string of curses leaving his lips.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head, Claire. Your life will end at my hands soon enough.” Damien grinned, as though we were close friends.

He rushed out the door and slammed it behind him, a loud click indicating he locked it behind him.

I slumped against the wall, my head pounding with a million questions.

Damien had someone on the inside, someone in Killian’s pack. Killian wasn’t safe. And what was all this nonsense about his sister?