Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 73

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So instead, I make my way up the stairs to the VIP section to find Bree working behind the bar upstairs. She smiles and waves me over to her, and I quickly rush toward her and the little safety behind the bar area

“Thanks for coming in,” she says before looking downstairs toward the lower bar.

“That man down there came in twenty minutes before you did,” she tells me, nodding toward Jake and glancing down at him nervously.

“He knew your name.” I s*****w and nod. “As Harlow,” she whispers. It was no secret anymore that Tal and Bree knew my real identity now, yet the fact he figured out where I worked and came here frightened me.

“Apparently, he was here last night asking about you,” Bree tells me. Now that worries me. I don’t offer her an explanation. Though it made me curious as to why he was here.

“His name is Jake. He is also the man responsible for k*****g my sister. She took my place in his pack,” I told her. Saying that out loud made the sickly feeling in my stomach worse, remembering how angry he was when he found out he had the wrong Omega after k*****g her.

“Stay up here today; I will have Shane stay in case he gives you a hard time,” Bree tells me, giving my arm a squeeze before going downstairs. She was due on stage in twenty minutes, and I hated the idea of being here by myself but knew it couldn’t be helped. Besides, Shane would step in if he tried anything.

I set to work, trying to ignore Alpha Jake the best I could, yet he never left and remained most of the day. When I thought he was getting up to leave, relief filled me but on temporarily. Instead, he came up to the top bar where I was. Shane, the security guard, watched him closely and never left my side. But his presence was becoming harder and harder to ignore.

“Are you going to ignore me all day,” Jake asks.

“Yep, I have nothing to say to you,” I tell him while sliding the drink he ordered over to him. He sighs.

“Does Thane know you are working here?” he asks, and my hands freeze what they are doing as I wipe the counter down.

“Chill, I won’t tell him. That isn’t why I am here,” he tells me and returns to my cleaning.

“So why are you here?” I snapped at him.

“Are you happy with your mates, Harlow?” I glance at him. Do I look happy? I could be at work with them, but instead, I am sneaking around behind their backs, trying to find a way out of this city that wasn’t going to have me eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in alleyways.

Jake moves closer and leans over the bar before whispering. “Zara sent me, ” he says, and I grit my teeth.

“You’re lying. Your pack k****d her,” I snapped at him, and he leaned back, looking around and toward where Shane stood watching him. Yet as long as he didn’t try to grab me, he would remain where he was.

“No, we realized as soon she brought to us that she hadn’t bloomed. We aren’t monsters, despite what the media says about my pack,”

“You knew and forced her anyway?” I asked, glaring at him. Jake shakes his head.

“Once an Omega is bought, marked, and mated. The pack can’t take another; Zara bloomed the next day,” Jake tells me, looking around.

“Think about what I am saying, Harlow,” he whispers, unbuttoning his shirt. He jerks the collar aside, revealing his neck.

“We waited, would have waited forever if needed, and she begged us to save you. Said that you were both promised to never be separated. The only way for a pack to have two Omegas is if one was d**d,” he tells me.

“We gave her the serum when she bloomed. I tried to buy you for her. But then, when I found Thane used his last serum on you, I convinced her to let you stay with him. He is a good man, and I knew you would be safe with him. But then, after you went on the run and k****d his mother, we have spent the last two years searching for you before he could get his hands on you,” He tells me.

“You’re lying. Packs can have more than one Omega, and if what you’re saying is true, how did you get away with faking her d***h?” Jake sighs.

“Why would I lie, Harlow? As for your other question, not here. Too many ears. But ask your mates. The laws changed three weeks before Zara came to us. They made it stricter. Once marked and mated, that is the only Omega for the pack. No new ones and those that do take another are heavily penalized.”

“So Thane can’t take another Omega?” I ask him.

“Not unless he wants to pay over a million dollars in fines, not that he can’t afford it, but why risk it when you have his last serum running in your veins,” Jake tells me, buttoning up his shirt.

“Omega’s are becoming rarer. It is also why the council is so quick to chuck Omega’s into rotation these days, trying to bring population numbers up. One thing goes wrong, and an Omega is forced into the rotation, parking ticket, arrears in rent. The council has become desperate. I wouldn’t have been able to bid on you had they known Zara was alive,”

“You could be just saying this. That could be any of your pack’s marks,” I tell him.

“I could be, but when I saw you. Saw how frightened you were. I stuck around, found out you worked here; I knew once Thane figured out who you were, he would want your head.”

“Then prove she is alive, ring her,” I tell him, knowing I would recognize her voice anywhere. Jake shakes his head.

“No, we have just got her to a good place; I am not getting her hopes up of bringing you home only for you to decide not to come. So again, Harlow, do you want my help to get you out of here?” he asks. Yet how could I trust him? For all I know, he could be behind the k*****g of Thane’s mother and setting me up. Whisked me away only to find out my sister was indeed d**d.

“What do you mean about her not being in a good place?” I ask him.

“Our pack has lost a lot; I am not willing to lose my mate or this baby by stressing her out,” he tells me. My sister is pregnant. That made no sense. She is d**d; I saw the autopsy report.

“Then how am I expected to believe you if you won’t let me speak to her?” I tell him.

He slides a folded piece of paper over to me. “My number; I am staying in town until my meeting on Friday with Thane. Decide before then. I have to leave on Friday to get back to my family,” he says. Standing up and slid his stool under the bar.

“Did you have anything to do with Thane’s mother’s d***h?” I ask. His brows pinch.

“No, you k****d her? Didn’t you?” he asks, seemingly genuinely perplexed. I shake my head.

“But Thane thinks you did?”

“He wouldn’t let me explain. They have some s****y grainy footage of me leaving a restaurant with his mother before she apparently died. But it wasn’t me. We were run off the road and attacked. She told me to run,”

“Can you prove this?” he asks. I shake my head, knowing I can’t. No one else was on the road besides those that tried to capture me.

“Have you told Thane this?” he asks.

“I tried he wouldn’t hear me out,” I admit.

“I’ll look into it. But remember Friday Harlow, decide or I leave without you,” he says before leaving. I was so confused about his actions when I saw him at work and today. He was like two different people, and I didn’t know which version of him to trust. If he was right about changing the laws around Omega purchases, that was also more motive to try to deceive me.

When my shift ended, I quickly changed back into my clothes when Bree handed me a plastic bag.

“Your shoes and clothes from the other night,” she tells me, and I curse. I left her clothes I borrowed and heels at the Hotel.

“Thanks, I will return yours tomorrow when I come in,” I tell her before bidding her goodbye, catching a cab back to the Hotel, and doing my normal after-work ritual of ridding the scents from work before they get here.


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