Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 62

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 62

Zara POV

Limbs wrapped around limbs. It was hard to determine where one body started and ended. Tangled amongst the sheets and surrounded by potent alpha scents. Every part of their skin that brushed mine was tingling and itching. As if their touch was trying to delve through the layers of my skin and override all rational sense.

I say rational sense because suffocating under their potency seemed to be something I was struggling to grasp as I tried to relay the events that had me waking in bed with the four alphas. The soft, steady heartbeat beneath my ear told me I was laying on someone and that someone was Thane, his masculine scent invading my senses and making my mouth water.

Turning my head, I find Rhen beside us, his face so close, his lips mere inches from mine, where he had his head resting on Thane’s shoulder. Sitting up and straddling Thane’s waist, the heavy arm draped across my lower back slid off. Peering over, I find Raidon. He rolls onto his back, and I spot Leon beside him.

Blinking, I yawn and stretch my arms above my head, noticing I am n***d, and Thane is n***d below me. Rhen moves as I do when I feel hands move across the sides of my t****s just as I notice the stinging of my neck. Thane squeezed my t****s while my fingertips traced the mark, which prickled and sent a shiver up my spine as I traced the marking gently.

“Don’t freak out, Zara,” Thane murmurs, his eyes half hooded with his sleep as he peeked at me. Don’t freak out. How could he say that?

“You’re ours now. That isn’t something to fear,” he mumbles as his hands move higher, tracing over my waist and ribs, to the sides of my b*****s, his touch calming the frantic beat of my heart, but it did nothing to alleviate the panic of my mind. Every possible scenario, crisis, and disaster flitted through my head, knowing the trouble I was in. I could never run now, never leave, because Thane would eventually track me down no matter where I went. His mark on my neck would ensure that.

Trapped, I felt trapped, and terror washed over me in waves as I became obsessed with the thoughts rattling around in my head, banging loudly and screaming at me about the danger I was now in.

Only those thoughts were dismissed when I felt teeth sink into my neck next to Thane’s mark. The sharp sting jolted me out of my tumultuous thoughts and shoved me with blinding speed back to the present. I feel the warmth of Raidon press against my back, his teeth embedded in my neck deeply, marking me and tying me to him just as strongly.

Movement beside me caught my attention as Raidon pulled his teeth from my skin, and I watched Rhen lean closer. Thane’s fingers tangled in his hair as he dipped his head between my t****s. His breath sweeps over my skin before his tongue rolls over the inside of my t***h. Pain slices through my skin as his canines mark my flesh.

A loud m**n leaves my lips as heat and sparks rush to the apex of my legs, making my skin vibrate as he marks me so close to my core. My head rolled back onto Raidon’s shoulder, where he kneeled behind me when the bed dipped, and his lips brushed mine. Leon’s scent overwhelms me.

“You’re mine now, Omega,” he purrs as his lips trace a line down the other side of my throat, which had remained b**e; I expected him to mark me, but his lips traveled down to my chest before he sank his teeth into the side of my b****t, making me hiss. The sensitive skin there stung the worst, and tears p*****d my eyes as he marked me.

Great, well, there goes wearing a d**n bra until that heals. Rhen pulls his teeth from my inner t***h and Leon’s from my b****t before his tongue traces the blood trail that cascades down my ribs to my hip. I felt light-headed, yet something writhes and coiled within me as their bonds slowly sank deep within my veins, embedding and tainting my soul to theirs. I always thought it odd how alpha packs worked.

All of them had bitten at some point, especially Leon. He craved sinking his teeth in me every chance he could. However, not once did Rhen’s, or Raidon’s, bite marks remain. Healing quickly afterward, yet since Thane marked me, my skin remained raised and tender, scarring as each marking healed excruciatingly slowly.

Their marks would remain because their Alpha had claimed me, which was one thing I always found fascinating. It showed the strength of a bonded pack Alpha. How his influence was everything over his mates overrode everything, including mate bonds. A sort of power and control I could fathom being responsible with.

Glancing at Thane, his eyes scanned my flesh, admiring his mates’ marks tainting my skin. His eyes flicker, and his lips tug in the corners to almost a smile.

“Welcome to the pack,” Thane purred, sitting up with me still in his lap, his arm wrapped around my waist. He pulled me closer, his lips demanding as he kissed me. His tongue traced across the seam of my lips before forcing its way into my mouth.

I sighed as the bond washed over me, giving into him. Lips press to my shoulder, and hands grip my hips, making my eyes open, and I pull away with a startled gasp as they touch me.

This was too much, too much at once, and I was still trying to wrap my head around being marked, let alone jumping right into a f**k fest which I could feel was their intentions through the bond.

“Can I have a minute?” I ask, pulling away. Feeling them so easily was overwhelming. I was struggling to differentiate between my feelings and theirs.

Thane growls, tapping my t***h, and everyone moves back from me. “We won’t hurt you, Zara,” Thane says, and I blink at him. Everything was a lie. This was a sham, and mate bonds shouldn’t be based on a lie. I wanted to tell them, opened my mouth to tell them, but then the fear and Thane’s deep-rooted anger resurfaced, and I closed my mouth.

They would find out, and when they did. I feared their reaction. Thane’s, I knew, would not be pleasant. “I need to shower,” I whisper, climbing off him and over Leon. As I entered Thane’s bathroom, I felt their curious gazes on my back. I shut the door before gripping the sink basin. What the h**l have I done?

More importantly, what happens when they find out? Thane made it very clear their intentions if they ever found Harlow. Newsflash. They found her, and it was only a matter of time before they realized that.

Could they go ahead with the original plan to breed me and then k**l me? Was that still an option when they know me, or sort of know me? I could not imagine hurting them, but would Thane still want that exact vengeance that blackened his heart when he learned the woman he was chasing was right under his nose and living in his house all this time?

A knock sounds at the door, and I jump, turning my gaze away from my reflection.

“Zara?” Rhen calls out.


“I thought you were showering?” he asked. The curiosity lacing his voice was apparent, and I quickly rushed to turn the shower on before hearing him move away from the door, and I let out a breath. Stepping into the shower, I lingered far longer than necessary as I contemplated what would happen next and how things would play out.


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