Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 77

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 77

Thane POV

Alpha Jake kept looking at his phone all through the meeting, he seemed somewhat distracted, and I ended up shortening the meeting. He was getting on my nerves.

“We can do this another time. You are clearly distracted,” I tell him getting up from my seat.

“Sorry, I have something going on, but yes, we can go over the last of the details over the phone,” he tells me, and I nod. I wanted to leave early today anyway; I wanted to see if I could convince my mates to come home or even one of them. I couldn’t handle being in that d**n house by myself. The quiet was driving me insane.

I walk Alpha Jake to the elevator when he pauses at the foyer desk. “What about your Omega? Why isn’t she on today?” he asks, and I growl, not liking him speaking of her.

“Did you know who she was?” I ask him. He was the other bidder, and from what I heard from Harlow, he had her sister. That is, even if what she was telling me was the truth.

“No, I don’t know what you mean?” he says, and I shake my head and motion for him to leave.

“Safe travels,” I told him, and he looked like he wanted to say something, but I was already walking away and back to my office when I heard my phone ringing. Pushing my office door open, I move quickly to grab it before it rings out. Picking it up, I see it is Elaine.

“Hey, Elaine,” I answered the call.

“Well, finally, some good comes out of that wench,” Elaine tells me, and my brows furrow at her words.


“Harlow, some good did come from her, and now you can be done with her,”

“Elaine, I am not taking Sarah as an Omega,” I tell her.

“Oh, I know that you boys are too stubborn. I am talking about Harlow. She is pregnant. Thane, I got her blood test result in my hand. She is pregnant. So you can get your pup, or fingers crossed she is pregnant with more than one, then we can k**l her. Problem solved, breed her and bury her,” Elaine tells me.

“Harlow is pregnant?” I ask her.

“Yes, did you not hear me? Is it a bad line?” she asks, mistaking my silence for bad lines.

“Hello?” she says after a few seconds.

“Okay,” I tell her.

“Okay, Thane, you need to get her home before she runs off and uses that baby against you. That is why I rang you. We have already lost so much because of her. And I refuse to lose a grandchild too. At least some good has come out of this mess,” she says, and I s*****w.

I hardly hear anything else she says after that. I hang up just as Rhen and Leon wander into my office, also wanting to leave early today.

“What’s wrong with you?” Leon asks, stealing my bottle of coke off my desk and opening it. He takes a sip of it.

“Harlow is pregnant,” I tell them, a little shocked by the information. Leon chokes on his next sip.

“She is pregnant?” Rhen asks.

“Elaine just rang me,” I tell them just as Raidon comes in. He stops glancing around at us, feeling all our shock.

“So, is someone going to speak?” Radion asks, peering at us.

“Harlow is pregnant,” Leon blurts out, yet despite this good news, they watched me warily, as if nervous about my reaction to this information.


Harlow POV

I felt like throwing up as I glanced at the clock as the time got closer. I was on the verge of having a panic attack in the small room attached to the functions room as the security helped set up the boxes we were expected to lay in.

I shook my hands and paced the small room, trying to encourage myself that it was just a job, yet I felt sickened by what I was about to do to get out of the city. I wasn’t like Bree. This wasn’t a business transaction to me. This was my body; I couldn’t detach from it as she could.

Hearing voices as the function room filled, I glanced around nervously for Bree before peering at the black curtain that separated us from the men on the other side. The door opens, and Bree rushes in and thanks the security staff, who assure us they will be on the other side of the curtain to make sure they don’t try to hurt or torture us physically. Hearing that made the pit in my stomach open up more.

“Breathe, Harlow. They won’t hurt us, and Shane is on the other side. It’ll be fun. Just relax!” She says, rubbing my arms before slipping her clothes off and leaving just her bra, panties, and heels.

Bree was about to climb onto the table and slide her bottom half through when the door opened, and Talon walked in, his head down as he peered at his phone.

