Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 43

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 43

I didn’t have the time I needed to process what just happened.

Sierra pushed me forward, keeping my legs from collapsing out from under me.

I had just k****d someone. Someone who tried to k**l me, but that didn’t change the fact that I had taken a life.

I peeled off the hospital gown in haste, and grabbed a random set of scrubs sitting in a basket. The scrubs were baggy on me, but that didn’t matter. It was better than running into a fight in a hospital gown.

I stumbled out of the hospital room and down the hall, everything around me feeling like a haze.

“You need to snap out of it.” Sierra barked, and I cringed at her hostile tone. “We need to find Killian.”

That was one thing we agreed on. I didn’t care if there was a war going on, I needed to find him and make sure he wouldn’t become one of the casualties.

I followed the trail of blood that began just outside of my hospital room. My stomach twisted and turned in my stomach when Brandon’s lifeless face flashed in my head.

I could only hope he somehow managed to k**l Maria’s mate.

A sigh of relief tore through my chest when I locked eyes with a wounded Brandon.

His wound wasn’t bad, just a claw swipe to the shoulder.

His wound definitely didn’t match all of the blood training down the hallway. I tried to find the source of the blood and paled when I nearly stumbled over Maria’s mates d**d body.

His throat was also torn out, a look of perpetual terror etched onto his lifeless face.

“What the h**l are you doing here?” I gasped, falling to the floor next to Brandon.

Brandon had definitely seen better days. His face was turned down in a grimace from the pain of his b****y shoulder, while small beads of sweat clung to his head.

Brandon let out a pain filled chuckle.

“Rachel and I just came back to visit her family. Had no clue a war was going on.” Brandon shook his head, “Of all the luck.”

“Hey if it weren’t for you, I’d be d**d.” I frowned at him.

Brandon chuckled again, “At least one good thing came out of visiting.”

“Where is Rachel?” My stomach twisted when I asked the question. I hoped she hadn’t stumbled to the Northern side of town and into the fight.

Brandon shook his head, “She’s at the pack house.”

Another sigh of relief, “Make sure she stays there.”

I stood from the floor and flagged down one of the pack doctors.

“Yes, Luna?” An older woman followed me to Brandon’s wounded body.

“Claire, where are you going?” Brandon called out as I turned to leave.

“I’m going to find Killian.” I pursed my lips as I watched him wince under the doctors light touch.

Brandon shook his head, “He’s out there fighting, Claire. You’re already wounded and almost died, again.”

“I need to make sure Killian’s alright.” I set him with my own stubborn look. “You’d do the same for Rachel.”

“At least let me come with you.” Brandon sighed, ready to pull himself from the floor.

I shook my head and placed my hand on his good shoulder. “No, you’re going to get fixed up and go directly back to the pack house. Let them know Maria’s d**d.” My voice sounded stronger than I had ever heard it. The fear and mess of emotions I was feeling inside didn’t show through my words.

A strange emotion flashed over Brandon’s eyes as he regarded me differently.

“This pack has changed you, Claire.” Brandon noted, but there was no malice in his words.

I shook my head, “No, becoming Luna has changed me.”

With those last words to my old friend, lyrics left the hospital.

I ignored the doctor’s wishes on me staying put. The pain in my torso had faded, but I knew the wound was still there.

I peeled back the bandages and looked down, relieved that none of the stitches had been ripped in my fight with Maria.

I left the hospital and headed on foot to the Northern side of town.

Killian was smart to lead them to the Northern side. There were less houses and businesses on this side of town. There was also a large open field that sat next to a daycare center. If I were him, that’s where I’d lead the Hunters.

“Then lets go find our mate.” Sierra pushed me forward.

Maria’s d***h continued to play in my head, but Sierra was right. We had plenty of time after this fight to think about Maria. Right now, Killian was our priority.

A Luna and Alpha always fight with the pack, no matter what. It felt wrong that I wasn’t there to defend the pack with him.

