Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 66

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Harlow POV

A Week Later

I had been kept here for a week now. Rhen and Leon kept telling me he would calm down and come to his senses. Yet, no matter how much I tried to speak with Thane, he wouldn’t hear me out. He wouldn’t even give me a d**n moment when he picked them up each morning for work. I tried to explain to Rhen, yet he refused to believe me, he even showed me video footage of the restaurant we went to, and I tried to explain that it was before it happened, that was after we left for lunch.

Yet her body was found in the garden on the other side where she was parked, and it showed the car driving off, but most of the vision was blocked by a removalist truck, and you couldn’t see that his mother was driving and not me. I couldn’t explain it. If they had all the footage from that day, they would have seen who placed her body back there because it wasn’t me. After that turned into a huge argument, I gave up trying to explain myself and trying to find a way to show them I wasn’t a m******r.

I honestly believed they needed someone to blame, and unfortunately for me, I was that person. Why would I k**l a woman I had just met? I had no issues with her, so it made little sense I would k**l her to escape them.

“Harlow?” Leon murmurs, gripping my shoulder where I lay on the bed.

“I am going to work. Do you need anything? I can grab whatever you need on the way back,” he tells me. What I needed was for them to believe me. Since that wasn’t happening, he was met with silence.

Leon growls at me. “I could have left you. You do realize that, don’t you? F**k, Harlow, just speak! It has been three days of nothing but your d**n silence!” he snarls before turning on his heel and leaving.

Rolling over, I tug the blanket over my head and nestle beneath the blanket. I had a strange feeling Leon was only here so he could use me as his personal juice box. Rhen hardly spoke to me, and the few days I tried to speak to him, it turned into a screaming match where he usually left. Raidon hadn’t seen me since, and I left, and after hearing Rhen on the phone with him, I didn’t bother trying to reach out to him. He was as pissed off as Thane. Yet some part of me knew I couldn’t remain here in this hotel room. That one day, Thane would order his mates back, and then what?

Partway through the day, I grew bored when nothing was on TV and decided to go see Bree. She would listen, or at least I hoped she would. That is if Talon let me in after learning from Leon what I supposedly had done.

Climbing out of bed, I pulled on some jeans and a hoodie. Forgetting a bra, I couldn’t be bothered. Instead, I pull my hair into a messy bun and tug the hood up before slipping my feet into my sneakers and leaving the hotel with my key tucked in the back pocket of my jeans.

I had to walk because I didn’t have bus fair, and I wasn’t even sure if Thane had paid me yet for the work I did. Not that it would matter. My handbag and everything was in his house, never to be seen again, probably.

Yet the walk did me some good, the fresh air helping me clear my head. During the week in that hotel, all I could smell was Rhen and Leon. I reeked of them. It took me a little over forty-five minutes to walk to the seedy strip club. Stepping inside, all I could smell was Omega pheromones, s*x, and bodily fluids. Gosh, I did not miss this smell.

Walking around the dimly lit place, I move behind the bar and out towards the back, where the staff areas are. It didn’t take me long to find Bree. She was out back, getting ready to go on stage. Yet as she looked up when I entered, a huge grin split onto her face.

“Z, please tell me you are here to work?” she purrs at me, and I wave to her and press my lips together in an awkward smile. She exhales loudly and sighs, patting the bench where she had her leg propped up, tying the lace from her heels up her legs.

“Talon told me what happened with your pack,” she tells me.

“Where is Talon?” I ask nothing that I never saw him.

“Away for the next week. He is opening another club in the city over. I am in charge for a week,” she shrugs. “He is not here. You don’t have to worry,” she tells me, and I let out a breath of relief. We chit-chat for a bit before she has to go on stage. I watch her as she works, and when she comes off stage, I follow her out back while she yells at the girls who are dawdling and not where they were supposed to be. They rush off, and I explain my version of events to Bree.

“And they won’t listen.” She clicks her tongue, annoyed. “Stupid typical Alpha men! You can’t tell them s**t!” she snarls before pursing her lips.

“So what are you going to do?” she asks, and I shrug.

“I was going to leave, but I have no money and nowhere to go,” I tell her. She thinks for a moment as she gets into her next outfit.

“Are you looking for work?” she asks, and I sigh.

“I suppose I am. I’m clearly fired from being their secretary, but what about Talon?”

“He isn’t here for the next week, though we will have to pour the pheromones on you. With that mark on your neck, you b****y reek of them, but we can smother their scents.”

“I can’t work nights, though. I don’t want them knowing and giving them a reason to hate me more.”

“Fine, I can move shifts around. Can you be here around nine each morning this week?” I nod my head, knowing they leave at 8 AM each morning. It would be tight but doable.

“What about Talon?” I ask.

“I will handle Talon when he returns,” she assures me, and I nod.

“Okay, great,” I tell her, and she smiles before giving me a hug and checking her phone. She digs through her bag before grabbing her wallet and slipping me twenty dollars.

“Catch a cab back. They knock off soon, and you won’t make it back in time to shower before they get back,” she says, showing me the time on her phone, and I gasp.


“A cab should be waiting out front. I had Mila call one for you ten minutes ago. Go, I will see you tomorrow,” she says, and I nod before pausing.

“Ah, where will I be working?” I ask her.

“Behind the bar, don’t worry,” she tells me, and I sigh in relief before rushing out to find the cab.