Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 74

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Raidon POV

We waited for Thane to fire Sarah all day, and it was getting late. I swear it was almost as if he was punishing us for going against him last night. Hearing my door handle twist, I look up and glare at the door while hoping it isn’t Sarah. Relief floods me when I see it is just Rhen and my body visibly relaxes. Leaning back in my chair, I fold my arms across my chest.

“Have you heard from your mother about her blood test results? They should have come back by now? And Leon said the other day when you took them her blood tastes different,” Rhen asks. I sigh, reaching for my phone on my desk and calling my mother.

“I will ask her,” I tell him, dialing her number. “Has Thane fired her yet?” I ask as I hit the call button.

“No, but I will before the end of the day if he doesn’t,” Rhen tells me. The phone rings twice before she answers.

“What is wrong, son? You couldn’t wait five minutes to speak to me,” she says, and my brows furrow.

“I was calling about Harlow’s blood tests,” I told her.

“Well, we can chat soon; I am just about to step into the elevator. I got those glazed donuts you like, and some for Sarah, lovely girl she is,” mum tells me, and I press my lips in a line. That b***h has even got her hooks into my mother.

“When did you speak to Sarah?” I ask her.

“Earlier, I called the office when you didn’t answer. She seems like a lovely girl, thought I would come to meet her. She said you were all considering taking her as your Omega,” she tells me, and I see Rhen’s hands fist at his sides as he eavesdrops.

“No, actually, Rhen just fired her,” I tell her and look at Rhen, pointing to the door. He gladly obliges, storming out in a fury that she would dare state such a thing and to my mother of all people.

“Fired her? I only spoke to her an hour ago,” I growl, annoyed. “We have an Omega already, mother,”

“Nonsense, you can’t keep that m*******s little w***e; I won’t accept her, Raidon,” Rhen returns, popping his head in the door and mouthing to me, Where is she?’ I shrugged. She was in the foyer last I noticed.

“Good thing you don’t need to. She is our mate, not yours,” I tell her when I hear a loud bang from Leon’s office. I stand, trying to see out the door.

“Mum, I need to go; I will see you when you come up,” She tries to say something to me, but I hang too concerned over the commotion, and I can hear Rhen losing his mind. Stepping around my desk, I move toward the door before seeing Thane rip his door across from me and wondering what was going on. I just hoped Rhen didn’t k**l her.

Stepping into the hall, though, I find Rhen had a hold of her arm, and she was bleeding. Rhen snarls, and he shoves her toward Thane as she whimpers, her face turning red with embarrassment. Yet I couldn’t pay attention to what was going on, more focused on Leon’s door where they had just come out.

“F**k her off, she is to not step foot in this building again,” Rhen yells at Thane who grabs her arms before she stumbles into him. He looks her over while I step past them, heading toward Leon’s door.

“What did you do?” Thane growls at her, his voice growing distant as he walks her off somewhere. Stepping into Leon’s office, I find him stiff as a board sitting in his chair. His face had blood on it, but I could tell he was holding his breath, unmoving as if he was afraid to.

“I can’t,” he growls, and my eyes widen when I realize she had tried to make him feed on her. I turned to rush back to the kitchenette, but Rhen already had a wet cloth in his hand as he came behind me. I snatched it before rushing over to him, where his entire body was tense. A b****y handprint was on the side of his face and over his lips.

I growl, scrubbing it off, yet the moment I do, he snarls and lunges at me. His teeth sink into my neck, making me grunt at how hard he bit me not only using his fangs but his canines too. Thane bursts into the room as my a*s slams against the desk. As he tears into my neck. Rhen moves toward me, but I shake my head. Leon needed to feed and had been holding off waiting for Harlow to give him permission, but that woman had to try to use his own senses against him. His tongue laps at my neck.

“Where is she?” Rhen demands, turning on Thane.

“Gone, what happened?” he asks and I toss the b****y cloth at him.

“Sarah happened,” I snarl as Leon sinks his teeth into me again, higher up my neck, this time as he tries to rid the urge to feed on Omega’s blood. I curse wanting to k**l her. Thane sniffs the cloth and growls.

“This is your fault, we told you to get rid of her,” Rhen snaps at him just as I hear the elevator door sound down the corridor. Thane looks over his shoulder and back at us.

“Did he… he didn’t,”

“No! But he was stiff as a plank when I walked in. She cut her hand open and was practically in his lap while he was frozen, fighting his d**n urges to feed on her, Thane!” Rhen yells at him just as I see my mother step into the corridor. She wanders over to us before noticing Leon feeding on me like a d**n savage. She quickly averts her gaze.

