Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 59

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Thane is downright evil. I would be fine with another go at my a*s, but what he does now is pure torture, and the worst part is that he hasn’t done s**t yet, and I already feel like my b***s will explode if he doesn’t remove the d**n c**k cage.

Of all the things he could do to me, he had to go and choose the worst one.

This was cruel, waving a n***d Omega before my eyes, and I can’t get near her?

He got his point across. I shouldn’t have coaxed her into running from Rhen. I knew how potent her scent had been, and the risk of encouraging such behavior could have turned bad if Rhen hadn’t caught her. Yet, no matter how many times I repeat that or beg Thane to stop, I know he won’t until the end.

I try to shift in my seat to get more comfortable, but the pressure on my e******n prevents me from sharp movements. I hate this s**t, being denied what I want, and even more, watching Thane take what I want more than anything.

I let out a shaky breath as I watched Zara lie on her back and stare at Thane. If hatred could b**n someone, my mate would be up in flames right about now, but his only response to the defiance burning in her eyes is a chuckle, full of mockery.

Thane grabs the leather cuffs and wraps them around Zara’s wrists. He shifts a little and reaches for something. I squint my eyes, and my body instantly reacts when I notice another set of cuffs with chains attached to them. Those went on her ankles as Thane positioned Zara before himself- legs spread wide, hands cuffed to her ankles, restrained in the most vulnerable position.

My mouth salivates as Thane steps aside and takes her in. She’s completely n***d, spread so wide I could run to her and shove my c**k inside her with ease, but the d**n cuffs hold me in place, and the pain pulsating from my c**k slowly gets to my head, pounding against my d**n skull.

I l**k my lips as Thane reaches for the butt plug and covers it with a generous amount of lube. “This will teach you two a lesson, and if it doesn’t, I don’t mind repeating the game we’re playing. ” Thane growls as he brings the plug right to her entrance and forces it inside her without having enough decency to stretch her poor a*s.

Zara’s eyes widen. They look glossy as if she’s about to cry, but she holds back and bites her lip to keep in the scream or m**n, whichever it would be. F**k, now I want to know which it would be!

“If you c*m, you’re fired and will spend the rest of your days trapped in the den, Omega,” Thane reminds Zara of his condition, and all I can do is try to give her an apologetic look. Man, she is going to hate me. I suddenly felt guilty on my part.

My eyes focus on the pink diamond poking out from her a*s again, and I can’t stop wondering how it would feel to shove my d**k inside her a*s.

But of course, the thoughts are nothing but another form of torture, and Thane knew what he was doing when he forced the c**k cage on me.

He moves to the side of the bed and reaches for another of his toys. And finally, I get a full, glorious view of our sweet little Omega. Oh, how I want to f**k and feed on her right now, with her trapped in the same position.

Thane holds some black device, and I frown at it until it starts vibrating. Holy s**t, he’s coming in with the big guns; there’s no way Zara won’t c*m, which means she’s losing her job in about ten minutes, and I moving to the den to spend the rest of my days buried deep inside. Yeah, I could live with that punishment.

I whimper as Thane brings the vibrator closer to Zara’s exposed p***y, making him chuckle. “Should’ve thought about the s**t you did, before listening to Leon and running from Rhen.” He says with so much anger dripping from his words; I realize what a stupid thing that was to encourage in a workplace full of ravenous alphas.

I get it; I deserve this, but couldn’t he just paint our a***s black and blue and let us be? Surely, we would learn from punishment like that. Well, I wouldn’t, but I bet Zara would.

I gulp as Zara’s sharp intake of breath echoes off the walls. Thane’s pressing the vibrator to her c**t while rounding her entrance with one finger. My eyes focus on his hand, and I gulp.

Zara’s body shakes as he slowly pushes his finger inside her. The b**e minimum, the very tip of it, then slowly withdraws. Thane’s playing with her senses, and speaking from my experience, I know he’s doing it on purpose-making someone c*m by doing multiple things at the same time, even at such a slow pace, is easier than pounding someone into another galaxy.

I hold my breath as her scent hits my nose ten times more potent than it was, and it was torturously strong before. I can’t keep inhaling it because that’s another form of f*****g torture, and my body is acting on an instinct when I get a whiff of Omega arousal.

My mate is a tyrant, a heartless man who loves watching me suffer. Yet I knew he would be struggling himself with how potent her arousal is.

When a growl escapes my lips, I close my eyes, unable to watch more, but Thane has another thing coming for me.

Zara was quiet all this time, but as the slight sound of vibration fades, it’s replaced by loud, violent m***s. He broke her; Thane actually broke her.

Bracing myself for anything, I force my eyes open and gasp at the view. If my c**k was k*****g me before, now it’s leading me straight to the grave. No f**k it, it’s digging the grave for me.

Thane’s on his knees, his face is buried between Zara’s legs, and he’s making the most shameless, loudest, and f*****g most alluring sounds as he s***s and l***s on Zara’s heated flesh.

She’s trashing under him. Thane shoves his hands under her a*s and grabs her holding her to his mouth. He’s eating her out like a starving animal, and I want to kiss his swollen lips just for a taste of her.

“Thane,” I can’t stop the m**n from escaping me, and my b***s tighten even at how desperate I sound.

He ignores me and dives deeper inside her; judging by the sounds, he thrusts his tongue inside Zara. F**k, I want that too.

“I learned my lesson, I swear, no more silly games, Thane, please, I learned my goddamn lesson,” I whine as my voice keeps breaking. My throat is so dry, my heart pounds violently, and the pain keeps coursing through my body. Worse, with each sound that leaves his lips, the cage digs in more.

Zara tries to get out of the cuffs; I see her muscles tense. She’s so close to coming all over my mate’s face; I’m surprised she held on for this long.

Her m***s and screams b**n in my memory as they become higher pitched. F**k, she’s too close, and I want to shoot my load when she cums, but I can’t because someone decided the best punishment for me would be the d**n show and o****m denial.

I brace myself for the moment this will end. Zara’s j****s cover Thane’s face, and I can almost imagine the smug smile he will have on his lips when he tells Zara she lost her job.

However, literally seconds before she reaches the climax, Thane pulls his face away from her dripping p***y and growls.

He gets back to his feet, wipes his lips using the bedsheet, and tosses it aside. My mate looks over his shoulder at me and gives me the sternest look ever. “If this doesn’t teach you a lesson, just remember I won’t go easy on you next time.” And with that, Thane storms out of the room.

He leaves Zara and me behind, both of us still cuffed and ready to beg for the release he denied us. I think this is the second stage of his punishment.

And it is f*****g b****l when I can’t tear my gaze from her. I groan, wondering how long he will leave us like this. Zara squirms yet is unable to move much with how her knees are bent, hands locked to her ankles. If only she could close her d**n legs, so I didn’t have to stare at her puffy pink lips.

I turn my attention to the door when I hear Thane telling Rhen and Raidon they aren’t to touch us or remove our restraints.

“He can not leave us like this, right?” Zara says, and I stare over at her, her chest rising and falling harshly. At first, it takes a second to register her flushed face and heated skin.

And why Zara was suddenly panting and wriggling in discomfort. “F**k!” I curse, my d**k hardening more as I feel my knot stretch inside the cage. I am going to d*e. This is how I lose my c**k because Thane fooling around with her, I realize, is sending her into f*****g heat.


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