Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

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Once home, we all climb out of the car and head inside. Thane heads straight to his office upstairs, Raidon and Leon went to the kitchen while Rhen stares at me as I slip my heels off just inside the door.

“Maybe go take a nap. I will wake you when Raidon’s mother gets here.” His words confused me. It was almost as if he was trying to get rid of me.

“Is something wrong?” I ask, knowing something definitely was.

“Thane is in an odd mood. Just let me speak to him first. Find out what is going on with him,” he tells me. That was a very vague answer, I thought, but I decided not to argue. I head for the stairs. We had all been sleeping in Thane’s room, so I intended to go there when he spoke up again.

“Maybe the Den. I need you to steer clear of Thane for a few a bit?”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because Thane detests liars, and he believes you are hiding something from him.” I open my mouth to say something.

“I’ll handle it; it will be fine. Just go,” he tells me, and I nod, moving up the corridor along the stairs. I felt like I was being put in the naughty corner, grounded like a child. As I pass the kitchen, Raidon and Leon wave at me as I reach for the basement door.

“Where are you going?” Raidon asks, grabbing a drink from the fridge.

“Rhen wants me in the den,” I tell him, yet I had a sinking feeling settling over me. There were two documents in that envelope, and Thane only handed me one.

Raidon and Leon look at each other, confused. “We will be down in a minute, ” Leon says, glancing toward the stairs.

“I will go find out what is going on first,” he says, walking off. With a nod, I head downstairs, yet I have a strange feeling I shouldn’t come down here with each step I take. That fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, telling me something was seriously wrong.

Sitting in the den, I snuggle beneath the blankets after half an hour when no one enters I was struggling to contain my panic that something was wrong. My mind went to multiple scenarios of what may have angered Thane while I sat replaying the day’s events over and over, picking apart whether I did something wrong at work.

Eventually, sleep takes me, and I drift off, only to be woken by a woman yelling. Opening my eyes, I blink up at the ceiling. The woman’s voice grows louder and stops at the top of the stairs, making me sit up.

“Mum, calm down. What are you talking about?” Raidon yells, and I hear frantic footsteps.

“Where is the little harlot,” the woman snarls, and my body goes from groggy to alert instantly at her words.

“Elaine, enough. Stop and explain what is going on?” I hear Thane bellow, his aura deadly, and it could be felt from down here. However, Elaine’s anger was unwavering.

“Check for yourself. Her blood results came back. I want blood, Thane. I don’t give a f**k if you marked her. She deserves d***h after what she did,” the woman snarls.

My blood runs cold. I hear Raidon attempting to calm his mother, her voice growing more distant, and I eventually hear a car leave before hearing a thud that sounded like someone hit the drywall.

“Thane?” Rhen asks, and I jump to my feet, looking for an escape, when I hear the door handle creak. I rush to the small storage area in the far corner. There was a small window I knew I could squeeze out of if I could just reach it. It led to the back lawns and gardens.

“Thane, what are you doing?” Rhen’s panicked voice reaches my ears when the door bangs loudly against the wall.

His footsteps echo on each step loudly, and I know escape is useless, so I turn to face him head-on, hoping to explain. Moving out of my hiding spot, I cringe at his aura as he steps off the last step, his head turning from side to side, paperwork fisted in his hand.

“I can explain, if you would just,” His head turns in my direction as I step closer to him, touching his arm, which was a mistake when the back of his hand connected with my face cutting my words off.

The sting of it b****d my flesh when Thane was tackled by Rhen. Leon also runs down the steps. Thane and Rhen wrestle as he is tossed into the pit. Leon reaches for me when Rhen is kicked and sent flying backward into the side of the pit wall. Thane rises to his feet before tossing the paperwork at him just as Raidon comes down the steps.

I glanced at him, yet his mood was just as wild as Thane’s anger. Leon brushes my cheek with his hand while Thane climbs out of the pit. When he does, Leon puts himself in front of me. Rhen opens the document Thane tossed at him. He gasps, and I peer around Leon at Rhen, whose eyes dart between Thane and me.

“Can someone please tell me what is going on?” Leon asks, his hand on my hip, shoving me further behind him. Thane snarls, baring his canines at me, that had slipped free in his anger.

“Her name isn’t Zara?”

“Okay, okay, she lied about her name. No big deal. Doesn’t warrant violence, or hitting her Thane!” Leon spits at him.

Thane’s eyes go to mine while my eyes fill with tears, his disappointment and rage bleeding through the bond loud and clear.

“Are you going to tell him, or do you want me to?” Thane growls, taking a step toward me. Leon sidesteps, blocking him.

“She is Harlow Leon,” Raidon speaks from the stairs, and Leon turns so quickly I almost miss the movement. He takes a step back from me as his shock comes through the bond.

His mouth opens and closes as he looks at me. “Now, get her out of my house before I f*****g k**l her,” Thane growls.

“Wait, let me explain. I didn’t k**l your-” I stop when he shifts abruptly, his skin tearing off as he lunged at me in his wolf form.

I stumble backward, falling on my a*s as I scramble backward on my feet and hands. He snaps his jaws at me, his claws making a terrible noise like nails on a chalkboard as they slice the ground. My back hits a wall, and I s**k in a breath, his teeth inches off my face when I feel the mind link open.

“You have one minute to get out of my house before I k**l you,” he snarls in my head while his powerful jaw snaps just off my face. I nod my head, quickly glancing at the others who had fallen silent. Not one of them was going to let me explain. Thane steps back, his huge paws on the ground twice the size of my hands, long claws, sharp as blades flex on the ground, and I waste no time getting to my feet.

It was like doing the worst kind of walk of shame as I moved past them. Each averting their gaze as I approach them while making my way toward the stairs. As soon as I stepped onto the first step, I took off running like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs. My b**e feet slap the ground, and I race for the front door. My hands grip the handle, and I toss it open, stepping into the darkness of night.


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