Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 79

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 79

Leon POV

I had stared at the door for about twenty minutes as she banged on it. Thane simply walked away after ordering us not to let her out. Yet hours had passed, and still, she banged and hit the door. However, her banging was getting softer, almost as if she was running out of energy.

Sitting at the table at dinner. No one said anything. I had mixed feelings. Thane proved she was going to run off with another Alpha. Yet she wasn’t going to go through with the glory hole thingy Talon had told us about. But why did it feel so wrong despite knowing she was going to run, taking our baby with her?

“Leon, eat,” Thane growls as I push my food around the plate.

Had he fed her yet? I wondered. My appetite was completely gone, my mind consumed with my mate locked in the Den below our feet. Dinner was awfully silent, tense, and Rhen’s and Thane’s fury was palpable. It coursed through their veins like hot lava and bled into Raidon and me. Twisting our feelings and thoughts around the matter at hand, yet no amount of anger I felt toward her, made the guilt lessen.

“I have to help Mom move next week, don’t forget,” Raidon suddenly tells Thane. Thane nods, waving him off.

“I know. We can help if you want?” Thane tells him before taking a bite of his food. Raidon shakes his head.

“Na. Dad is there to help. I’ll be fine,” he tells Thane, who nods. They talked amongst themselves while they ate. I didn’t join in. I had nothing to say. I felt strangely numb, like an outsider looking in. I was on autopilot. Raidon gives me a few worried looks and kicks me under the table several times, reminding me to eat.

Yet my mind was elsewhere. It was in that Den with Harlow. The look of betrayal she gave me when I didn’t help her wouldn’t leave my head. She stared at me as if I was her lifeline, and then I k****d her by saying nothing in her defense.

Once we finished eating, I moved to the kitchen to help Rhen do the dishes. We had a dishwasher, but Thane complained about how they should be cleaned before placing them in the dishwasher. I never understood it.

My eyes kept going to the door across the kitchen, the basement door leading to the Den. The banging had stopped about an hour ago, and only her silence followed.

I placed each washed dish in the dishwasher, my eyes constantly going to the door until Rhen cleared his throat.

“She was leaving us, Leon. What choice did he have?” Rhen reminds me. I nodded my head.

“We need to face it. She may be our mate now, but we clearly underestimated her cruelty; I know you feel guilty. But think about it, Leon, had she left, what would she have done with our baby?” he asks, and I try to think.

I truly don’t believe she knew she was pregnant. But now he asked that question, and it was all I could think about.

She was going to run off with Jake. No alpha pack would raise another pack’s baby. Either she would have to abort the pregnancy, or if she kept it. Would she use it as blackmail if we tried to get it back

“See, don’t feel guilty. She did it to herself,” Rhen tells me, giving me a nudge with his elbow. Once we are finished, we switch the lights off and head upstairs to bed. Except I don’t go to Thane’s room like we all usually did.

Instead, I went to mine; I didn’t want to be with my mates if I couldn’t be with all of them, and that included Harlow. Despite everything she did, I still loved her even when I knew I shouldn’t.

Hearing the door creak open, I lift my head to see Raidon step into the room. He strips his shirt off as he makes his way toward the bed.

“Why are you in here?” he asks, climbing over me to the wall side and slipping under the blanket. I said nothing, letting him manhandle me as he tucked me beside him.

“Leon,” I shake my head. I know he is about to give me the same lecture Rhen had earlier. I know she will run if they let her out. But Thane could command her not to leave the house. He didn’t have to lock her down there. Yet as much as I loved Elaine, I knew she was a big part of the problem, pestering Thane daily about what she thinks we should do with her.


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