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Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 72

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 72

Harlow POV

I was awoken by one of their phones ringing loudly. I had a wicked hangover, and the room’s brightness burned my eyes as I squinted up at the ceiling. My eyes widened, and I sat up abruptly, halfin a panic that I would find myself locked in the den. Relief washes over me when I find myself back at the Hotel.

“Yeah, we know. We are on our way,” I hear Rhen tell presumably Thane. Raidon comes out of the bathroom, trying to fix his tie.

“Here,” I tell him, tossing my legs over the side of the bed while ignoring the nausea that bubbled in my empty stomach and had me wanting to run to the bathroom just to be safe.

Raidon wanders over to me, yanking the tie off, and I stand on my tippy toes to quickly fix it for him while his hands move to my hips.

“How are you feeling?” he asks.

“Fine,” I tell him, though my neck stung when memories of that woman came to my mind. Tears tried to brim at remembering her scent all over them and then seeing her. I knew it was foolish with what I was planning on doing on Friday so I could get out of the city, yet at the same time.

Thane has made it clear he doesn’t want me, and he has overall pull when it comes to ranking in the pack. I knew it. They knew it. Waiting for him to come around was foolish. He wouldn’t give me the time of day to even explain. And as much as they claim to be by my side, I could feel their disbelief. I felt their distrust of me, so it was pointless.

“We’ll be back tonight, don’t leave the hotel, please,” Raidon whispers before pressing his lips to my forehead. He steps away, grabbing his phone from the charger and wallet off the small stand by the door. Rhen quickly pecks my cheek before rushing out the door.

“Where is Leon?”

“Leon left early. He was struggling with his bloodlust,” Raidon tells me. Why didn’t he feed on me, then? Was he angry about last night?

“He could have fed,” I began to say.

“I have to go; we are late,” Raidon says before rushing out and leaving me staring at the door. It took all of two seconds of them leaving for that empty feeling in my stomach to change to a rising feeling in my throat as I ran for the bathroom to throw up. I was still puking when I heard the hotel phone start ringing, and I groaned, wiping my mouth on the hand towel before retrieving it and moving back toward the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth.

“Hello,” I all but groaned into the phone.

“Thank goodness, can you fill in for Tammy today? She can’t come in,” Bree says, not sounding the slightest bit as sick as I felt. Yet Thane never paid me for the few weeks I did, and I was desperate for cash. I hated living off them at the moment, yet that couldn’t be helped. And I knew they would pitch a fit if they found out I was working back at Talon’s.

“Yes, but you will have to pay for the cab. And I need to shower first,” I tell her.

“Deal, thank you. You really saved my ass,” she says. I chuckle, shaking my head before hanging up, and turning the shower on. I felt like shit still even after I hopped out and rummaged around for anything half decent to wear though I would borrow one of the uniforms when I got there. I doubted my baggy sweats and hoodie would earn me much in tips.

Climbing in the cab, I find Bree had in fact, called ahead and paid, which saves me having to run in and raid the till to pay for the fare. I wondered where the money in my bra went when I remembered I had left it at Bree’s house.

When the cab pulls up out front of the strip club, though, and I climb out. I glance around and tug my hood up over my head. I usually wasn’t here this late and hated the idea of being seen in case it got back to Thane and my mates.

Most mornings, people were too distracted with rushing to work on time. Afternoons are the same, or parents doing school runs, yet at this hour, it was mainly shoppers taking their sweet ass time as they leisurely walked around taking everything in.

Yet after last night, and catching a glimpse of the morning paper by the foyer doors, I knew that my face was being splashed over every paper and the scene caused was talk of the city this morning, so I was kind of thankful for the masks we always wore. Well, those of us that wanted some of our identity kept secret, anyway, had them to wear.

Moving toward the doors, I hear someone clear their throat as I grip the door handle. My eyes move to the side when I see movement and Alpha Jake steps out from the alley up the side of the strip joint. My heart rate quickens at seeing the man responsible for killing my sister.

“Harlow,” he says, stepping closer, and I yank the door open.

“Harlow, wait, just hear me out. It isn’t what you think. I want to help you,” Alpha Jake says, and I scoff. His actions say otherwise.

“Help me? You killed my sister,”

“No, no, I didn’t. Zara is the reason I am here,” he tells me. Does he think I am an idiot? I know he killed her, and I even know how she died.

“Bullshit,” I snarl.

“I can explain. I had to say that. I” I step inside, ignoring him. It made me nervous that he was here after seeing him in the office the other week. Why was he still here? A shiver ran up my spine, but I wasn’t worried about him snitching on me because then he would have to admit that he went looking for me. So instead, I head out the back to the staff area so I can change quickly.

However, when I come out, I find him sitting at the bar, and my stomach drops.


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