Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 76

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 76

Harlow POV

I woke up early to Thane climbing out of bed; I snatched the blanket, tugging it over my face as he got ready for work. Wanting to steal a couple more hours’ rest before I have to get to work for this private gig. Yet as I listened to them getting ready, Jake’s words from yesterday nagged at me. All night I waited for Thane to leave so I could ask them, but since that wasn’t happening, I had no choice because today was Friday, and he was leaving today. I was pondering whether or not to go with him, yet at the same time, the thought of leaving made that sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach worse.

Rolling over, I see Raidon climb out of bed with a groan before he slaps Leon’s a*s hard, making him jump.

“Wake up. We gotta get to work,” Raidon snaps at him.

Thane wanders into the bathroom, and I know now is my only chance to ask to see if Jake was telling the truth about the council laws changing.

“Can I ask you a question about the council?” I ask Rhen when Thane wanders out. I roll my eyes and let out a breath.

“What did you want to ask?” Rhen says as he buttons up his shirt.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter,” I tell him, and Thane looks over at me.

“What do you want to know, Harlow? You aren’t going into the rotation if that is what you were going to ask him,” Thane snaps at me. I blinked at him because that was definitely not what I was suggesting or going to ask. Yet his words nagged me.

“What if I already put my name down!” I spat back at him, yet that just earned a growl from the lot of them. “You better f*****g not have!” Thane yells at me, and I shrug.

His anger was loud and clear as it coursed through the bond. “Not like I am pack, remember, only thinking of my future, you know, since it isn’t with you!” I snarl, yet my bravado wore off pretty quickly when he crossed the room in a rage to reach for me.

“Did you put your name on a rotation list or not?” he says, grabbing my arm.

“And if I did?” I ask while glaring at him. He curses, shoving me back.

“She didn’t. She is just trying to p**s me off,” Thane says, turning back to finish getting changed. Rhen exhales and runs a hand through his hair before reaching for his jacket.

‘What about the council?” he asks.

“I heard some of the hotel workers yesterday talking about how the council had changed the laws about packs owning Omega’s, that they are only allowed one now,” I lied. No way was I telling them about Jake because then I would have to tell them where I was.

“They said the laws changed just before your pack bought me,” I tell them. For some reason, saying that out loud put a sour taste in my mouth. They bought me as if I was merely a belonging, a possession. A f*****g alphas possession.

Thane sighs and looks at Rhen, who clicks his tongue. “Yes, that is correct,” Rhen says, looking at Thane, who didn’t seem the least bit happy about that.

“So if you took Sarah, what would happen?”

“Nothing, I would have to pay a fine,” Thane tells me as if that fine was just an inconvenience, not an actual issue. Great.

“But we won’t be getting another Omega!” Raidon snaps, glaring at Thane.

“Anything else?” Rhen asks me, but I shake my head and lay back down, watching as they finish getting ready for work while thinking about what Jake said.

“Did you know Jake was the other bidder?” I ask them, suddenly curious.

“Yes, but you had my last serum,” Thane snaps, not the least bit happy about that.

“You could have given them a new serum,” I tell him.

“And have an Omega that ranks the same as me within the pack?” He laughs and shakes his head.

“Why not? Is everything about control with you, Thane?” I retort.

“I am alpha, not some Omega. You have alpha blood in your veins, and I am not giving you alpha of alpha blood. You would outrank our mates and match me. I am not f*****g stupid enough to hand my pack over to a m******r,” he replies, snatching his jacket up from off the back of the chair.

“I never k****d-”

“I don’t want to hear more lies, Harlow. Unless you are going to tell me what really happened, I don’t want to hear it,” he says.

“I have been trying to you. You won’t f*****g listen!” I yell at him.

“We have it on video!” he screams at me.

“Footage doesn’t lie,” he snaps.

“No, apparently I just do. You could always command the f*****g answer, but you won’t on the off chance you are wrong, and you punished and blamed me all these years for no f*****g reason!” I yell at him.

He growls but says nothing, instead storming out of the place and slamming the door. Leon, Rhen, and Raidon stare at the door. Thane’s fury was palpable, bleeding into them and me through the bond. I open my mouth to say something, only to snap it shut when Rhen holds up a hand.

“You just needed to press his buttons, Harlow. When are you going to learn being a brat will get you nowhere with him,” stunned, I just blink at his words. I knew it was Thane’s anger, but to be told just to submit and be quiet and called a liar grinds my gears. So they don’t want me to lie, but I can’t speak the truth either.

“We will never get you back home at this rate if you can’t learn to watch what you say!” Rhen snaps at me before stalking out the door. Raidon exhales and walks over to me, pecking my forehead but saying nothing, and Leon quickly pecks my cheek before rushing after them.

I stared at the door after it closed; they would never believe me. No matter what I said, they were never going to believe it-instead, choosing to believe some phony footage.

By the time I crawled out of bed and started pulling clothes on, it was lunchtime. Our earlier argument just reiterated that I was making the right choice by leaving. After I finished work tonight, I was catching the first bus out of here.

I could leave with Jake, but I don’t trust him either, and what if it was a trap? I want proof that my sister is alive before I toss my life away blindly and follow him. For now, I would just get the f**k out of this city. I could figure out the rest later.

Grabbing one of their backpacks, I stuff as much of my stuff as I can, only to curse that I still haven’t got my handbag back. Sighing, I knew I would have to figure out something because I knew asking for it back would make them suspicious, especially after me asking about the council and then getting into an argument with Thane and everyone this morning.

When I am finished, I call a cab, nerves setting in about what I was about to do. Every second ticking by as I waited for the cab had nausea build and bile rise up my throat. The trip there also didn’t help. However, when I walk in, I stop in my tracks when I see Talon has come back early.

Bree tried to wave me off, shooing me, but it was too late as he spun around and spotted me. “What are you doing here? Does Leon know you’re here?” he asks. I s*****w, looking at Bree nervously.

“I need to show you something,” she says, tugging on his arm. “Yep, wait, I want to know why Harlow is here,” he tells her, shaking her hand off and walking toward me.

“I asked her to come in, we are short people, and Leon gave her permission, ” Bree blurts out, and Talon stops glancing between us both. I nod in acknowledgment, and Talon seems confused.

“Now, the cash register, I can’t get it to open,” Bree tells him, tugging him behind the bar. He sighs, glancing at it before bending down to fix it, and Bree points to the back room while Talon attempts to fix the cash register. I rush out the back, hoping to escape to the functions section before he sees me. I grab my clothes and toss my bag in the locker before racing upstairs to get ready.


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