Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 70

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Bree stumbles back, also drunk, and Harlow grasps her wrists before she falls back onto the table, both of them in fits of giggles with the other girls they were with. They must be Bree’s friends because we all knew other than Bree, Harlow had none. Probably because she was a f*****g liar.

Climbing the few steps that led to the booth, a furious growl tears out of me, and they all go quiet. Bree jumps in fright, and Harlow rolls her eyes at me.

“And that would be the fun police here to drag me away!” she snarls, leaning heavily against the girl beside her as she slurs her words. I reach out to grab her wrist, and she growls at me, j*****g her wrist out of my grip. I glanced around at the other girls, who all stared at her with worry.

“She is fine, Thane. I will make sure she gets home okay,” Bree slurs her words. I shake my head.

“Harlow, get up!” I snap at her. She giggles, and Rhen comes up behind me. “Bree!” he spits through gritted teeth. My eyes run the length of Harlow, and she might as well have been n***d for all the coverage her clothes gave her. Rhen, also noticing how she is dressed, reaches down and grabs her wrist, ripping her out of the booth.

She smacks into his chest when she stumbles forward. “Why are dressed like that?” I snarl at her.

“Why do you f*****g care?” she retorts. I growl at her tone, and Rhen tugs his jacket off, trying to drape it over her, but she flings it off.

“I am not leaving,” she says.

“Yes, you f*****g are! I will drag you out kicking and f*****g screaming if need be.” I tell her, gripping her arm when she tries to tug out of Rhen’s grip.

“Hey, come on, Thane. No need to be rough with her,” Bree tells me, touching my arm. I shake her arm off and glare at her.

“Shut up, Briana! Just because Talon lets you do whatever the f**k you want doesn’t mean I will put up with this sort of behavior!”

“Talon is not my Alpha. Or my mate!” Bree retorts.

“But I am hers! Now sit the f**k down and mind your own d**n business. I know you talked her into this stupid s**t. No way would she have come out on her own!” I yell at her when Harlow smacks my chest.

“Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!” she slurs while swaying on her feet. I push her toward Rhen, who grabs her, pushing her toward the exit. Just as Raidon spots us looking relieved, he makes his way toward us while Rhen struggles with steering Harlow out of the place. Mostly because she didn’t want to leave. However, as we reach the doors, I internally groan when her scent hits me.

Rhen stops abruptly, and I almost run into his back. “That scent!” I hear Harlow murmur just as Sarah comes racing over, waving her arms excitedly.

“F**K!” Rhen curses just as Harlow picks up the scent she had smelled on her mates for the past few days. The savage noise that leaves her has everyone around us back up, including Sarah, who stares at her, horrified when Harlow suddenly lunges at her.

I shove past Rhen, my arm locking around her waist and her claws narrowly miss the Sarah’s face as she shrieks, and Raidon shoves her away.

Harlow turns feral in my arms, wanting to k**l her and everyone around us scatters while I try to keep a hold of her. Sarah tucks tail and runs, now realizing why we had shown no interest in her advances at work because we already had an Omega.

Great! This scene I knew would be plastered all over the papers tomorrow. Harlow claws and kicks at me as I toss her over my shoulder and the security at the doors were quick to open them, relieved they wouldn’t have to deal with her. Stepping outside, the fresh air blasts my face and I could feel Raidon’s burning anger behind me. Rhen’s too. Leon stood by the car and pushed off the trunk when he saw her thrashing body over my shoulder.

“I hate you! I f*****g hate you!” Harlow yells at me. Her fist smashes my back when she kicks me between the legs. I grunt and freeze, seeing black as I fight the urge not to choke on my d**n b***s that felt like they were now in my throat. I grip her legs tighter. But she goes stiff as a board, sitting up and thrashing harder, as her fist smacks the top of my head.

“Put me down!” she snarls, hitting me wherever she could. When that doesn’t work, and I adjust my grip on her, she sits up and goes limp in my arms, slipping out of them and crashing to the ground at my feet.

“Harlow, stop it! You are causing a f*****g scene,” I snap at her.

“You would bring your f*****g w***e with you?” she screams at me, tears streaking down her face with her anger.

I grab her, but she turns to d**d weight in my arms. “Stop it! Or I will go back and drag her out and mark her in front of you! Is that what you f*****g want?” I scream at her while trying to grab her. She freezes to and the hurt that smashed me through the bond makes me want to take the words back when she looks up at me.

What I wasn’t expecting was for her hand to whip out. Her claws rake down my face as she slaps me, and my blood sprays across hers. “Go claim your f*****g w***e then!” she yells at me before getting to her feet. Rhen glares at me. Were they seriously not going to help me with her? It angered me more that they would watch her lose her s**t at me and do nothing to help. She was causing a f*****g scene! That is bad for all of us.

I could feel them all glaring at me as she went to stalk off. I reach for her, wrapping my arm around her waist, and she thrashes before tossing her head back. It connects with my nose, and I hear the sickening crack, blood spurts out of my nose, forcing me to drop her. I growl, grabbing her again, shoving her into the car door. Raidon growls at me, and I glare at him as he goes to attack me for manhandling her.

“Stand down!” I snap at them when he goes to grab me, along with Rhen. He freezes under my command. They all do, except Harlow, who continues to thrash in my grip.

“Stop!” I scream in her face, and she does instantly as the command washes over her. Her eyes glared daggers at me and I was about to order her into the car when she spits in my face.

I grit my teeth. If she were a man, I would have pummeled her for that. Instead, I growl, my grip on her tightening as I open the door and stuff her in the car. She kicks my car door open when I try to close it, and her heel comes off when I try to re-shut the door. She growls as I shut it, and I wipe her spit off my face when the door flies open, and her heel smashes me in the side of my face.

“I hate you! You f*****g a*****e! I hope you get f****d up the a*s with a pineapple, you Alpha hole!,” she drunkenly screams her slurs at me, trying to get out of the car. I grab her arms, shoving her back in the car. My knee is pressing between her legs as I push her further in, pinning her to the seat while my mates growled at me, wanting to pull me off her but are unable to move toward me while under my command…

“Get off me!” she screams, thrashing and kicking.

“Keep fighting me and I’ll pull that f*****g dress up and s***k your a*s in front of everyone out here. Now stop, Harlow unless you want your a*s across the front page of every d**n newspaper by morning.”

“F**k you!” she sneers at me.

“Submit.” I warn her.

“No!” she snarls, glaring at me.

“Submit!” I scream the order in her face, sick of her stupid little games. She wants to act like a d**n animal. I will treat her like one! She whimpers, and tears fill her eyes as she tries to fight it before submitting when it hurts too much and bearing her neck to me.

The moment she does, I sink my canines into her neck. She screams, the sound deafening. She would get no pleasure from my bite, just pain, to show her who was in charge. I hear our mate’s whimpers behind me when I then use our bond to knock her out. They wanted to k**l me as I forced all my anger into the mark, making it as painful as possible; she would think twice about crossing me now.


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