Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Harlow POV

I felt like absolute s**t and was beginning to think I had food poisoning from the salad I ate that Bree gave me for lunch. Or maybe it was from nerves after seeing Jake. I had no idea of his intentions, yet after everything, I highly doubted they were anything good. Hearing the door open, I glance at it from where I lay huddled beneath the blanket. However, the moment they stepped in, I snarled, tucking my face beneath the blankets. They reeked of her. And I refuse to give Thane the satisfaction of seeing me give over to instinct and scent them, he won’t catch me off guard again.

“Shower!” I snarl at them when I feel one of them touch the blanket, about to pull it back. Rhen bristles and wanders off. Seconds later, I heard the shower turn on and heard them talking.

Shuddering at the sickly scent wafting out with the steam, I burrow deeper beneath the blanket, hoping to hide from its sickly perfume, when I hear the door open again and then the window.

“D**n reeks in here,” I hear Thane’s angry voice, and I freeze beneath the blanket. He was right. It stunk of his b***h secretary. Now I regret washing the scents from work off. If I had known, I would have left my work clothes on just to spite him, so he knows how it feels.

I didn’t bother sticking my head out from beneath the blanket; I waited for him to leave, only for him to wander into the bathroom, which had me sitting up just as Leon walked out with a towel wrapped low on his hips.

“Better?” he asks while coming over to me. He raises an eyebrow at me when I say nothing, and I roll my eyes but lean forward, sniffing him, and can only smell our mates and the scent of vanilla and honey soap. I nod when he cups my face in his hand.

“Are you okay? You look ill,” he asks.

“Yeah, think I have food poisoning,” I murmured, glancing at the bathroom door when Rhen too wandered out. I watch as they get changed into boxer shorts, and Rhen rummages through some containers I think Thane brought in with him. He hands me one but the thought of eating almost sends me running for the bathroom. Instead, I nestle back under the blankets as he climbs in bed and sits beside me.

My eyes flick to the bathroom door as Raidon comes out, and I look up at Rhen.

“Why is Thane here?”

“Because my mates are,” Thane answers, also stepping out of the bathroom, and Leon tosses him a pair of Rhen’s shorts to slip on.

“Why don’t you stay at Sarah’s,” I growl at him.

“She was fired today,” he says but didn’t deny he would if she were an option. My stomach sinks, knowing he is only here because they are. It was a stupid notion but still stung. For the most part, Thane spent the night glaring at me, and I spent the night pretending not to notice when Leon climbed over Rhen and forced himself between us, and pulled me on top of him.

Thane POV

It was getting harder with every second that went by as I watched them sit across the room from me. When they finally stopped touching her and pulling her around like a d**n yoyo, I was able to get my jealousy under control. Raidon was passed out asleep, Rhen was also asleep, and I watched Leon climb off the bed where I was. I growled at him. He ignores me, climbing over Rhen and squeezing between Harlow and Rhen. He rolls onto his back, pulling Harlow on top of him, and I watch as she sighs.

“If I make you sick, it isn’t my fault,” she tells him. She had been sick most of the night, but Leon was itching to get his fangs into her. She sweeps her hair over her shoulder and offers him her neck and hisses as his teeth puncture her skin before the pain turns to ecstasy, and she m***s softly.

I move uncomfortably, turning my gaze back to the Tv, trying to ignore them, when I hear her hiss again, making me look over at them to see he bit her again. She smacks his shoulders, trying to push off him yet his grip only tightens.

“Leon, stop,” I snap at him and he g****s, her hand reaching for Rhen as she squeezes his shoulder.

“Leon, enough!” I snapped at him. He was crazed by his blood lust, and I grit my teeth when her hand feebly clutches at Rhen, her nails scratching down his chest and I see his eyes flutter as Leon’s fingers tangle in her hair, and she makes a choking noise which has me jumping out of bed.

I smack Rhen hard in the chest as I reach over him to grab her, and he jumps. His eyes fly open, looking at me alarmed as I catch Harlow around the waist. Her legs kicking and hands clawing at Leon, trying to get him to stop. Rhen rolls, grabbing his face.

“Let her go!” I command him, and he does reluctantly as I grab her off him. She sways, leaning into me when I set her feet on the ground, and Rhen looked m*******s as he glared at our mate. Harlow squirms in my arms, coming back to her senses as she clutches her neck. I shove her toward my bed while Rhen wrangles Leon under control, waking Raidon, who grabs him, wrapping his arms around Leon, who fights for a few seconds before snapping out of it and realizing he wasn’t getting out of Raidon’s grip.

Rhen sits up and looks at Harlow before waving her to come to him, and she moves toward him, but I turn, shoving her back toward the bed.

“She can sleep with me,” I snapped at him, pissed off that he didn’t wake to her panic. Neither of them did.

“No, I am fine, now,” Harlow says, but I climb on the bed as she tries to hop off it for a second time.

“Lay down. You stay here!” I ordered her. My command washes over her, making her entire body tense before she is forced to submit and c*****s back onto the bed.

“Stop ordering her around, Thane. If she doesn’t want to sleep with you, she doesn’t have to,” Rhen snaps as I drop the command.

“And how many times has that happened,” I snarl at him, pointing to Leon, who I could feel was wracked with guilt.

“It hasn’t. We are just tired. It’s hard sleeping here,” Rhen defends.

“Come here, Harlow,” Rhen tells her, and she goes to sit up when I drop my arm over her waist, tugging her back and tossing my leg over hers.

“You remain here,” I tell her, and she glares at the ceiling for a second before rolling to face away from me. I sigh, tugging her closer, and I hear Rhen curse behind me but ignore him.

They weren’t the only ones having trouble sleeping. I haven’t slept in days, and it is because they spend every night here with her instead of at home.


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