The town was completely desolate as I jogged down the sidewalk.

Somewhere in the distance a breeze would blow scattering a paper or two. It looked like a ghost town, and the thought made me uncomfortable.

My b**e feet slapped against the sidewalk as I turned a corner and headed straight again.

After a few more minutes of running, and another corner, I could make out the fight.

I hid behind one of the older houses and crept forward. I wanted a better look at what was going on.

I ran around to the backyard of one of the houses and crept through a couple yards.

The pain in my torso was a dull throb, reminding me that I was already injured.

I had to have only been teen feet away from the fight, and my eyes flickered from human to werewolf, trying to take everything in.

There weren’t many Hunter’s left, many of them littered the ground like b****y rag dolls.

What seemed most prominent were the rogues. Rogues naturally smelled putrid and looked much dirtier and shaggier than those who belong to a pack.

My eyes locked on one wolf in particular and I knew without a doubt it was Killian. Killian’s wolf was easily the biggest one l had ever seen. It’s fur was a pure silver color, the same shade as his piercing eyes.

Killian’s wolf fought with a ferocity that amazed me. His wolf was strangely agile for being so large.

His wolf sunk it’s teeth into one of the rogues necks and rolled, avoiding the lunge of a different rogue. After he ripped one of the rogue’s throat out, he turned his sight on the second one.

I crouched further behind the house when his wolf’s black gaze almost caught me.

The fight was much larger than l anticipated. Snarls, growls, and gunshots rang out into the silent town.

While I felt anxious for Killian, I also worried for everyone else in the pack. Was it unrealistic to hope no one on our side died?

“Their warriors, Claire, As bad as it sounds, they chose to give their life for the pack.” Sierra reminded me, and I sighed.

“I know, but I still wish it didn’t have to be like this.” I frowned.

“You and me both.” Sierra grimaced, “Once this fight is over, the Hunters will scatter. Killian will make sure they never try to hurt our pack again.”

Her words made me feel somewhat better, but that feeling went away when my eyes found Killian’s wolf again.

He was fighting off four rogues, somehow managing to stay standing.

That wasn’t the part that concerned me the most.

What concerned and terrified me, was the Hunter who had his eyes locked on Killian’s back. His gun was raised as Killian’s wolf was distracted.

Sierra didn’t even need to tell me what to do next. We were both in silent agreement.

A feral growl tore through my entire body, making it feel as though it were vibrating.

I felt my body lurch forward, the dull pain in my abdomen was non-existent for the time being.

The Hunter turned and locked eyes with me, fear flitting across his gaze.

The compassionate part of me noticed he was just an older man, no match for the werewolves he had come to k**l. But the side of me that had been named Luna couldn’t care less. He was going to k**l our Mate, and he would pay with his life.

Killian’s eyes widened as he saw me charging forward in hospital scrubs. If we weren’t in the middle of a war, I would’ve laughed at how silly I must’ve looked.

The Hunter raised his gun and aimed it at my chest.

I could see when the first shot left the Hunter’s gun, and I could hear it as it whizzed by my ear.

Killian snarled and worked even harder to k**l the four rogues that attacked him, his eyes focused on me.

If only Killian knew that for once I didn’t need his help.

I felt my teeth and nails lengthen until l had weapons of my own.

The hunter went to fire off another shot, but it was too late.

I barreled into him, a dull throb tickling my abdomen. The second my body made impact with his own, I sunk my claws into his back, and my teeth into his neck.

I pulled myself off the d***g Hunter and rolled to the side, just in time to miss a rogue lunging for my throat.

The wound on my abdomen throbbed, refusing to let me shift while it was still healing.

I refused to let my mind linger on that fact. I was here for a reason, and I’d have to use what I had at my disposal.

I grabbed the d**d Hunter’s fallen gun and aimed it at the rogue that tried to end my life.

I had never touched a gun before, obviously werewolves didn’t need such things. We were our own weapons.

