Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 44

Read Alpha Killian [by Jane Doe] Chapter 44

“The only one d***g here is you.” He spat, and pulled the trigger.

Everything felt as though it were moving in slow motion. I could see the bullet heading for my face, spiraling as it planned my d***h.

“He’s never going to hurt us again.” Sierra’s voice was clear as a bell.

I could feel Sierra take the reigns as lobo ducked to the side. I could feel the air part around the bullet as it missed me by inches. A look of fury formed on Damien’s face as he raised the gun, his aim once again on me. Damien’s miscalculation was thinking he was faster than a werewolf. That miscalculation would cost him his life. Just as the small explosion emerged from the gun, I ducked towards the ground and rolled towards him.

Damien didn’t move in time, and he struggled to stand.

Before he could lift his bottom from the ground, a single one of my elongated nails grazed his throat.

Not enough to tear it out, but enough to nick his artery.

The array of emotions that crossed his face were captivating. The first emotion was fury. The thought of a little werewolf wounding him sent him boiling with rage. Second was shock. Shock that the same little werewolf fatally wounded him. And last was fear. Fear because his life was going to end slowly and painfully.

Damien staying sitting against the cool earth, a wound in his neck the size of a quarter spurted blood.

His eyes were locked on me, playing out his innermost emotions.

I crouched down in front of him and kicked the gun away.

His hand lifted towards his bleeding throat, but I flattened it against the earth.

Unspoken words were caught in his throat, garbling as he spat out blood.

It took a few minutes, but I knew it was over when his quivering lips stilled and the emotion drained from his eyes.

I wasn’t sure how long I sat in front of Damien’s lifeless corpse. In a lifetime of peace, I had taken two lives today. It wasn’t something I was proud of, but I never wanted to forget it.

It was Sierra’s words that encouraged me to leave.

“Let’s go find Killian.” Her voice was soft as she tried to understand the qualms a human would have with taking a life.

Her remaining strength fueled me, and l pulled myself up from the ground. The hospital scrubs I wore were coated in drying blood.

I trudged through the woods, following the direction I had come from.

~ One Week Later ~

“Once were finished at the funerals, I want to go somewhere. Just the two of us.” Killian smiled down at me, and l tightened my arms around his neck.

I had lasted a total of thirty minutes once Killian left for his office.

I hastily skipped from the house all the way to his office, and I had been here for the last two hours.

While I was certain I kept him from getting work done, I don’t think he minded too much.

I sat on his lap, facing him as he rested in his office chair.

Whether it was due to luck or his incredible fighting skills, Killian had remained unharmed during the battle.

We had lost a handful of werewolves to the hunters. That fact stirred relief along with saddness throughout the entire pack.

“I think we could use some alone time.” I gave him a sly smile, hoping he would catch the hidden meaning to my words.

His eyebrow lifted, sending those comforting butterflies swarming in my stomach. “Are you trying to seduce me little mate?”

I could feel my face heat up, but I kept a look of mock offense on my face. “I would never!”

Killian smirked, his silver eyes lighting up with the emotion. “Really, because were alone right now.”

His smirk turned into a devious grin and a yelp of surprise left my lips when Killian stood from his chair, his arms nestled under my bottom.

A breathless giggle left my lips as he scattered the papers on his desk and sat me down.

“I think I’ve kept you from work long enough.” I teased, a smirk playing on my own lips.

Killian grinned down at me, placing a soft kiss on my lips. I giggled as the sparks tickled my lips, and had no intentions of leaving him to work.

“But this is much more fun, little mate.” Killian chuckled, his large chest rumbling.

His lips met my own and I felt my self control unraveling like twine under his touch.

~Ten Years Later~

“Mommy!” The little blue eye’d boy called out, “Asher won’t share his truck!” The blue eye’d boy pouted, showing a missing front tooth.

“Asher!” I yelled.

I locked eyes with the guilty silver eye’d boy, a huff escaping from his lips.

Asher sighed and walked over to his little brother, the coveted toy truck in his small hands.

“Here, just don’t break it.” Asher huffed, seeming much too old for his young age. His brows furrowed and for a second, he was the spitting image of his Dad.

“I won’t!” His little brother Brandon, grinned up at him.

Brandon was at that tender age where his one and only hero was his big brother. Asher despised that fact, yet he seemed to have a soft spot for the kid.

“Fighting already?” The familiar voice l had heard over the years brought a smile to my face.

Kira’s grin covered half of her face as she gazed down at her nephews adoringly.

“Auntie Kira!” Brandon cheered, rushing as fast as he could on his short legs.

Even the stoic Asher grinned, “Hey Uncle Travis.”

Travis grinned down at his nephew and looked over at me, “Looking more and more like Killian everyday.”

I let out a huff and smirked, “You don’t know the half of it.”

Brandon acted much like myself, cheerful and oblivious to the horrors the world held.

Asher was much like his Dad, stoic and calm with a pretty heft temper at times. Asher’s grins were much more infrequent, but that only made us appreciate them more.

Kira wobbled over to me, the large bulge protruding from her stomach seemed to throw her off kilter.

“I’m ready for this one to come out already.” Kira huffed, plopping down on the bench next to me.

“Settle on a name yet?” I glanced between the two of them.

Kira huffed and gave Travis a look, but was quickly cut off by another voice.

“I think Killian would be a great fit.” My dazzling mate exited the house, headed to the backyard where we sat.

Even after the many years, his voice alone brought a smile to my face. The sparks had yet to fade even in the slightest.

A smirk was carved into his chiseled face as his silver eyes were locked onto my own.

“Funny, Killian. I don’t think it would suit your niece!” Kira snapped, and I giggled at the two of them.

There were times when Killian and Kira reminded me of Asher and Brandon.

The boys shouted a chorus of, “Dad!” and rushed to meet Killian.

Killian gave each of the boys a hug and a kiss on the head. After sending them off to play, my mate approached me and took me into his arms.

His sweet yet husky scent continued to be the most delectable thing I had ever smelled.

The light kisses he left along my lips and jaw made me giggle, my cheeks flushing as Kira watched with a dramatic grimace.

“Uh, I think we better get out of here.” Kira snickered, “Their about to make me another niece or nephew and I don’t want to be here to witness that.”

Killian rolled his eyes at Kira and pulled me in for a deep kiss, his rough hands pulling me closer to him.

Killian was working as hard as ever, but never missed a chance to spend time with me and the boys. The light in his eyes when he looked at the three of us was enthralling.

After the battle, things were quick to settle down. We mourned for the pack members we had lost, yet cheered for the brief lives they had lived.

Each year Kira and I would spend a few hours to ourselves, mourning Maria. It had taken us both quite some time to forgive Maria for what she had done. While we understood she was a traitor, we mourned for the close friend she had once been.

The nightmares had tormented me for quite some time, but with the help of my mate they no longer had any hold on me.

If there was one thing I had learned since I met Killian, it was this;

Alone, your mate could only fix so much.

But together, you could heal the broken pieces within each other.