Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 63

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The next few days went by without a complaint. Everyone seemed to settle with the idea of Thane accepting me, except me. No, worry gnawed at me each day at work. Waiting for that dreaded email to come through saying they couldn’t find my records or the blood test results from Raidon’s parents. Thankfully, they were called away and hadn’t had a chance to log in and get the results since his grandfather fell ill unexpectedly.

Raidon had been beside himself with worry on the phone with his parents daily. It was strange seeing how close all their families were. Except for Thane, like me, he was also on the outer circle looking in. Yet it was clear he adored all his inlaws, including Leila, who was constantly harassing him for nieces and nephews as she was right now. She wasn’t even shy about her demands, even though I was sitting across from her as we all ate lunch in the conference room.

“Have you set up a nursery? What about a color scheme? I can help,” Liela asks. Thane sighs, setting his fork down and stretching his arms above his head before draping his arm across the back of Leon’s chair.

“Leila, just stop. You know, we have the old nursery set up still from Harlow. Give her a chance to settle in.” I choke on my food hearing that, inhaling it with my gasp. Near-d***h by fried rice. I retch and heave, trying to s**k in air when Rhen pats my back, Raidon rushing over to me with a glass of water. “You alright?” He worries as I gulp down the water.

I nod my head before s********g what tried to k**l me.

“Yep, went down the wrong pipe,” I rasp out and he lets out a breath going back to his seat.

“Have you showed Zara? What did she think of it?” Leila continues talking about me as if I am not there. I shrink in my chair, glancing around to see Thane watching me.

“She’ll see it when she is ready,” Thane tells her, when she begins to shoot out more questions. Leon growls, his hand smacking the table and she jumps.

“Leila, stop. Can’t you see how uncomfortable you’re making her?” Leon snaps. I was thankful he put a stop to her never-ending questions, only to be made more uncomfortable by their watchful gazes when all eyes are suddenly on me.

Leila blushes, fixing her white blazer and doing up the button. “I should get back to work. Make sure you ring me when you know how your grandfather is doing, Ray,” she says, getting to her feet and gripping Raidon’s shoulder as she passes. Her fingers gave him a squeeze. My eyes locked on her fingers, touching him and before I could stop myself, a feral snarl slipped past my lips when Rhen drops his arm across my shoulders, tugging me to him.

I know it was irrational. She is their family, yet she touched what’s mine. I shake my head at my claim. When did I start seeing them as mine? But the possessiveness I felt at the small gesture sent my blood boiling.

“Settle, friend, not foe,” Rhen whispers, kissing the side of my face, yet I wanted to tear her fingers off him and rip her d**n hair out.

Leila looks at her hand and jerks her hand away, her eyes going wide and her lips parting. “Sorry, Zara.-” she doesn’t finish what she was going to say and instead rushes out. Thane quirks an eyebrow at me before smirking while my face flushes with heat at what I did.

“The bond is fresh still. It takes some getting used to,” Thane murmurs while Raidon pushes his seat out before rising and walking over to me with a smug smile on his lips.

“My little Omega is getting her panties in a knot over me,” he purrs, burying his face in my neck. I instantly relaxed in his embrace, his calling slipping out while his hands wandered lower as he kissed up my jaw. I tilt my head, offering him more of my neck when Rhen clears his throat beside us.

“Raidon, we are at work. Can’t it wait. We have deliveries coming.” Rhens reminds him.

“Still, plenty of time,” Raidon retorts, pulling me up from my seat. I squeak when he shoves me against the table, and I hear movement behind me as someone clears the table just before Raidon all but tosses me on it.

“Raidon!” Rhen breathes out like a curse. Yet his hands were already reaching for my skirt, hoisting it up my hips.

“Don’t snap at me, Rhen; I remember you had her bent over a desk. Quit whining, or I won’t share,” Raidon growls at him as he rips my panties down. The lace gets caught in my heels.

When I hear the table groan under weight before Leon’s lips crash down on mine as he climbs onto the huge oak table. His tongue invades my mouth hungrily, tasting every inch when Raidon spreads my legs wide, pushing them up along my ribs. I tear my lips away from Leon, knowing the unsightly view of me Raidon had, before shoving my skirt down.

“Raidon, not here,” I gasp. A quick f**k at work was one thing, but I knew there were cameras in here. My eyes dart to the one in the corner. “Only we have access to these cameras,” Rhen says, standing up.

