Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 9

Read Alpha Killian by Jane Doe Chapter 9

I spent the rest of my day in the living room with a solemn looking Hazel, a brooding Brandon, and frightened Amber and Derek. Even Sabrina spent some time with us, leaving only to go meet up with her newly found mate. I was surprised to hear the news, Sabrina’s mate was the beta in a neighboring pack. I couldn’t help but feel happy for my little sister. Finding a mate was everything she ever wanted and it relieved me to hear how kind and loving her mate was. I listened with a smile on my anxious face as she told me all about how smitten he was with her within the first thirty seconds of them meeting. While my future may be unclear, it calmed me to know that my brother and sister were well taken care of.

I couldn’t keep the smile from my face as Hazel told me all about her mate, Garrett. I could tell as she spoke of him, how she already seemed to miss his presence. One glance at Brandon and I could tell he hadn’t found his mate. I felt myself frown at his unhappiness, wondering where in the world his mate could possibly be. I found myself feeling sorry for him, most likely to take my attention off the fact that I was leaving home today.

The words Jake had spoken to me ran through my head. Could Brandon really like me? I tried to dig deep, to feel some semblance of what he felt for me. Even with all of the flirting, I had never seen Brandon as anything more than a best friend. I could only imagine how my life would’ve went if I returned his feelings, if I had somehow not met Alpha Killian. How happy could we possibly be until his mate somehow stumbled into his life? Where would that leave me?

While my situation wasn’t ideal, the last words my mother spoke to me ran through my head. I could feel my wolf protest each time I remembered the words, but deep down I knew my mother had a good point. I forced that thought back into the far reaches of my mind, determined to pull it out only when I needed it the most.

It felt like I had only spent a few minutes with my friends and brother, but in reality hours had passed. I gnawed on my lip as I waited for the knock on the door that would change my life. Was I ready for this? To leave behind everything I knew without a second glance? I felt like I hardly had time to say goodbye, when really I had all day. My mind traveled back to Alpha Killian, wondering why he would give me the entire day to say goodbye. Did he miss me the way Hazel seemed to miss Garrett? Throughout the time I had spent with my family and friends, I found myself thinking of Alpha Killian far more than I would admit. His emotionless face embedded itself in my mind, and I wondered what he would look like if he smiled.

A knock to front door sounded, and I couldn’t help how my head excitedly turned towards the source. With a few steadying breaths, my mother shot me a knowing look, and opened the front door. I tried not to gasp as I looked into the stormy eyes of Alpha Killian. I could feel my heart rate sky rocket, but this time it wasn’t from fear. Some strange feeling washed over me, and I didn’t feel as afraid as I once had. I remembered what I had promised myself, I would do the best I could to reign in this fear. I could feel my heart flutter as I took all of him in. For someone with such a horrific reputation, he looked absolutely god-like. I watched the muscles in his jaw work in absolute fascination, my eyes trailing his full lips, his full eyebrows, and his long eyelashes. As much as I tried to resist, I felt my gaze wander lower as I took in his full form. I couldn’t believe someone could get so big. I felt as though his arms alone were thicker than my body. His very presence called for everyone’s undivided attention. Dominance and power radiated from his body like heat from a wildfire. For once the terrified part of me shut her d**n mouth and looked on at this man in stunned silence. This was our mate?

His stormy eyes met my own and once again I couldn’t find any emotion behind them. What did Alpha Killian think of me? Ran through my head a hundred times. I wondered if I would ever be important enough to see behind the mask he displayed to the rest of the world. What if there was truly nothing behind his façade? I pushed that thought away, knowing if that were true I would be following on my mothers advice indefinitely.

“Come in.” My mother stepped aside, gesturing to where I sat in the living room. Alpha Killian’s eyes stayed locked on my own, only giving my mother a short nod as he stepped inside of our home. I couldn’t help but noticed how the top of his head almost grazed the door frame. I watched as his eyes darkened as he looked at me. I hadn’t thought anything of it, but I was sitting next to Brandon on the couch, his arm resting on the cushion above my shoulders. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as I understood the reason for his darkening gaze. Sitting this closely to an unmated male was prone to provoke some form of response from his wolf, especially with me being unmarked. I resisted a shiver as I finally had the realization that I would be marked by Alpha Killian. Officially his.

