Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 42

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 42

My breath caught in my throat as the last person I wanted to see came into my hospital room.

“Maria.” I choked out. My eyes were peeled on her every movement as she sauntered into the room.

She wasn’t alone.

She had a guy with her. someone I hadn’t seen before. I glanced at him wearily and she caught my gaze.

“That’s my mate. The one I told you about.” A small but cruel smile formed on her face.

I ran my eyes over her so-called mate. He was most definitely a werewolf. His build was large and muscular like one, and he had the scent of a werewolf.

“What the h**l, Maria?” I growled, my eyes flickering between her and her mate.

Maria did the last thing I would have expected, she giggled.

“Surprised?” She snickered. “You and your kind deserve what’s coming.”

“Keep her talking, Claire.” Sierra snapped. “Killian’s out there fighting and Kira won’t get here in time. We’re on our own.”

It wasn’t hard to keep her talking. I had too many questions of my own.

“How can you hate werewolves?” My eyes flickered between her and her mate, “You’re mated to one.”

A grimace came over her face and my heart jumped, “He’s half beast. He never had a choice and he hates your kind as much as the others.”

“Keep going. Distract her for as long as you can. You can take on Maria, but not with her mate here.” Sierra warned me.

“You stopped me from getting k****d.” l frowned, thinking back to last summer.

Keeping my eyes on Maria, I slipped the IV from my wrist.

Maria scoffed and flipped her hair behind her shoulder. “As if. My idiot of a brother was just supposed to k**l you, not try to f**k you.” She snapped. “You should’ve been d**d by the time I came back there. Lucky for my idiot brother, I’m smart. I knew I’d find you sooner or later. And you led us to something even better, the Blood Moon Pack.”

“You used me.” It wasn’t a question. I couldn’t process her betrayal at the moment.

She was there from the very beginning, and the entire time she was out for my life.

“You almost did the job for us when you tried to k**l yourself.” Maria smirked, “Shame you couldn’t just finish the job.”

“You came and visited me afterwards. You told me not to let them affect me like that.” I frowned.

I could feel Sierra pacing around in my head. She was waiting for the doctor to return. She needed someone, anyone to come in and distract Maria’s mate so we could lunge at her.

Sierra had no intention of running or escaping. She wanted this fight, but she wanted Maria’s mate out of the way.

“I needed a way in.” Maria rolled her eyes, “And here we come, full circle. To think, you somehow managed to survive a silver dagger only to d*e in your hospital bed.” She snickered.

Two things happened at once. Maria pulled another dagger from her pants, and someone walked into the room.

I felt my jaw drop. It wasn’t the doctor.

Brandon walked into the room, his eyes locked on my own. It was almost humorous how everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

“What the h**l is he doing here?” Sierra sounded just as confused as me.

Brandon read the panic on my face, glanced at Maria’s mate and then finally locked eyes with the silver dagger in her hand. Brandon lunged forward, but Maria’s mate intercepted him. They both tumbled out of the room, growls and snarling echoed in the hallway.

Maria wasted no time. She gripped the dagger so tightly her knuckles turned white and charged at me.

I could feel Sierra’s strength flow through me as I shoved the blankets off my body and rolled off the opposite side of the bed.

Maria glared at me from the other side of the bed, “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be, Claire.”

I could feel Sierra force herself forward, “You failed the first time, and there won’t be a second.”

And with those words, I could feel Sierra and I share complete control over myself as we launched my body over the bed and onto Maria.

My torso erupted in pain at the impact, but the adrenaline pushed the pain to the side.

Maria wasn’t getting away this time.

Maria had some decent strength for a human. She managed to shove me off of her and stagger to her feet. She tried to lunge at me while I was on the floor, so I brought my foot up and kicked with as much strength as I could.

Maria stumbled back, crashing into a side table and sending the flower vase on top to the floor.

I could feel Sierra give a cruel smile as fear finally registered in Maria’s eyes.

Absolute rage flooded through me when Maria forced herself to her feet and made a run for the door.

“Not this time.” Sierra snarled.

Sierra took control this time, forcing me to my feet and at Maria faster than I thought possible.

She growled happily when Maria’s long hair came into contact with our fingers. I let my fingers twist in her silky hair before I yanked her backwards to the floor.

The silver dagger hit the floor and slid off to the side.

Sierra relished in Maria’s fear clouded eyes. She knew her life was ending, and that it would end at my hands.

My canines extended in my mouth and lips looked down at Maria.

I could hear her garbled scream as my teeth sunk into her neck, tearing out her throat. Warm coppery blood flooded my mouth.

Maria laid against the hospital floor, her lifeblood a startling contrast as it ran from her opened throat.

A strangled garble erupted from her lips along with a spatter of blood.

Her terrified eyes watched me the entire time, and I refused to look away.

I only turned my head when the light that had once been present in her eyes, slowly faded away.