Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 60

Zara POV

This was torture. Minutes ticked by, then an hour, and my hips hurt from the awkward position I found myself, my shoulders and wrists ached, and it was getting sweltering hot in here. I shift uncomfortably, and Leon g****s.

“Zara, please, don’t move. You’re making it worse,” he g****s lewdly before growling savagely.

“Can’t you mind-link him?” F**k, I would beg and plead, kiss his f*****g feet if he would undo the restraints. I was becoming claustrophobic, and panic was beginning to make my heart race.

“He is blocking the mind-link, and I think they left the house,” Leon m***s as I writhe, trying to turn slightly so I don’t have to crane my neck to look over at him. He sighs when I manage to shift enough that he wasn’t given such an ungodly view of me.

“Did he turn the cooling off?” I ask breathlessly. Sweat beaded on my skin, and I peered over at Leon when he didn’t answer. When I did, I found his eyes blood red, his fangs protruding, and he was breathing harshly.

“Your scent,” he g****s, and his face twists with his savage hunger. Heat pools low in my belly, spreading throughout my limbs, and s***k saturates the bedding beneath me, and I gasp.

“No, I just finished my heat?” I gasped in horror.

“You live in a house full of alphas. Expect regular heats,” Leon hisses, and my eyes go to the cage surrounding his manhood. My eyes bulge, and I feel lightheaded looking at it. Man, that’s gotta hurt. The skin was so red it looked on the verge of bursting as it was strangled.

“Leon?” I murmur when he roars, kicking his leg out, the chair leg snapping to my horror, and I could have sworn I heard his bones crack.

“I can’t, I can’t, Zara. F**k, what was he thinking?”

“Can’t what?” I asked in horror as the other cuff snapped as he thrashed.

“I will hurt you if I don’t get out of here,” Leon growls, even the whites of his turning red with his need to feed on me.


“You smell so good!” He m***s loudly, thrashing in his restraints. I watch his shoulder dislocates, and he snarls viciously when the restraints don’t give. F**k, yet the more he struggled to try to get free, the more my pheromones polluted the air, making it thicker.

His Alpha aura and pheromones driving me wild. Fear l****d through my veins as he became enraged with his need to be free, yet nothing did set him free of the restraints he was in. I prayed they didn’t give because if he got out with his bloodlust as it is; I was as good as d**d and unable to defend myself.

“Try Raidon or Rhen,” I plead with him as s***k spills from me, and I shut my eyes, trying to ignore the flaring heat that b****d through me. Pain tore through me, cramped my stomach, and I wanted to roll into the fetal position to ease it. Yet I couldn’t move, and as time slipped by and darkness flooded the room, I became lost in the heat just as much as he was in his bloodlust.

Thane POV

“Something isn’t right,” I mutter, feeling Leon’s discomfort. We had only been gone an hour, and usually, he was never this uncomfortable. I wouldn’t normally leave him like that. But figured they would be uncomfortable but fine with each other’s presence.

We would not be gone long. We were just called back to work after the fire alarms went off. A small fire had started in the loading docks, and we quickly went over to assess the damage.

“F**k, I knew I should have left one of you there with them,” I curse, spinning the car around. Luckily we were only ten minutes away because Raidon had to stop by the post office just outside the suburb we lived in.

“He’ll be fine; slow down the corners are making me feel sick,” Raidon mumbled; I was doing the speed limit, so his comments weren’t warranted. Yet I had this nagging suspicion something was off. I was accustomed to Leon’s discomfort, but this had gone from uncomfortable to utter distress.

For once, I was cursing that I hadn’t marked Zara and made her pack yet because I would be able to feel her too and be able to gauge the situation.

Driving back, we stopped at the electronic gates, and Rhen shifts uncomfortably, and I glance at him. “No, something is wrong,” Rhen confirms, and I peer at Raidon in the mirror, who is extremely pale.

No wonder he had been so grouchy in the car. He was mistaking Leon’s discomfort for feeling sick.

“Raidon?” I ask him.

“Get to Leon,” he rasps. The gates finally open, and we drive straight into the garage. Pulling up, I toss the door open and the moment I step into the house, I freeze when I am smashed with the scent of her heat.

“F**k,” I curse, my eyes moving to the stares. “Why is she in heat so soon?” Rhen gasps, and my eyes widen, knowing Leon is wearing a cage.

“Why do you think? An Omega in a house with not just one Alpha but f*****g four,” Raidon snarls, taking the steps two at a time, racing to get to them. “Thane fooling around with her must have brought it on,” Raidon growls. Rhen and I follow after him and he bursts through the door before I hear him gasp.

He moves quickly toward Leon, dropping to his knees in front of him and removing the cage that was strangling him. Leon thrashes, and I could see his lap pooling with his blood. Raidon is quick to remove while Rhen removes the cuffs, and the moment he does, Leon lunges at Raidon, sinking his teeth into his neck like a savage.

Raidon grabs him as Leon feeds on him before getting to his feet while I stand there, stunned at what happened. Rhen’s shoulder smacks me as he barges past me.

“Deal with Zara while I help Raidon,” Rhen growls, but I grip his arm.

“I’ll help Leon. I am of no use to Zara Rhen while she is like that,” I snapped at him, but he wasn’t hearing it.

“I’m not coming back in until you mark her. If you had already, this wouldn’t have happened,” Rhen says, glancing over his shoulder at her. Banging from downstairs has Rhen rushing out to help Raidon with our blood-crazed mate. And I gulp, turning to see Zara writhing on the bed.

She was out of her mind in heat, unaware of her surroundings as the haze enveloped her. I crawled onto the bed quickly, removing the cuffs before pulling her into my arms and cradling her. Yet she wasn’t having it. She attacked me when my skin touched her, and my scent smothered her.

Turning in my arms, her claws slipped from her fingers, turning my button-down shirt into tatters as she fought to touch my skin to ease her agony.

I wrapped my arm around her waist. Her demonic, lust-crazed eyes peered back at me, her pupil blown apart and retracting with each wave of heat that rattled through her. Her legs wrap around my waist as I move to lean against the headboard while hoping Rhen or Raidon come up to ease her pain.

My calling slips out, and she m***s, licking and n*****g my skin when I feel her hands pawing at my pants to free my c**k. “Zara, wait,” I tell her, knowing I can’t knot her, and that is what she needs.


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