“We are three girls shor-” his words cut off abruptly when he lifts his head and looks at me. His eyes run the length of me before he pins Bree with a glare.

“No! Are you f*****g insane, Bree? Thane will k**l me,” Talon says, grabbing my arm. Bree rushes to my side and gives him a shove.

“She is a grown adult and can make her own decisions Tal,” Bree snaps at him.

“She has mates, and I don’t even like that you are doing this s**t, but you insist. I would rather can these sort of shows,”

“And what, Tal? Make me a f*****g housewife!” she snaps at him.

“Yes, I don’t like you working the floors. We have spoken of this!” he snarls at her, and I seemingly get lost and push aside as they argue.

“Wake up to yourself, Talon. You don’t want me, I am not an Omega, and I can’t carry your children; I am not committing to you only to be tossed aside,”

“I am not one of those Alphas. I don’t want kids! I have told you this!” he snarls before reaching for me. He jerks me toward him, and Bree grabs my other arm.

“Let her go. Thane doesn’t give a s**t what she does, Talon. She doesn’t even live with them after he kicked her out! What does that say about her being their mate,” she snarls at me.

“He kicked you out? I knew you both fought, but Leon told me they were talking to him and would sort it out,” Talon says, looking confused.

“See, she doesn’t belong to him,”

“I don’t like this. No, she still bares their mark, Bree!”

“You don’t have to like it. And descenter, they won’t even be able to tell,” Bree is quick to defend, tossing the can I just used at him. Talon grits his teeth and storms out, slamming the door.

Bree squeezes my arm. “He won’t say anything,” Bree tells me, waving him off.

Bree climbs up onto the table using a small stool, she waves for me to do the same, and I chew my lip, having serious second thoughts about going ahead with this. The room on the other side fills with voices, and I hear security telling the men the rules, what they can and can’t do to us, and the repercussions if they tried when I hear a familiar voice.

I have no idea why I felt that way, but it had my brows scrunching as I tried to place where I heard the voice. I listen to the men’s banter and chatter. I shake my head, changing my mind when Bree climbs off the table and grips my arms.

“It’s just s*x. Do you want to leave the city or not?” she asks, looking me d**d in the face.

“I do; I just don’t think this is the way for me to do it,” I tell her. I regretted not taking Alpha Jake’s offer about getting me out of here. I still had his phone number. Maybe I could ring him when I hear that voice again. I peer toward the curtain.

“It’s Five thousand. That will get you out of the city and set up until you find a job,” she tells me. Yeah, but it still wouldn’t last long, and I wasn’t sure I could go through with it.

“Maybe Tammy,” I suggest when the deep voice has my head turning toward the curtain. I step forward when she grabs my arm.

“I need to know. If you can’t, I need to get Tammy. We have ten minutes so choose. Are you in or not?” she asks, and I s*****w, feeling guilty that I wasted her time.

“I’m sorry, Bree. I can’t do it,” she drops her head and sighs.

“Okay, I will send for Tammy,” she says, running her fingers through her hair. She tugs the curtain back slightly and peers out at Shane, yet makes sure to keep herself hidden from the men on the other side.

“Can you ask Tammy to swap places with Z?” He nods, walking off when she closes the curtain.

“Who are they?” I ask her nervously.

“Some Alpha Pack,” she says dismissively, when I hear that voice again, which has me pinching the side of the curtain to peek out. Peeking out, I see men drinking and moving around when the one directly in front of the curtain steps aside a little more, letting me past his body at the others, and I gasp. Mr. Black?

I take a step back, letting the curtain close. “Z?” Bree asks, knowing better than to use my name when a flimsy curtain is all that separates us from them. I shake my head.

“I need to go,” I tell her, spinning on my heel and ripping the door open. I rush out, only for a set of hands to grip my arms tightly. A feral growl tears out of him, and he jerks me toward him.

“When Talon rang me, I thought he was f*****g lying,” he snaps at me. I gulp, looking up at Thane.