Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 40

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 40

*Killian’s POV*

“How could she do this?” Travis was at a loss for words. He sat on the floor with Kira’s head in his lap.

I shook my head. I couldn’t focus knowing Claire was lingering between life and d***h.

I felt completely torn. Torn between my duty towards my mate, and my duty towards my pack.

Titan desperately wanted to be with Claire at this moment, all reasoning had left him. While I wanted nothing more than to be at our mates side, I needed to find out how this happened.

The threat of war lingered over the heads of everyone in this pack, and it was my duty to minimize the damage as best could.

I knew a war was coming. I could feel it in my bones.

I had multiple groups of warriors stationed all around the pack perimeters, ready to alert me when the hunters brought the fight to us.

I stood from the floor and walked over to the second unconscious body.

The rage of betrayal flooded through me, and my vision was drenched in a red tint.

My eyes lingered on Sabrina’s unconscious body, the small tube of wolfs bane protruded from her neck.

I pinched the vial between my fingers and plucked it from her neck.

My mind raged with thoughts of Maria. How she had gotten so close to Claire, and had quickly became her friend.

“How could Maria have escaped?” Travis mumbled, his wide eyes glancing up at me.

I took a deep breath, trying to sooth the anger that threatened to overwhelm me. “She must have had help. There’s no way she had the time to stab Claire, poison Kira and Sabrina, and then make an escape.”

The thought of someone else within my pack betraying my trust had me on edge. I wanted to hunt Maria down and skin her alive.

“What should we do with them?” Travis frowned down at Kira’s blank face.

I glanced at the two unconscious girls and thought for a few moments. I wanted Kira far away from the fighting.

“Lets bring them to one of the spare bedroom’s in the house. When the Hunters bring the fight to us, were going to lead them to the northern side of town.” I nodded.

Travis seemed to agree with my suggestion and lifted Kira into his arms. I grabbed Sabrina and led Travis to one of the spare bedrooms. After placing both of them on the bed, I mind-linked the warriors in my pack.

“If any of you encounter the Hunter’s or rogues, lead them to the Northern part of town.” I commanded them, feeling their awareness flicker in my head. “This is where the war will begin. All who are not fighting, travel to the Southern part of town. The pack house will be open for those who need it.”

“She’s going to want to fight with us, y’know.” Travis shook his head, his eyes locked on his sleeping mate.

I grimaced at Kira, silently agreeing with Travis.

“Don’t let her out of your sight.” I nodded, locking eyes with Travis.

Travis looked confused, “What do you mean? When the war starts-“

“When the war starts, you’ll be with Kira.” I nodded, “Keeping her safe.”

Travis looked so grateful it nearly hurt. It only reminded me that there was somewhere else I needed to be.

“Thanks, Alpha.” Travis gave me a firm nod, and brushed a piece of Kira’s hair from her face.

I turned to leave the room, I couldn’t stay away from Claire any longer. “Keep her safe, Travis.”

I left for the small hospital in the center of town. As soon as I walked inside, a nurse appeared.

“Alpha.” The middle aged woman greeted me, “Here for the Luna?”

“Yes.” I kept my words clipped. I needed to know how Claire was doing.

Titan paced in my head, causing my temples to ache. He was nearly frantic, all kinds of scenario’s running through his head. It was proving harder and harder to stay calm while he practically lost his mind.

The woman nodded and gave me a small smile. She gestured for me to follow her and I did do silently.

“The doctor’s right inside.” She gave one last smile before she turned and went back the way she came.

The sight of Claire lying on a hospital bed was enough to send me into a fit of rage. If it wasn’t for the heart monitor and it’s steady beep, I would have lost my mind already.

“How is she?” I sounded impatient and much too stressed. I let my eyes roam Claire’s face.

She wasn’t nearly as pale as she had been, her cheeks even had a light tinge of pink to them. The peaceful look on her face helped sooth some of the turmoil raging in inside of me, but I knew I wouldn’t be whole until she woke up.

“She’s extremely lucky.” The doctor replied, his eyes were also on Claire. “If you had gotten there ten minutes later, she would have died.”

“Her heartbeat sounds steady.” I nodded towards the heart rate monitor by her bed.

The doctor nodded, “As of right now she is healing. We had to do a blood transfusion to help her rid the poison from the silver. She took to that extremely well. The mate bond is doing what it can to speed up her healing process. It would be best for her if you stuck around for as long as possible.”

“I intend to.” I nodded once at him. “I owe you my gratitude.” My eyes met his own for a split second.

“You owe me nothing. Just k**l whoever decided to hurt her.” The doctor grimaced.”

I nodded, “I intend to do just that.”

“I’ll leave you two alone for awhile.” The doctor nodded and left the room.

I pulled a chair up next to Claire’s bed and sat down. Her hand felt warm in my own, and I let out a shaky sigh as the familiar sparks soothed my nerves.

Just being in her presence completely changed how I was feeling.

I could feel Titan calm down as we held onto our little mate’s hand. We both still feared for her safety, but we would make sure the war never reached the hospital.

We had the numbers and the training. The plan was set.

I didn’t leave Claire’s side for the rest of the night. I conducted my typical business through mind-link. While I was stiff from sleeping in a chair, I refused to leave the room. The comforting sound of the heart rate monitor lulled me into a decent sleep. It was a sign that Claire would survive.

The next morning the pack doctor returned to change the bandage on Claire’s wound. I grimaced at the stitches that were threaded through her creamy skin.

They were red and angry, but I could already see where her flesh had begun working to heal itself.

“You staying here with her helped speed up the process.” The doctor nodded, writing something down on a clipboard. “I assume you’ll stay here until she wakes up?”

I nodded, “I plan to. If the Hunter’s don’t attack first.”

“Good.” The doctor nodded and left the room.

I let myself drift in and out of sleep for most of the day. Sometimes I would simply sit there and watch the blush form and fade on Claire’s cheeks. That was one of my favorite things about my little mate. Her emotions played so clearly on her face, and she was so terrible at hiding them.

It was late in the afternoon. While I felt tired from spending twenty four hours in this chair, I felt energetic and relieved. Claire would survive. That was all that mattered.

“Killian, is Claire alive?” Kira’s frightened and anxious voice ran through my head.

“She will survive.” I confirmed, and I felt her relief flood through me. Her guilt was nearly overwhelming.

“I’m coming to visit her.” Kira replied.

I shook my head, “No. You will stay where you are. The hunters could come at any time and I want you far out of reach.”

“Killian-” Kira began, but I cut her off.

“No, Kira.” I snapped. “Claire will be safe, but I need you safe as well.”

It felt strange saying this to my sister. Her and I always had a strange relationship. She had long been ignored by our parents, while I had been taught to be cruel and unforgiving. There was never any time to be emotional towards eachother.

“I want to fight, Killian.” Kira sounded on the edge of tears, and I sighed.

“You will not fight.” I commanded her, “You will stay safe with Travis and Sabrina. Just stay with Travis for me, Kira.”

“Alright, fine.” She let out a shaky sigh. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t protect her, Killian. I really am. Maria wasn’t alone. She stabbed Claire and then he barged in and-“

Kira’s voice was cut off by the sound of another.

“Alpha, the Hunter’s are here.”