Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 78

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 78

I wrestled out of Thane’s grip, “I didn’t do anything; as you can see, I was leaving.” I screeched. Thane looked me up and down, disgusted with my work attire.

“Oh really, then why is it Talon called concerned you were about to get f****d in a d**n glory hole? All you’ve done is try to w***e yourself out!” I was in shock he dared to call me a w***e. I was a virgin until my misfortune of working for the pack I was sold to. My mouth still hung open at his accusation.

My initial shock wore off, now replaced with seething anger; I snarled at Thane. “I wouldn’t even be here if I didn’t need the money to support myself. It’s not like you paid me for all the week’s worth of work I did. Nor did you have the decency to bring my purse to the hotel. You don’t f*****g want me. None of you do! You won’t f*****g believe me or let me speak. All you want to do is breed me and then k**l me for something I didn’t do.” He listens to my outburst with an unreadable expression on his face. He reaches for me, and I pull away.

“Why don’t you just go and find your f*****g shank w***e of a secretary and leave me alone? Cut your losses, Thane. I will never allow you to treat me like some broodmare, then put me out for slaughter after you get what you want from me!” I snarl at him.

Thane was initially taken aback before he growled at me, “News flash Harlow! You are pregnant. And your d***h can’t come soon enough for me! I’ve had enough of your nonsense!” I blink at him in shock. Did he say I was pregnant?

“You only need money for one thing, and that is to run away, but not with our child; You won’t.”

No! I couldn’t be. He has to be lying. I was totally blindsided by what he said, although that explained why I have felt like s**t lately. There was no way I was going to let him take me and take my baby.

Thane lunged at me, trying to grab and haul me out of there. My claws extended as I swiped at him to stay away, grazing his chest through his shirt. “Harlow!” Thane gritted out. I bolted for the stairs but not fast enough as Thane ripped me back by my shirt. “Get off of me, you son of a b***h!” I said while thrashing in his grip, not caring about the attention I was drawing.

“Enough, Harlow! Submit!” he snarled, forcing his command over me and making me freeze on the spot.

I was motionless under his command. Tears streamed down my cheeks, unable to fight it. How could I be cursed to endure such sadistic control? Being born an omega was not a blessing; it was a curse.

A curse that k****d my parents, a curse that took my sister from me, and now a curse that would end my life when he takes my baby from me. And all for something I never did. I should have died that night along with my parents; if I had, none of this would have happened.

Thane steered me down the stairs; Talon was at the bottom, holding my backpack. I reached for it, only for Thane to snatch it out of my grip.

“You won’t be needing this with where you will be staying until our pup is born.” Thane threatens. Talon looks away guiltily, only for Thane to steer me into the main floor to find everyone staring in our direction. Thane’s grip on my arm was painful as he marched me toward the front doors.

Stepping outside, Rhen was standing beside the car on the curb. He glances at me briefly before pressing his lips in a line. His burning anger and disgust smashed me through the bond, and I withered and recoiled inside at the anger through the bond. He opens the back door as Thane shoves me toward it, and Rhen grips my arm as I stumble toward him.

“I wasn’t going to-” I try to tell Rhen.

I don’t want to hear it,” he says, stuffing me inside the car and slamming the door shut. I cringe at the loud bang as they both climb in the front of the car. The wheels spin and screech before Thane takes off, sending me backward in my seat, and I am scrambling for the seatbelt.

Dread pooled in my stomach as we got closer to the packhouse. I tried to speak to them, tried to explain. Yet it fell on deaf ears. They never even acknowledged my words as they spoke over me, as if they couldn’t hear me. Yet their fury was loud and clear through the bond.

If only I had marked them, maybe they would feel the extent of what I said, maybe they would see. Instead, they get glimmers but nothing else, not the way I could feel them since they had marked me. And what I felt radiating through the bond from all of them I didn’t like at all.

As Thane pulls up at the enormous gates out front of the mansion, I reach for the door handle, yet Thane’s growl in the front seat has me drop my hand as I meet his gaze in the mirror. Time slowed as if lengthening the torture as he drove up the long driveway, and my heart raced in my chest as he pulled up out front. Still, they said nothing to me.

“Leon?” I ask them as hope starts dwindling. Once inside, I wouldn’t be leaving alive, and I suddenly found adrenaline pumping through me as I tossed the door open only to be ripped backward, having forgotten to take my seat belt off. My claws slip-free in my panic, shredding through the belt that had a stranglehold on me, and I took off across the manicured lawns toward the front gates.

