Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 65

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Rhen POV

Thane stormed off, and I was shocked by how I hadn’t seen the signs before. It made so much sense now. Who she was running from. Of course, she wouldn’t tell us. It was us she was running from. All she heard from the moment of finding us was how much hate we had for her, how much she would suffer when we found her. All the secrets she was keeping were suddenly clear and now out there. Everything fell into place, and I was stunned. Yet Thane was m*******s. Climbing the stairs, I followed Thane upstairs.

It also explained Alpha Jake’s bizarre reaction to her. Harlow was originally his. He bought her first.

“Thane,” I called out behind him.

“She lied,” is all he said before slamming the bedroom door in my face when I finally caught up to him.

“Thane, we can’t just leave her to fend for herself! She is our mate!” I yell at him through the door. I hear him growl before the door is ripped open, and I am face to face with a snarling Thane.

“Then choose, her or me? I hate liars, you know this, and this! This wasn’t just some small fib; she k****d my mother!” he roars. I knew better than to open my mouth and defend her. It would only make him think we were picking sides. And make things worse for her, yet I couldn’t help it. Not while feeling what she felt, I had no idea what to make of the feelings through the bond coming from her.

All I knew was that what she felt at this moment went beyond any pain I had felt. Was it despair? Sadness, dread? Maybe all those things, but it had my heart sinking into my stomach.

“Don’t, Rhen! You defend her than you already chose,” Thane says. We stand off for a second before he finally speaks.

“You know where the door is? You want her, then go get her, but don’t come back here if you walk out that door,” he snarls. He turns on his heel and shuts the door in my face just as Raidon and Leon come up the stairs and step into the hall. I glance back at them, and Raidon says nothing while Leon looks between us both.

“You’re kidding, right? He says he wants her gone, and that’s it?” Leon asks. It was hard for me to respond. There was no way I could decide between them. I loved Thane, but I also loved Harlow. Harlow, it was so strange thinking of her by that name, yet it fits. It’s who she is.

Leon curses before leaving us in the hall. When I hear him take his keys from the hallstand, I wander off toward the stairwell to see him open the door to the garage.

“F**k!” I curse, chasing after him. I expected Raidon to follow, yet as I looked up, he still remained on the stairs, an indecipherable expression on his face.

“Go, I can’t be with her right now. Just go, Rhen,” he says, turning his back on me and walking off. I hear his bedroom door shut moments later just as Leon starts up the car, making me snatch my jacket off the coat hook and rush out the door after him. Climbing into the passenger side, Leon opens the garage door before reversing out, scraping the side of Thane’s car as he does. I roll my eyes as if we didn’t have enough problems.

Leon, unbothered by the damage he caused, spun the car around, racing toward the gates. When we reach them, we find her trying to find a way through them. She turns and jumps to the side when the car lights reach her. Leon hits the buzzer, and the gates swing open. Leon slows down as we pass her and presses the button for the windows.

“Get in,” I tell her. She glances in the back windows nervously, as if she was looking for Thane, before looking back up toward the house.

“Get in the car, Harlow,” I tell her.

“Why? Are you going to-” she didn’t finish, but we all knew where her mind went. Now that we know she doesn’t trust us not to hurt her or do what Thane said we wanted to do initially. Breed her, then k**l her. Leon leans across me, peering out at her.

“We won’t hurt you. And I won’t let Thane hurt you,” He tells her. Harlow chews her lip, nervously glancing around as if she is calculating her chances of getting away if she runs.

Hesitantly, she steps toward the car and opens the back door before sliding into the seat. Leon fiddles with the heater, turning it on while I lean forward, removing my jacket and passing it to her. Her hands shake as she reaches for it, her eyes watching me as if I am a snake that is about to strike. She pulls her arms inside it and clips up her seatbelt. Leon drives into the city, the car ride silent as I tried to wrap my head around the events of the night.

“Where are you taking me?” I hear her voice softly. Turning my head, I see she peered out the window, watching the city lights zoom by.

“Finding a hotel,” Leon answers her. He unclips his seatbelt.

“Wait here; I’ll be back,” he says, climbing out of the car and walking into the reception. Harlow exhales, making me glance at her. She presses her head against the glass.

“Why did you do it?” I ask her.

“Do what lie? I thought that was obvious,” she says, and I see the way her eyes turned glassy. “You didn’t want Harlow,” she murmurs.

“No, I mean, why did you k**l his mother? We would have looked after you. You didn’t need to k**l her,” I tell her.

“I didn’t k**l her,” she whispers.

“We saw you on the videotape,”

“I don’t know what you saw, but it wasn’t me,” she tells me.

“She told her mates it was you,” I snap at her. Yet how could we believe anything she had to say when she had been lying all this time?

“She told me to run! I never k****d her. Why would I? I barely knew her. What reason would I possibly have to k**l her? Yet none of you would give me a chance to explain, so why bother? You all have made up your minds about me already.” I was about to demand her to answer when Leon returned, climbing into the car. He tosses me a key before pulling around the back of the hotel, looking for the hotel number on the key.

Once he parks the car and I climb out before opening her door. “Get out,” I tell her when she stares up at me. When she doesn’t move, I grab her arm, pulling her from the car and pushing her toward Leon, who grabs her, not realizing how hard I nudged her forward. He growls at me, his fangs slipping from his gums and peeking out between his lips.

“If you’re going to be a p***k, why come?” he snarls, leading her off toward the brown door with the key in his hand. He unlocks the door, flicking the lights on and stepping inside.

Yet, I needed to check on Thane. Leon turns around when I don’t follow and raises an eyebrow at me before sighing and tossing me his keys. I catch them looking at them. I felt caught between my instincts to go to both mates, to go back to my alpha, or stay and keep my omega safe. Both waging war inside my head and leaving me with an impossible decision.

The instinct to keep her safe won, though. I would check in with Thane later unless he mind-linked me before then. So instead, I walk to the hotel room, step inside, and close the door.


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