While one part of me was horrified, another part resisted a shiver of longing, wanting nothing more than to feel his lips on the most sensitive part of my neck. In a forced motion, I stood from the couch and pushed all of those provocative thoughts away. Sierra was egging them on, wanting me to push my boundaries with Alpha Killian, force him to show me exactly how he felt about me.

“P*****t.” I mumbled to an innocent looking Sierra.

“Am not, he’s mate. And don’t act like you weren’t tempted.” Sierra taunted, which I happily ignored.

“I’m ready.” I spoke softly, my voice once again wanting to retreat.

I grabbed my large suitcase and my smaller duffle bag and turned to look one last time on my family and friends. Their sad gazes worried me, but I knew I would see them again, whether it be in this life or the next. I looked at each set of eyes and tried to tell them I loved them in any way I could. I looked over at Brandon’s sad gaze, his face looking as though he wanted to say something. I willed him to be quiet with my eyes, not to fight back. Alpha Killian would have no issue removing Brandon from the situation, especially after seeing me sit so closely to him.

I gave them all a small smile, turned my back to the people I have known my entire life, and made my way out the door.

Alpha Killian followed me silently as I d**g my suitcase behind me, the only sound was the scraping of my suitcase against the cement steps. I watched, confused, as he stepped in front of me with a small frown on his face.

“You’re not very strong, are you?” His deep voice mused, sounding as though he were speaking to himself. I felt my mouth drop open in an incredulous glare, and the blood rush to my cheeks as embarrassment and annoyance took over my mind. I huffed and stomped past his towering form. I know it was childish, but this man was taking me away from my home without a thought and then had the audacity to call me weak! I ignored the amused look in his eyes and made my way to the black hummer that sat in the drive way. I used all of the power I could muster, sending it to my legs to try and leave his annoyingly gorgeous self in the dust.

Alpha Killian simply walked forward, his pace relaxed, as he let me throw my mini tantrum. He walked by my side to the back of the hummer and opened the back for me, gesturing to the empty trunk with a strange look on his face. I shot him my best attempt at a m*******s glare and bent to lift my suitcase in the back.

“You’ll hurt yourself lifting that way.” His deep voice rang out as he looked down at me. The corners of his full lips twitched, as if he found my struggling amusing. The blood that had once rushed to my cheeks returned with a vengeance. How many times was I going to embarrass myself in front of this man? Not that I fully blamed myself, he was being particularly infuriating at the moment.

Ignoring his comment, I somehow managed to lift my giant suitcase, struggling to keep it in my arms. I let my annoyance fuel me as I staggered to the trunk of the hummer. The weight in the suitcase shifted towards me and I felt myself stumble backwards, gravity taking hold.

I let out a noise of surprise as I felt myself begin to fall backwards. My head and back hit into something hard and I let out a squeak in surprise. I was still standing upright somehow. Then I felt the sparks. Alpha Killian had a hand on each of my arms, my back against his chest as he steadied me before I could fall. The sparks ran down the length of my arms and eased some of the annoyance I had been feeling.

“Thank you.” I spoke quietly, shifting my weight forward so I could throw my suitcase into the back of the hummer. With a satisfied smile at myself I tossed my smaller duffel bag in with my suitcase. Still smiling to myself, I shut the trunk door. I turned my head to Alpha Killian and noticed he was watching me with some strange look on his face. As he caught me gawking, his face became the typical emotionless mask I was beginning to get used to.

Without another word he made his way to the passenger door and opened it for me, not waiting for me to get in he walked back around and hopped in the drivers side. I climbed my way into the hummer and looked around, expecting to see the men he was with in the back seat.

“They will be following in another vehicle.” I heard his deep voice point out to me, as if he had read my mind.

We started our drive silently. It was already quite late at night and I wasn’t sure what to say to him. I watched on in silence as we drove out of the town I had spent my life in. It was finally Alpha Killian that broke the silence.

“The boy, he cares for you.” He stated, his eyes not once leaving the road. His voice held no emotion, and he wasn’t asking me a question. I could see his light grey eyes darken as he spoke the words, his wolf wanting to take over in that moment.

“Of course, he’s my bestfriend.” I confirmed, my voice hesitant and small. Something about this man affected my vocal chords. When I try to speak confidently, my voice fails me.

“He is in love with you, but you don’t feel the same.” He replied, his eyes finally meeting my shocked expression. I could see his eyes take on the same color as a storm cloud. I wondered what his wolf was saying.

