Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 68

Later that night, my bond nagged and screamed at me until I messaged Leon needing him to come over. It was 1AM, and I was still awake. My body felt wired, feral. Yet Leon doesn’t come. Instead, it is Raidon that knocks on my door. I stared at him as he stood in the doorway, yet he didn’t smell of the strange woman anymore, which I was thankful for. I don’t think my bond would handle smelling this woman again tonight. We stood there awkwardly. Today was the first time I had seen him since Thane kicked me out.

“Thane wouldn’t let Leon or Rhen come, so…” he shrugs as if he was some sort of offering to replace them. I say nothing, just step aside, allowing him to enter. He looks at the torn sheets on the bed and sighs. My mini den was ruined, destroyed, and so was the mattress.

“I will have the hotel replace the mattress tomorrow and linens,” Raidon tells me as he climbs into the ruined den I made. Yet his scent soothes my aching bond as the room becomes flooded with his scent.

When sleep does take me, it is only because his scent invaded every sense as I laid on him, yet his movement woke me early in the morning, and so did the knock on the door. I roll off him as he climbs out of bed, covered in duck feathers from the torn-apart duvet.

Yet the motion of me rolling off him had me racing for the bathroom. I barely make it to the toilet in time. I heave and retch as I lose the contents of my stomach, which thankfully wasn’t much. I couldn’t bring myself to eat my food last night, not after smelling that woman’s scent on them.

Fingers brush the back of my neck as someone grabs my hair, tugging it back away from my face. “See, I told you something was up with her,” comes Leon’s voice.

“Probably just the c**p from last night. She was quite distressed when I got here last night,” Raidon says.

“He never should have hired her! I don’t even want to go to work!” Leon growls behind me and my eyes sting with tears. When I am done, I smack Raidon’s hands away, and he turns on the shower while I strip off my clothes.

“I will take her blood just to be sure,” Raidon says and I roll my eyes, stepping under the spray. I knew exactly what it was. It was my d**n bond they crushed and pulverized!

“Don’t you have work to get to?” I snap at Leon when he remains at the door, watching me.

“We wouldn’t take another Omega Harlow. You don’t need to worry about that,” Leon tells me.

“So she has a pack then?” I ask him, peering over my shoulder at him. He g****s, resting his head on the door frame.

“She is a rotation omega,” I choke, emotion threatening to suffocate me.

“He hired a rotation Omega?” I whimper. The thought terrified me. Rotation Omegas usually chose that as a career. It paid well, and they were passed around. Sure, there some are forced into the rotation when they break the laws or don’t register like I didn’t, but a lot liked the lifestyle it offered. And knowing that stung even more because without a pack, Thane only had to click his fingers, and she would be on her knees for him.

“Just go, Leon,” I tell him, pressing my face under the water as that horrid sinking feeling buried deep inside me at the thought. Leon sighs, and I hear him walk off. Tears stream down my cheeks, thankfully washing away with the water when I hear Raidon come into the bathroom, and I shut the water off, reaching for my towel.

Raidon points to the spa bath, and I shake my head. “Harlow, please don’t make me order you,” he says.

“First a new Omega, and now you’re going to order me around just to insult me some more?” I snarl at him. He grits his teeth and points to the edge of the bath. I roll my eyes.

“I just want to be sure. Leon said your blood has been tainted lately due to stress,” he says as he grabs my arm, pushing me back to sit.

“So what if it is? I highly doubt there is much that can be done about that!” I snap at him.

“No, but it might help us convince Thane to let you come home,” Raidon retorts, gripping my arm before plunging the needle into it. I hiss and j**k my arm back, but his grip was like a vice as he filled his stupid vials.

“Don’t you want to come home?” he asked. I scoff. “What, so I can smell your new secretary each night? I’ll pass, thanks,” Raidon mutters under his breath and curses before placing a cotton bud on my arm. He then turns and walks out of my room and leaves. When I am sure they are gone for good, I get ready for work and head over. It irritated me that Thane had them working with another Omega. While I was working behind the d**n bar making sure the men didn’t come too close. I could never betray them like that and he was flaunting it in my face.

A growl leaves me. F**k them then! Bree said it pays more on the floor and if it means getting out of here faster, I will take her up on it. They can have their stupid Omega! Thane had pushed me too far this time.


Once again, I made good tips today, and I spoke to Bree about moving to the floor, but she didn’t think it was a good idea. “Z!” she calls out to me, using my fake name as I am about to leave. I wander back over to her and she motions for me to follow her as she slips out the back.

“I have a private show on Friday night for some big names. I was going to ask Bianca, but if you really want to make money good money and fast,”

“What about Bianca?”

“I haven’t asked her yet. So if you want to do it with me,”

“How much, and what have I gotta do?”

“Enough to get you out of this city,” She chews her lip nervously, glancing out the doors. “It’s in the function room,” she whispers. We aren’t supposed to say what goes on up there and I never asked, though I had a good idea what sorts of shows went on up.

“Wait, it’s an orgy?” “Not quite, but yes. These ones, though, have asked for a particular show,” she says, chewing her nails.

“What sort of show?” I ask.

“They want two girls in the glory hole boxes. They also want to film it.”

“Wait, you have a glory hole up there?” I ask, a little shocked.

“Forget I asked,” she says, waving me off. My brows crease, but she said it would get me out of the city, so that means it had to pay well. And I wouldn’t even have to lay eyes on them.

“How many and how much?” I ask her as she turns for the door.

“Fifteen is booked, but that doesn’t mean they will all join in,” she says, and I s*****w. That is so many dicks.

“And they won’t see us at all?”

“No. From the waist up, we will be covered by the box and black cloth. If at any time you want out, I can have Bianca on standby.”

“And how much does this pay?”

“10k. So five each, for four hours,”

“Wait, you earn 10k for those upstairs shows?”

“Sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on who they are. We charge accordingly, and whatever their fetishes and kinks are, they are charged as well. They are also all screened two days before and have to use protection,”

“F**k! I’ve been in the wrong business! Who would have thought I could make that much by strapping a mattress to my back?” I chuckle. Bree laughs.

“And now you know why I do it. Also, Talon doesn’t take a cut from the shows upstairs either. Those are my shows, and he makes his money from the bar up there. So you in?”

“That would definitely go a long way to getting me out of the city,”

“I have another Saturday night if you can escape your captors,” she tells me. I knew it would be hard enough to come up with an excuse when I didn’t return home Friday night till late. Saturday, they would be all over me, demanding to know where I was.

“We’ll see about that one, but Friday, I will be able to get away with it,” I tell her, and she smiles.

“Sweet! Now let’s go celebrate,” she says, looping her arm through mine.

“Don’t you have work?” I ask her.

“Nope. I have tonight off. Shelley is covering for me, so let’s go out. My shout,” she tells me, and I giggle. Why the f**k not, I thought. It isn’t like Thane gives a f**k about me and is intent on trying to hurt me.

“You know they will find me, eventually?” I tell her.

“So what? They kicked you out; they can’t expect you to not work. And besides, you are only working behind the bar.” she says. “Well, until Friday anyway. They shouldn’t have hired a w***e to work for them!” she growls, hailing a cab.

“Let’s head back to my place. I have some clothes you can borrow, and we can go to Craze to celebrate,” she says, smacking my a*s as a cab pulls up. I laugh and slide across the seat when she opens the door.


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