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Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 69

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 69

Thane POV

Sarah wanders into my office without knocking, and I glare at her as she smiles sweetly and places my mug on my desk. I was mentally cursing at hiring the girl. She was too handsy, always trying to touch us, always talking, and I couldn’t stand her. But I hired her out of spite because I was furious. And now I was stuck with her. She steps closer to my desk, and I turn my head to look at her.

“What?” I snap at her, and she flinches but plasters that sickly sweet smile on her face that has me internally shuddering with revulsion. She doesn’t even bother with suppressants, and it was like she was hoping to send us into a rut. What she didn’t realize was that we already had an Omega, and we didn’t want another one. Shit, I didn’t even want the one I had, so she stood no chance in hell of getting with my pack.

“Do you need anything else?” she purrs.

“Yes, for you to get the fuck out of my office!” I snarl at her. She pales as my aura smashes against her, and she runs out. I glare at the mug on my desk that she left before turning my attention back to my laptop when Raidon rushes into my office, making me look up.

He had a furious glare on his face. “She has gotta go! I swear if she tries touching me again, I will break her fucking fingers!” he snaps, falling into the chair across from me. I leaned back in my chair, knowing he was right. The girl was driving us insane and not in a way that Harlow did. No, this bitch was on the prowl for a wealthy pack. That much was certain with the way she all but kept throwing herself at us.

My mates were furious, and so was I at my stupidity. I wanted to hurt Harlow, and I knew her smelling another Omega on them would drive her mental, and cause her anguish, yet now this Omega was upsetting my mates as well. They despised her and wanted her gone.

“Thane, she either goes, or I will fucking quit!” Raidon snaps at me.

“Quit?” I ask him. Does he not realize he owns part of this business? He can’t just fucking quit. When I took this place, I made them all equal partners. I knew nothing of this business, and I needed their help. I never wanted to be trapped in an office all day, and I knew barely anything about tech or what my fathers did here until inherited it.

“Yes, I will fucking quit! I don’t want another Omega prancing around here! And she doesn’t even fucking work! I swear she stands by our damn doors waiting to see our mugs empty.” he growls angrily.

“I’ll speak with her,” I tell him.

“No. You will fire her. Or you will have another scandal on your hands when I fucking kill her, and she goes missing!” Raidon snaps angrily before rising to his feet.

“Where are you going?” I ask, not wanting him to leave, knowing that bimbo would be trying to come in here.

“Back to MY Omega!” he snaps at me while digging his keys out of his pocket.

“What about the meeting we have?”

“Handle it yourself,” he says, storming out of my office. I shake my head when I hear him call out to Leon.

“Leon, we are leaving,” he yells out, and I hear his office door open, he was all too eager to leave. The moment they are gone, Rhen rushes into my office and locks the door behind him, his laptop in his hand. He sits at my desk when we hear the door handle twist, and he growls menacingly.

“Vile woman!” he sneers when we hear her heels clicking on the floor as she wanders off. We waited for the meeting with Jake, but he canceled at the last minute, saying he couldn’t get here. That something came up, and he had to return home. Which was fine by me because I wanted out of this office and away from my secretary.

However, as we are packing everything up, the mind link opens up.

It was just turning dark outside, and I knew they went home because they had mind-linked me earlier to let me know a package I was waiting for had arrived. “What’s up?” I ask them.

“Have you seen or heard from Harlow?” Leon asks, and I feel Raidon force the link open and join the conversation.

“What do you mean?” Rhen asks.

“We got to the hotel, and she isn’t here. We have searched the entire damn building!” he snaps. Rhen jumps to his feet in a panic.

“Maybe she went for a walk,” I tell them.

“We have been looking for her for the past hour since we got here, Thane.”

“An hour, and you are only just mind linking now!” Rhen yells at them. I growl, getting to my feet, knowing damn well they would be annoying the fuck out of me until I tracked her down.

“We are on our way,” I tell them, cutting the link off. We leave and I tell Sarah to knock off, wondering why she was still here when her shift finished an hour ago. I knew why she was lingering, but she didn’t stand a chance in hell with any of us.

We met up with the others at the hotel and searched every nook and cranny of the place, yet through the bond, she felt perfectly fine. Happy even, which pissed me off. While her mates were in a fucking panic, she was excited and happy about something.

We also went to Talon’s, but she wasn’t there before trying her old apartment, unsure where else she would go. She had no money or anywhere else to go. We tried Bree and Talon’s place. Yet we figured she was with Bree somewhere because after ringing Talon, he couldn’t get a hold of her either.

It was 10 PM by the time Talon found out where Bree was, and we headed straight to the club they were at. Through the bond, we could feel she was fucking drunk, which only angered me more because she was putting herself at risk going out without us in a city full of Alphas. When we arrived, we saw it was one of Bree’s friend’s clubs which explained how she got Harlow in without ID.

Stepping into the place, I groan when I see Sarah. Of course, she had to be at the same fucking club our mate was at. Raidon shoves past her and into the club, searching for our mate. Rhen nods upstairs and moves past me, heading for the stairs. I try to evade my secretary as she beelines straight for me.

Yet she catches me quickly. “Are you here to see me?” she purrs, brushing her fingers down my white button-down shirt.

“Definitely not! Now fuck off!” I snap at her, and her cheeks turn red at my harshness. Stepping further in, all I could smell was pheromones, mingling scents, and liquor. I make my way around the place, bodies gyrating against each other, the strobing lights annoying my vision when the mind-link opens up.

“Over there,” Rhen says, and I look up to the second floor to see him pointing behind me to where some booths were. Turning around, I spotted Harlow at the back with Bree, both of them laughing hysterically while Bree gave her a lap dance.


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