“I’ll go find Sarah, shall I, while you ah…” She doesn’t finish walking off not wanting to witness such an intimate act between mates. To my mother, this would be as horrifying as that time she walked in on me having w**k when I was a teenager. Neither of us mentioned it, but once eye contact was made, it was too late. I can laugh now about it, although it was horrifying at the time.

“You won’t find her. She is gone. Though Ma, you can help me clean out her desk,” Rhen tells her before shoving past Thane, who was watching Leon with concern. Mum nods, talking to Rhen as they make their way to her desk. I rub my hands up his side starting to feel a little lightheaded.

Thane, feeling I can’t take much more through the bond, comes over to us, presses his chest against Leon’s back, and purrs at him. The calling didn’t have the same effect on us as it did Harlow yet it entices Leon enough to pull his teeth from my neck seeking out our Alpha. It works, and Leon turns toward Thane, who is already undoing his top three buttons as Leon impatiently paws at him, his hunger nowhere near abated. It wouldn’t be until he fed on Harlow. We just needed to get him calm enough to walk him out of the building without attacking anyone.

“Go see your mother; I will stay with Leon,” Thane tells me, and I grab a tissue off his desk, dabbing at my neck and my now ruined shirt. Closing the door behind me, I see my mother pouting as she helps dump the contents off the desk into a box.

“She seemed nice on the phone; I can’t believe she would do such a thing,” my mother says. Rhen sighed, and I knew he was only holding his tongue because she was my mother.

“Moving toward the desk, Rhen slides the donut box over to me.”

“Eat before you pass out,” he orders, and I roll my eyes, yet mum was watching me closely. She tosses the contents of the top drawer in the box with a sigh before coming over to me as I rummage through the donut box. She pressed a hand to my clammy face.

“Oh, you look a little pale, son. Eat up,” I roll my eyes at her concerned tone, only for her to pinch my face between her fingers.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me, son. I will,”

“What ma, throw a hip out trying to catch me to smack me,” I laugh, and she slaps my chest and clicks her tongue.

“Harlow’s blood tests,” I ask, biting into the donut.

“Yes, yes, I will get to it,”

“You haven’t done them yet?” Rhen asks, and she sighs.

“I will get to it when I get back to the clinic tomorrow,”

“Please, you have had all week. Tomorrow is Friday, mum!”

“Fine, fine, I will have the results tomorrow for you, I promise,” she adds, and I huff annoyed while shaking my head. “So Sarah?”

“Will never be our Omega,” I tell her before she can finish. Rhen wanders off, and my mother sighs, knowing she was one step off being kicked out with the tension up here at the moment.

“Well, I guess I will head home. Do you want me to drop this in the bins or to Sarah?”

“Sarah, it will save us having to. Thane said she is apparently waiting in the foyer downstairs with security for her belongings.” Rhen retrieves her handbag dumping it into the box of fuzzy pink c**p she stocked her desk with. I shake my head, and Rhen passes the box to my mother.

“Fine, I will give this to her as I leave,” she tells me, and I lean down, pecking her cheek, and so does Rhen before he presses the elevator button for her while I make my way back to Leon’s office to check on him and Thane.

An hour Later

“I want to grab dinner on the way home,” Rhen tells me. However I was more concerned about Harlow, she had felt off all afternoon, almost anxious.

“hat?” I ask Rhen not catching what he said.

“I asked what you want to get for dinner,” He says, shaking his head.

“Anything, tell Thane to pick dinner up, I want to get back to the Hotel,” I tell him, and he nods his head. Leon was quiet in the back. Thane was following us, and I was anxious to see his reaction near her. He wanted to take Leon home with him, but he refused, so he insisted on staying with us until he was sure Leon was fine.

However, I worried about how Harlow would react to being near him after the other night. I see Thane turn off in the side mirror, and I know Rhen must have mind-linked him when my phone starts ringing. I pull it from my pocket and groan when I see it is my mother but answer it anyway.

“Hey, Ma,”

“I was just letting you know I gave Sarah the box, but the book on the top she said wasn’t hers; I think it belongs to the other one,” my mother says, not even hiding the disgust of Harlow from her voice.

“Should I bin it?” she asks.

‘What book?” I ask.

“I don’t know. It looks like some diary or notebook, rubbish,” she says.

“No, drop it back to the office tomorrow when you bring the blood test results,” I tell her, adding the extra reminder.

My mother sighs. “How about I stop over tomorrow night after I finish at bingo with the girls? I will drop it to Thane; I don’t want to see her again by going to that d**n hotel,” she snaps at me.

“Fine, but mum, I want those blood results by the time I finish work tomorrow,” I tell her before saying goodbye and hanging up. I rest my head back and exhale. Her hate towards my mate was starting to irritate me.


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