“Does it matter?” I frowned, not wanting to talk about Brandon to him. Out of all the topics for a first conversation, this is one I wouldn’t have chosen. For once I was glad it was dark out, the blush on my cheeks hidden from his sight.

Without another word, his gaze turned back to the road and we sat in silence once more.

An hour or two went by in total silence. I let my mind wander as my eyes fluttered to each street light we were passing on the highway. When I thought he wasn’t looking, I would steal glances at Alpha Killian’s strong face. I watched the way his hair would gently move as he shifted his head, and wondered what it would feel like in between my fingertips. My eyes trailed down from his hair, to his strong jaw, and finally up to his full lips. Even in the darkness they looked soft. I found myself taking deep, quiet, breaths of his delectable scent.

My mind wandered even further, my fear completely forgotten for the moment. All I could think about was the fact that I was in this vehicle alone with him, the close proximity between us. I could feel the heat radiate from his body as my eyes trailed over the tattoo that peaked out of his black t-shirt. I found myself wondering what it looked like, how far down it went, and how his skin would feel under my fingertips. My wolf silently encourage where my thoughts were headed, egging me on in the fullest. “Push his boundaries” popped into my head and I wondered where that would lead me, how he would react.

“Who knows what he would do to us..” Sierra’s voice came out amused and seductive.

For once I didn’t fight the perverted thoughts of my wolf. After one look at him, I knew he wouldn’t be some inexperienced virgin. This man screamed power and ferocity. He was the type of man to take what he wanted and not care of the consequences.

“Does that extend to us as well?” Sierra practicallypurred in my head, urging me to reach out and touch our flawless mate.

The thought of Alpha Killian’s hands on my arms flooded my mind and the sparks that accompanied them. I felt myself clench my legs together as I wondered what it would feel like if the rest of him touched me. My mind imagined the scenario where I didn’t resist, where I gave into the pleasure that he could give me.

A deep growl ripped me from my thoughts before I even had a chance to explore them. I looked up in shock as Alpha Killian’s eyes b****d into my own. His eyes weren’t his typical grey, they were black. His eyes melted into his pupil and shined in the darkness. I looked from his clenched hands on the steering wheel to the charcoal black eyes that roamed my face. With a quiet gasp I realized where my thoughts had taken me, and the fact that males can smell arousal on a female. I clenched my legs together harder and Alpha Killian’s low grumble startled me.

“Claire, whatever you’re thinking about needs to stop.” His deep voice boomed out, breaking the silence that I had gotten used to.

I looked on at him in embarrassment, my face most likely blazing red. My mouth felt completely devoid of any moisture and I hastily used my tongue to wet my dry lips.Alpha Killian’s black eyes roamed down to my lips and watchedas I l****d them anxiously.

“Keep going..” Sierra urged, letting her d***y thoughts play like a video in my head.

My legs squirmed uncomfortably as a strange sensation made it’s way down to my core. I hadn’t felt anything like this before. Why was he bringing out all of these foreign emotions and feelings within me? I was perfectly content remaining blissfully ignorant.

“Claire.” His deep voice growled as he yanked the hummer onto the shoulder of the road and it quickly came to a stop.

Alpha Killian turned his full attention on my shocked form. I swore in that moment I could feel my heart stop beating as I looked on at the first emotion I had seen blazing in his black eyes. Lust.

“Claire,I will not hesitate to take you right here and now. Even the scent of another male will not stop me.” His deep voice boomed as he stared into my eyes. I could feel Sierra practically screaming to take me up on his offer, to push him and see how far he would truly go. He wouldn’t actually do it, would he? I would never admit this to myself, but if he tried, I wasn’t sure if I would want to resist.

“Keep going Claire!” Sierra urged excitedly.

“No, no, no, no!” I shouted in my head.

What the h**l was happening to me? Had I completely forgotten what happened the last time I trusted another male with my body? I may still be blessed enough to be a virgin, but that doesn’t change what happened to me. It doesn’t change how it warped my entire outlook on s*x.

Alpha Killian kept his gaze on my face, only turning his head back to the road when he knew I had made my decision. Without another word we pulled back onto the highway and continued moving.

I bottled all of those previous thoughts, determined to ignore them and think of anything other than Alpha Killian. Sierra grumbled hopelessly, but this wasn’t about her. This was about me and what I wasn’t ready for, what I may never be ready for.

I knew my inner war was meaningless. Sooner or later Alpha Killian would want to take this from me, the only thing I had left after that horrific day. My innocence.