I got about twenty meters before Thane caught me, his arms wrapped around my chest and stomach as he ripped me backward against his chest. I thrashed, kicking and screaming. I wasn’t going to my d***h easily, so I screamed, hoping one of the neighbors on this long a*s street could hear me.

“Stop it, Harlow. You brought this on yourself,” Thane snarls next to my ear. I screamed in frustration and thrashed harder, but it was pointless, and before I knew it, we were inside the mansion, and he headed toward the Den.

“No, please, Thane. I wasn’t going to do it,” I screamed as I kicked and dragged my feet as the door came into view.

“I wasn’t, Please. I wasn’t going to go through with it. Bree was getting Tammy,” I screamed. Thane snarls, dragging me through the house.

“Command me! I can prove it, please!” I screamed when Raidon, hearing the commotion, stepped out into the hall from the kitchen.

Thane stopped looking at him, and I looked at Raidon helplessly.

“You weren’t going to go through with it?” Raidon asks, and I shake my head.

“She is lying,” Thane snarls.

“Command her,” Raidion snaps at him.

“We could harm the baby,” Leon says, stepping out behind him.

“Not while she is this early,” Raidon tells him, and I knew that must be true because Thane commanded me at the club, and I knew he wouldn’t risk his baby.

“You were going to back out?” Raidon asks me, and I nod, pleading with him to believe me.

Thane growls, spinning me around to face him, and he grips my face in his hand.

His command and aura wash over me, and his arm around my waist is the only thing keeping me upright as I grit my teeth through my body’s spasms. His grip on my face was bordering on painful as he spoke.

“You will answer truthfully,” he orders, and I nod, tears brimming in my eyes.

“Were you going to participate in Bree’s gig?”

“No!” I breathed out in relief as the answer peeled off my tongue easily, and they could see I wasn’t going to do it. I hear Raidon exhale behind me, yet Thane doesn’t drop his order or command.

“Were you going to run?” he asks, and my entire body tenses as I thought the urge not to answer. Wait, that wasn’t supposed to be the question.

“Were you going to run?” he asks slowly, pressing his aura harder on me. I whimper, not wanting to answer.

“Yes!” I breathed out through gritted teeth.

“How, if you had no money?” he asks, and I realize he was going to see if I was planning on doing anything else at Tal’s, yet I would have preferred that answer over the one I didn’t consciously know I was going to take.

“I was going to ask Alpha Jake,” the moment the words left my lips, my heart nearly stopped. Consciously I had planned to consider it, yet subconsciously my mind apparently was already made up by the words that spilled out of me.

His command drops. “F*****g w***e,” he snarls, his fingers digging into my face.

“No, wait. Alpha Jake said he could-” My words d*e off as his command rolls over me painfully as he shoves the full weight of it on me.

“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies. You don’t speak unless spoken to; I am done hearing your voice.” Thane snarls, and I open my mouth to speak, yet nothing comes out. He made me mute!

Tears p***k my eyes as he spins me around and shoves me toward the den door. I move toward Raidon when he takes a step back from me and points to the den door. My eyes widen in horror. They weren’t going to help me. Were they going to allow him to lock me down there?

When I don’t move toward the door, Thane grips my arm roughly, j*****g me toward it before ripping the door open. He stomps down the steps, dragging me behind him before stopping at the bottom and shoving me into the vast underground room. The only windows were about forty centimeters wide high and near the ceiling. No natural light, nowhere to go but through the door.

“Make yourself comfortable. You will be spending the next four months down here,” he snaps before turning on his heel and heading up the steps. I wanted to ask what he planned after the four months, I knew the answer, but I needed to hear him say it. Surely he wouldn’t rip my baby from my arms and k**l me. He wouldn’t be so cruel?

I chase after him climbing the steps two at a time, yet as he opens the door and I reach out for the handle, he rips it shut in my face and clicks the lock in place. I banged on the door, screaming out silently since I couldn’t speak.

I banged on the door for hours before giving up. It was clear I wasn’t going anywhere. Trudging down the steps, I fell into the Den, knowing there was nothing down here already to aid in my escape. Yet I wouldn’t stop trying, and Thane better hope I don’t get out of here because if I do. I am coming for him first.


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