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Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 58

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 58

“You, over there,” Thane orders me, pointing his finger at the massive bed in the middle of the room.

I glance at Leon. He gulps and nods as if he’s telling me it is better if I follow the commands and don’t dare to talk back. Honestly, pissing off Thane is the last thing we need, given how far up our necks in shit I was already, so I just force down every instinct to defy the man and walk to the bed and fold my arms across my chest, glaring at him.

“Sit,” Thane growls again, so I sit at the edge of the bed while Leon still stands near the door.

Is Leon planning to escape the punishment once Thane is busy doing whatever he plans to do to me? Sweat breaks out on my forehead while my eyes dart between both men.

“Leon, on the chair,” Thane orders, but this time, his voice is a little lighter, a little more caring and gentle, despite it still being a damn order. He is tossing us around the room however he pleases.

Holding my breath, I watch Leon walk to the chair and fall into it. I expect a remark or something stupid to escape him, but he is so unusually quiet that I’m not sure what to think anymore.

My eyes catch on a movement to my right, so I turn to the side and watch how Thane approaches a massive dresser and pulls a drawer towards him. The sound of metal on wood echoes off the bedroom walls, and I gulp at the mere thought of the torture devices Thane might own.

He grabs something and lets out a quiet hum, turning his body to face Leon. My eyes instantly dart to him, and Leon grins for the first time since Thane announced the punishment we have earned.

“Yes, cuff me, Alpha,” Leon whines with so much amusement in his voice that I know it has to be an attempt to get on Thane’s nerves. Great, so much for doing everything, not to piss off Thane even more. I just wanted this over with, so I could plot out my next move and where the heck I was going to go.

Once again, I expect a particular reaction, in this case, rage, growling, and possibly the use of extensive physical force, but, instead, Thane just chuckles.

He walks over to Leon, steps behind him, and cuffs Leon’s wrists behind the backrest of the chair. I watch how Thane leans in to whisper something in Leon’s ear, and his eyes instantly widen. The amusement fades from his features as Leon shakes his head and mouths what appears to be “Don’t.”

“Too late,” Thane muses and walks around the chair to bend in front of Leon. Thane goes as far as to cuff Leon’s ankles to the chair as if the cuffs behind his back weren’t enough.

What on earth is he doing? And why did he order me to sit on the bed while Leon gets cuffed to a chair? It would only be fair if our punishment would be equal, but I guess Thane and equality don’t mix here.

“I haven’t forgotten about you, Zara,” Thane muses, without throwing as much as a glance at me. I force down the lump in my throat and lick my lips but decide it is better to stay quiet.

The sooner he starts his stupid punishments, the sooner we will be out of here and can forget everything that happened and hide in the den.

Thane doesn’t move from his position, crouched in front of Leon, but I jump when I hear the sound of a zipper opening. There are some more odd metal sounds until he chuckles and stands up.

When Thane steps aside, I avert my gaze. Leon sits on the chair, cuffed; his movements are restrained to the bare minimum, while Thane looks more than pleased with his handiwork. And why wouldn’t he, because above every detail I already mentioned, Leon’s cock is out of his pants, trapped inside some weird metallic device.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Thane says as he crosses his arms in front of his chest. He watches me for a second, his eyes roaming over me.

I glance at Leon, possibly looking for some answers, but he just hangs his head, providing no help at all. “What are you planning to do to me?” I ask Thane, still keeping an eye on Leon.

“Whatever I want. That’s your punishment, Zara. Leon will sit there and watch me do whatever I want to you. Use your body how I please, but there’s a catch.” Thane moves closer to me while a menacing grin spreads across his lips.

“A catch?” I raise an eyebrow, glancing at Leon, who looks like he is in pain. My heart pounds against my ribcage when my eyes travel down to his cock: finally, I understand what the metal device is.

It is a cage, and the reason behind Leon’s pain is that it has trapped his growing erection. I already know how they work, which makes me think Thane speaks so openly just to torture Leon. The more turned on he gets, the less space he has in that cage.

At this point, I’m scared to even think of what might happen to Leon when Thane can get his paws on me and force Leon to watch a literal porn scenario before his eyes.

“You’re still risking your job. If you cum, you’re fired.” Thane declares.

I watch as Thane strides closer. My heartbeat becomes louder with each step he takes, and I watch as his lips tug up in the corners as he smiles. Why do I have a funny feeling? I should have run.

He stops just a few steps from the bed, and I gulp. I crawl back up the bed to increase the distance between us, looking for an opportunity to escape. Thane raises an eyebrow at me but says nothing. His eyes flicker black dangerously, as if he was daring me to try it. His calm and cold demeanor sends a violent shiver up my spine, and I freeze.

Thane leans over the bed, his eyes on mine as his hand reaches out and fingers wrap around my ankle. A shrill shriek escapes me as I am ripped toward the end of the bed with one hard tug. He steps back, letting me go, and I sit up. My eyes dart to Leon’s before going to the door as I calculated my chances.

“Strip before I do it for you, Zara,” Thane says, and I frown. “One,” Thane growls, and his hand twitches as if he were going to rip the clothes off me himself.

I jump off the bed, quickly taking off my clothes piece by piece until I stand before him in nothing but my bra and thong. I attempt to hide by wrapping my arms around my body, but one I growl, and I drop my arms by my side, fisting my hands and gritting my teeth.

“Didn’t I make myself clear, Omega? I said strip, not model your underwear.” Thane snaps at me. Why does Leon get to keep his clothes on?

Pressing my lips in a line, I give him my harshest glare and reach behind my back, unclasp my bra, and drop it on the floor. However, despite his blatant display of anger, I hear the slight groan he barely holds back as I slide my thumbs under the tiny strips of fabric and slowly slide the material down to my ankles.

Thane’s eyes take in every inch of me standing before him, but my eyes look at Leon, pleading with him to find a way out of this.

Thane slides a hand into his pocket and pulls out nipple clamps he must have retrieved from the drawer earlier. My eyes widen, and I shake my head, stepping back. The back of my knees hit the bed, leaving me no place to go.

“Don’t move,” he growls while stepping closer. I gasp and hold my breath when he brings his hand to my breast and captures my nipple between my fingers.

He plays with my nipple, then rounds it with the tip of my finger. He grins sadistically as my nipple hardens under his touch. I nearly choke when he places the clamp at the base of my nipple. Incredibly close to the areola. I suck in a sharp breath at the sting and clench my eyes shut at the painful sensation.

Repeating the process, he captures my other nipple in the clamp and hisses as the pain transfers to the other.

“Get on the bed, face down, ass up,” I freeze. He can’t be serious.

“Thane, we got it; we’re really sorry,” Leon whines behind me. I stare up at Thane when he leans closer.

He traces his tongue along my neck and growls. “Bed, Zara, now.” he commands, and I have no choice but to do as he asks. Crawling onto the bed when he speaks again.

“Spread your legs and turn your ass towards Leon; he earned the best view.” As the words leave his lips, I glance over my shoulder to be met with Leon’s furious gaze directed at Thane.

The only sound in the bedroom is our violent heartbeats and Thane’s calm one as he walks back to the massive dresser and pulls out the second drawer to scan the contents inside.

The more time he took rummaging the louder my heartbeat got.

Thane then walks back to the bed, and he stops at the edge of it only to look over his shoulder and wink at Leon. Leon glares at him, and I had never seen Leon look so worked up and desperate.

Yet I gulp when he tosses a set of cuffs, what looked like a buttplug, vibrator, and a small bottle of lube on the bed beside my face.

“Change of plans. Lay on your back and spread your legs.”


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