Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 38

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 38

*Claire’s POV*

I gripped the soft comforter under my fingers and smiled at the wonderful dream I had. In my dream, Killian had found me and had taken me into his arms. His touch melted away the horrific week I had and b****d the bad memories from my mind. His lips were pressed against my own and it felt like I had never left his side.

My body jolted into a sitting position as my memories flooded through my mind. My heart was hammering and I felt ecstatic. It hadn’t been a dream. My eyes darted around at the familiar room. The room Killian and I had shared for so long, the room I had given him my heart, mark and body.

His scent filled my nose and the hammering of my heart slowed. I was finally able to focus and jumped as I saw two familiar faces beaming at me.

Kira and Maria were grinning so hard I wondered if their faces hurt. A girl l hadn’t met before stood at their side, a relieved smile painting her delicate face.

“Welcome back!” Kira half laughed and half sobbed as she launched herself at me.

I winced at the pain that rocked my body, but wrapped my arms around her anyway. Maria pulled me into a hug and I gripped her tightly.

The girl I never met before stepped forward and extended her hand.

“I’m Sabrina. Welcome back, it’s great to finally meet you Luna.” She grinned at me, her brown eyes twinkling.

I smiled at Sabrina, “It’s great to finally be back.” I chuckled.

My eyes scanned the room for the face lyrics had been longing to see. When I noticed Killian wasn’t here, I frowned.

“He’s on his way, Claire. There was a lead on Damien and he wanted to chase it down himself.” Kira gave me a reassuring smile.

While I already missed Killian, I needed Damien in our clutches. He had gotten away with far too much, and I anticipated the day his mistakes would catch up to him.

“That’s what he gets for pissing off our mate.” Sierra’s smug voice rang loud and clear in my head.

“You’re back!” I cried out, “Thank you so much, Sierra.” Without her strength, I wouldn’t have been able to get the upper hand on Damien.

“He’ll never hurt us again, Claire.” Sierra smiled, “We’re both much stronger now.”

“How long have I been out?” I found myself asking the three of them.

Maria shrugged, “Two days or so. You were very sleep deprived when he brought you back.”

My stomach rumbled in response and Kira laughed, “That reminds me. I’m supposed to give you this.”

Kira handed me a big bowl of spaghetti and I happily dug in. I couldn’t eat as much due to being starved for over a week, but I still ate what I could.

“Killian made it special for you.” Kira smirked, as if she knew something lyrics didn’t.

My mind went back to when I had tried to make Killian spaghetti, The noodles were tough and the sauce tasted kind of burnt. Killian’s spaghetti tasted nothing like my own, and I stifled a giggle as I realized he had lied to me when I asked how it tasted.

“So that’s what actual spaghetti tastes like.” I snickered to myself.

Kira giggled, “Killian said you’d get it.”

“So tell me,” I sighed, wanting to get this unhappy topic out of the way. “What’s been going on in the pack?”

I had a distant memory of when Killian and I had finally arrived back home, and I noticed some things had changed. For one, there were way more people in our town. We already had a decent amount of people to begin with, but the town square was absolutely packed with people.

Kira frowned and glanced at Maria and Sabrina. “Well, Killian’s kind of preparing for war.”

“War?” I nearly choked.

Maria nodded sadly, “Killian got some information from Blake. He said the hunters were planning an attack on the pack.”

I frowned, “There aren’t nearly enough hunters to do massive damage on a pack this size?”

“Blake said they had rogues on their side. He told Killian that Damien promised our land to them if they helped him.” Kira frowned, not liking the thought of someone trying to k**l her brother.

I rolled my eyes, “And the rogues believed that?”

“Their not very smart. Plus the offer was too tempting to refuse.” Kira grimaced.

“The hunters are just going to k**l the rogues off when their finished.” I groaned.

“The hunter’s need the rogues. They know they won’t stand a chance against a highly trained pack this size.” Kira rolled her eyes.

I frowned, “When is this war supposed to start?”

“Soon. Very soon. Kira sighed, and I wondered if she was thinking about Travis.

I could feel a knot of panic worm it’s way into my stomach, “What are we going to do? Are we even prepared?”

Kira placed a hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile, “Killian’s called in all of his warriors and anyone else whose willing to fight. You wouldn’t believe how many people showed up. Our entire town and pack house is full of warriors. Even the next town over is filled to the brim. Their all here to fight for Us.”

“Hello my beautiful little mate.” Killian’s deep voice ran through my head and I nearly shouted with excitement.

“That excited to hear from me?” I could practically see the smirk on his face. “Now I’m even more excited to come home.”

“I’m beyond excited, actually.” I giggled. “And thanks for the spaghetti.” I added teasingly.

“Anything for you, Claire.” The sincerity in his words sent butterflies to my stomach and I nearly shivered with longing.

I giggled, “You’re going to have to teach me how to make it. It was very different from the spaghetti I made you.”

I could feel his amusement through the mind-link, “Your spaghetti was still very good.”

“Oh I’m sure.” I smirked, “When will you be back?”

“‘ll be pulling up to the house in just a moment. I love you, little mate.” This time his voice did send a shiver down my spine. My heart ached at his words, and lyrics wasn’t sure it was possible to miss someone this much.

“I love you too, Killian.” I smiled, ending the mind-link.

I let out a shaky sigh, feeling extremely guilty. While I knew it was stupid, I felt like all of this had started because of me. Would Damien still attack Killian’s pack if he had k****d me last year?

“Most likely.” Sierra frowned, trying to let me know it wasn’t my fault.

While I didn’t blame Killian for me getting kidnapped, I still held a lot of blame on myself. In situations like this, sometimes you needed someone to pass the blame off on.

“Wipe that look of your face. None of this is your fault.” Maria shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest.

I sighed, “You’re right. It’s still a huge mess though.”

“It definitely is.” Kira chuckled, “But once the hunters and rogue’s are taken care of, everything will go back to normal. And you and Killian can focus on giving me a niece or nephew.”

My eyes nearly bulged out of my head at her words, “Um excuse me, I could say the same for you.”

Kira’s eyes widened and she shook her head, “No no, my older brother is having babies first.”

I cackled at her, feeling as though I had never been missing. “What kind of logic is that? Have you talked to Killian about this?”

I could hear Sabrina’s light giggle at our argument, “If you told Killian you wanted a baby he’d strip down and-“

“Alright alright!” I could feel my face heating up and glared at the smirk on Kira’s face.

I pulled the blanket off my legs and scooted myself towards the edge of the bed. After two days of sleeping, I was beyond ready to get up and stretch a little.

I stood from the bed and steadied myself. Letting out a yawn, I raised my arms and stretched. My sore muscles were in desperate need of a hot bath.

Something sharp pierced my torso and I winced at the sensation.

I took a step forward, confused at the look of horror on Kira’s face.

As my foot lifted and finally touched the ground, excruciating pain ran through my torso. I could feel black spots dancing along the edges of my vision.

In the back of my mind I wondered if I had hurt myself when I was last in Damien’s presence. Maybe I ripped some stitches?

Without thinking, my hand reached down to where the horrific pain was radiating from.

Familiar red liquid stained my fingers as the smell of copper filled the air.

I had almost believed that I was injured and ripped my stitches.

The silver knife hilt protruding from my torso told me I was very wrong. I could feel Sierra’s consciousness plummet to the back of my mind, the silver keeping her from giving me any aid.

I looked up at the person who had stabbed me, confusion and pain evident on my face.

“W-Why?” The word left my lips angrily, garbled by the loss of blood.

The black spots in my vision swarmed like angry hornets, knocking my legs from under me and sending me plummeting into the darkness.