“Hold her legs for me,” Raidon purrs while gripping my hips and dragging me to the edge. Rhen grips my knee, and Leon slides off the table on my other side and grabs the other. I cover my face at the view of them all staring between my legs as they spread me wide for him.

I feel his fingers brush over my lower lips, rubbing and smacking my p***y softly. “So pretty, so tight,” Raidon purrs, sliding a finger inside me and corkscrewing it out. I m**n, my walls squeezing around his index fingers as he draws it in and out.

He plays with me teasing me. My hands fall from my face to see Rhen and Leon’s hot gazes watching as he f***s me with his fingers, his thumb brushing my c**t. Endless m***s spill from my lips when Raidon dropped to his knees, his hot mouth covering me entirely while his tongue swirled and s****d on my c**t. He slid his fingers from me, and I was a lost mess of whines and m***s when I felt him press his finger against my back passage.

His tongue s*****g harder when I feel it breach the entrance and force its way inside me. I buck at the odd sensation when lips s*****w the noises leaving me. Weight on my left, bearing down on my knee and opening me wider to Raidon’s ravenous mouth, tells me the lips belong to Rhen.

His tongue tangles with mine, owning and claiming every part of my mouth when Raidon adds another finger. I squirm, yet the feel of his tongue flicking and laving over my c**t forces me to relax under the discomfort. I rock my hips as best I can with the way I’m held down when Rhen breaks the kiss, leaving me panting. Rhen’s fingers pull on my inner t***h and Raidon lifts his head as he watches his fingers slip in and out of me.

Leon reaches over, prying my p***y lips apart before watching Rhen work his finger deep inside me. Leon g****s, watching as both our mates play with me when the bing of the elevator sounds loudly. I hear Thane’s chair screech along the floor, and I jump in panic at the thought of being caught in such a precarious position.

Raidon’s lips crash against mine as I try to sit up, the force sending me back against the table. “Let Thane deal with it,” he mumbles against my lips when his phone starts ringing in his pocket, just as Thane returns with a letter. Which told me the visitor was the secretary from the foyer dropping the mail off. When Raidon’s phone stops, Leon’s starts ringing.

“It’s your mother,” he says, patting Raidon’s shoulder. He sighs before releasing me and takes the call.

“It might be about my grandfather. I’ll be back in a minute,” he says, taking his phone and walking off. I hastily pulled my skirt down and climbed off the table while I had the chance. Turning to find Thane sitting back at the table, opening the letter he received.

Rhen walks around to Thane to see what he is looking at while Leon takes advantage of having me to himself and wraps his arms around my waist while I frantically look for my panties.

“You might have to recheck the details,” I hear Rhen murmur, just as I spot my underwear beneath the table. I scramble to retrieve them, pulling them on. Only when I look up, do I find Thane watching me.

“Everything alright?” I ask him. He opens his mouth to say something when Raidon walks in and tosses his hands up when he notices I am no longer spread on the table.

“Really? I am gone for two minutes, and not one you could keep her on the table,” He growls.

“What was the call about?” Thane asks him as he makes his way over to me.

“Mum is on her way to our house,” he replies.

“Okay, well, I need to head home anyway and take care of this,” he says, waving the envelope he had placed the document in.

Thane gets up, and I quickly follow, knowing that meant all of us were going home. Though I was nervous about meeting Raidon’s mother. Grabbing my bag, I retrieve my charger from the top drawer, spotting the diary I left there. I hadn’t had a chance to discard it yet. Staring at it, I went to grab it when the elevator bings loudly.

“Zara,” Rhen calls out to me, and I quickly grab my charger, leaving the diary to dispose of tomorrow. We drove home in silence, yet I could see something was bothering Thane, feel it through the bond we shared.

“Zara?” Thane asks, reaching over to the glove compartment from the driver’s side. He shuts it and passes me the document. I take it, and my brows furrow as I pull the paper out.

“The details on that form are they correct?” he asks. I noticed it was the birth and d***h registry form. I glance them over while chewing the inside of my cheek.

“Um, yep, looks correct,” I state while my heart sputtered frantically in my chest.

“They couldn’t find your records,” he says, pulling in through the electric gates.

“Might have to resend it,” I tell him, his eyes dart to me in the mirror before flicking away. He said nothing else, but the silence in the car told me he didn’t believe a word I said or maybe I was reading too much into it.


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