Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 71

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 71

Rhen POV

Anger coursed through me when I was forced to watch him make her submit. He doesn’t even do that to us, and I felt her pain vibrate through the bond, the betrayal she felt. Thane climbs out of the car, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Get in the car. We are going home,” he snaps, yet we all remain where we are. I can’t believe he did what he just did. That was cruel, and he knows it, yet he felt no remorse for his actions at all. Almost as if he enjoyed hurting her in some sick form of vengeance for his mother.

“I said get in the car,” he snarls at us, and Leon whimpers as his command rolls over us, his feet moving toward the car when both mine and Raidon’s hands whip out, grabbing him. Thane raises an eyebrow at our challenge, he could easily make us submit, but if he did, we would never forgive him.

“I had no choice. Look how many people are watching with their f*****g phones out,” he snaps at us. We had drawn a crowd, and this would be splashed over every paper tomorrow, no doubt about how Thane treated an Omega. It didn’t look good, yet she wasn’t in control of her actions. He knows how territorial they are, and he reeked of that Omega. What did he expect?

“Get in the-” his words cut off when her irritating nasally voice reached my ears, and he dropped the command as Sarah rushed across the road, her heels clicking furiously.

“Alpha! Alpha!” she calls out, and I turn to tell her to f**k off, but we were indeed surrounded by so many onlookers and already in hot water.

“What, Sarah?” Thane asks as she slows to a stop beside him. She bats her false lashes at him, and I can feel his hatred through the bond toward her.

“I know you are having trouble with your Omega. I was wondering what would become of her. Maybe you’re looking for a replacement. She doesn’t seem to be very submissive.” Was this w***e for real right now? I am astonished at how desperate she comes across. Gold digging w***e she knows we have an Omega, and I kind of wish Thane let Harlow at the b***h. She steps closer, brushing her hands down his chest and Raidon growls at her.

“We will talk about this tomorrow at work,” he tells her, glancing around at the people watching.

“No, Sarah, you are-”

“We’ll discuss it at work tomorrow,” Thane growls when I go to tell her, she is fired and not welcome near Harlow or us. How dare she think we would toss our Omega aside for her. I grit my teeth while she paws at him, disgusted not just with her but the fact Thane didn’t put her in her place. F**k what the media says!

With a growl, I climb into the car reaching for Harlow before dragging her limp body out. Thane growls, and Raidon rushes toward Leon’s car and opens the door.

“Leon now!” I order, and he rushes over. Raidon climbs in the back of the car, and I pass her to him before jumping in the driver’s side.

“What are you doing?” Thane snarls.

“If you are willing to entertain the idea of her, then sleep by yourself,” I snap at him before slamming the door shut just as Leon slides into the passenger seat. Thane’s anger burns through the bond, but I don’t care, instead tearing out of there and heading back to the Hotel.

When we arrive back at the Hotel, I open the rear door so Raidon can climb out with her. He carries her to the room, and I open the door when she starts to come to. The moment she does, she throws up all over him. Raidon curses, looking up at the roof.

“I will run a shower,” Leon says, rushing into the bathroom.

“Sorry,” Harlow mumbles, almost incoherently.

“I don’t usually drink,” she slurs.

“I can tell. It is fine. Go back to sleep,” Raidon tells her, letting his calling slip out and knocking her out with its calming effects. Raidon walks into the bathroom sitting on the edge of the bath, and I help him to peel off her dress and strip her b**e while Leon tries to clean up the mess she made of Raidon’s shirt.

Once she is n***d, I strip my clothes off before taking her so Raidon can undress. He definitely needed a shower now. I step into the shower with her, sitting on the recess while Raidon gets undressed before grabbing the removable shower head and rinsing his chest.

“So gross,” he says, quickly washing.

“She didn’t mean it,” Leon is quick to defend.

“I know. It doesn’t make it any less gross, though,” Raidon tells him before grabbing the soap and rinsing her with the showerhead. We wash her quickly, and Leon grabs towels as we play pass the parcel with her while we get changed while trying to dry her off. We give up on dressing her and just place her in bed.

Leon moves to shower himself, closing the door behind him. While I climb in bed with her laying behind her and Raidon on her other side.

“What now?” Raidon asks.

“We have a meeting in the morning, but I don’t care about that. I want to fire Sarah; I don’t want Thane making things worse by keeping her around,” Raidon nods his head before rolling into her.

“I also need to speak to my mother, so I can get Harlow’s blood test results,” he tells me, and I nod before reaching over and flicking off the lamp on my side, leaving only Raidon’s on. Yet when Leon got out of the shower, I could feel his burning hunger. He needed blood, yet as he peers down at her sleeping between us, he shakes his head.

“Leon?” Raidon asks, tilting his head to the side. Yet we all knew now that he had fed on her. She would always be his go-to.

“I can wait,” He says, but instead of climbing into bed with us, he moves toward the couch, and I knew he didn’t want to risk feeding on her while she slept. Not that he hasn’t before, yet I could feel after everything with Thane tonight. Leon didn’t want to take anything from her right now without her permission.

“If you get uncomfortable, you have us, Leon,” I remind him, and he nods, grabbing the spare blanket and pillow before climbing onto the couch furthest away from her.


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