While I had never held a gun before, I had seen plenty of movies and hoped those would get me through this war.

My thumb flicked a small switch on the side of the gun, and I prayed it was the safety. The handgun felt oddly cold in my hands, and I sat on the dewy earth as the rogue charged at me.

The gun was raised and aimed on the rogues head, and I let him come closer.

I could feel my sight sharpen as Sierra did all that she could to help me. I could hear the other’s fighting in the background, and I hoped Killian was watching my back as best he could.

The rogue was ten feet away…five feet…

I pulled the trigger once the smell of rotted flesh and old blood filled my nose.

The sound of the bullet leaving the gun was deafening.

If we weren’t in the middle of a war, my mouth would have dropped the minute the rogue fell to the ground. A large bullet hole peeled back the furry flesh of his head, and he looked at me with d**d eyes.

I wiped the splattered blood from my face and turned back to Killian.

A couple more rogues laid d**d on the ground around him, and he was busy fighting three other.

I aimed the gun at one of the rogues and stilled my frantic nerves. I couldn’t shoot the one closest to Killian, risking hitting him wasn’t an option.

I pulled the trigger once, and then twice. I could see the change in the rogue as the two bullets made impact. It fell lifelessly to the ground.

Killian tore the throat out of the second rogue, and used his claws to rip the throat from the third.

Killian’s wolf turned to me, it’s eyes bright as it looked me over.

This was the first time I was meeting Killian’s wolf, but it felt like Sierra and l had known him forever.

I twisted my fingers in his soft fur and smiled up at the huge wolf. He nudged my stomach with his nose and a whine came from his mouth. The sounds of fighting still filled the air around us, but we were in our own world. We stood like that for only a few moments, a second of intimacy in a hour of d***h.

I shook my head, “That doesn’t matter. What matters is I’m here to help.”

Killian’s wolf huffed, obviously not happy, but his eyes shined with unspoken pride. Killian turned just in time to k**l another rogue that set it’s eyes on us, and turned back to me.

My eyes were locked on my own target.

Damien stood twenty feet away, his face a mask of fear as he tried to fight off one of Killian’s warriors.

“He’s mine.” I growled, glaring at Damien. He hadn’t noticed me yet, but I wanted the element of surprise.

I nearly snickered when another rogue saved him from being k****d, and I watched as Damien fled into the forest.

“I’m getting him, Killian.” I ran my fingers through his fur one last time and charged towards where Damien was standing.

Killian had my flank as I darted around armed Hunter’s and snarling wolves. Most of them didn’t notice the small girl, but the few that did lost their lives to Killian.

I barreled into the brush of the forest, snapping twigs and crunching leaves under my b**e feet.

I was too full of adrenaline to feel the sharp stones grazing the pads of my feet, or the whip-like twigs gliding across my arms and face.

My hearing sharpened and I could hear Damien stumbling clumsily through the forest.

“F*****g coward.” Sierra snarled, “Leaving his own people behind to finish a war he started.”

“He won’t start any more wars after this.” The ferocity in my tone matched Sierra’s perfectly.

Up ahead we could hear Damien trip over something, and I quickened my pace.

The smell of blood and running water filled my nose as I finally caught up to Damien.

He sat against a large rock, his chest heaving as he caught his breath. The bone in his arm was protruding, making his arm stick out at an unnatural angle.

His eyes met my own and widened. I watched as he tried to cover his fear with a cold smirk.

“Your sister’s d**d. I tore her throat out.” Those were the first words to leave my lips.

Sierra growled in anticipation when anger contorted Damien’s features.

“Don’t be mad.” I soothed, stepping towards him. “You’ll see her soon.”

“F**k you, mutt.” He spat, his face contorted in rage. I watched in silence as he reached for something on the ground.

A glistening gun sat in his other hand, aimed at my face.

“The only one d***g here is you.” He spat, and pulled the trigger.