Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 81

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Two weeks Later.

Thane and Rhen would come down at dinner time every two days and chuck their washing in the washing machine. Thane would always command me not to move until they both left but other than that one sentence, I was never granted more in the way of conversation. I was beginning to forget what my own voice sounded like.

Yet every two days, I get to dry and fold it. It is incredible how such a silly task would become the highlight of my day those days. It was something to cure the boredom, if only momentarily.

Yet today, when Thane came back down to retrieve it, I peered over the side of my Den. I didn’t bother moving, knowing he would command me to remain still if I did. It seemed pointless and was just unnecessary pain.

He moved toward the basket of folded clothes tucking it under his arm. Only when he turns around, he doesn’t head for the stairs. He stops at the edge of the Den.

I stared at him, wondering what he wanted, when he reached into his jacket pocket. He then tosses something on the cushioned floor. I stared at it, not daring to move toward it in case it was some sort of trick.

“Rhen linked it to his card,” is all he says before he walks off and up the stairs. I only move to retrieve the device when I hear the door shut and lock in place-a kindle. I stared at the device, and tears p*****d my eyes. I was crying over the stupid device; I couldn’t even tell you if they were happy or sad tears. I was just crying for something so stupid. So basic. It wasn’t a TV, but it was something. I always loved reading, but one, I could never really afford books, two, they were a b***h to carry while on the run.

Raidon POV

Leon needed blood, he had gone two weeks with only feeding on us, and his hunger was burning out of control. I already checked with my mother, who said while not ideal, it wouldn’t hurt our baby to feed on her, though it would weaken her physically because were-babies weren’t like human babies, they were more durable, yet the mother wasn’t.

Omegas, especially since she was carrying an Alpha baby, it would be more draining on her, the baby growing far bigger than most in the short time werewolf pregnancy’s last. Werewolf pregnancy only lasts 16 weeks, and Harlow should roughly be six weeks along now, so any day now, she would begin to show.

“Who is the extra plate for?” Thane asks, pointing to the dinner plate on the bench. This is why I insisted on cooking tonight. Thane rarely lets someone in the kitchen to cook dinner. He likes cooking. So I am not shocked he was instantly suspicious when I asked him.

“It’s for Harlow,” Thane taps the bowl he just prepared full of minestrone soup, I kept trying to tell him she needed more than that, but for some reason, he was using food as a punishment since he couldn’t punish her the way he does us.

“I am taking Leon down there. He needs blood,” I tell him.

“No! What if he loses control and kills her?”

“What if he does lose control, Thane, and goes down there while we are sleeping and kills her?” I argue. She isn’t human, and we have more blood pumping in our systems than a human, and my mother would never risk her grandchild if she thought it would k**l Harlow or the baby. Thane thinks for a second before he sighs.

“And your mother said it is okay?” I nod; he just couldn’t feed off her too long. And Harlow would feel weak and dizzy from it.

Thane presses his lips in a line. “Once a week and no more than that, Leon,” Thane tells him.

Leon nodded, and it was like watching someone go through d**g withdrawals. For a week, he was okay with just our blood, then he started to get antsy, but now he is irritable, erratic, and constantly needs to feed on us.

“I mean it, Leon, you can’t be feeding on her every day like you were before,” Thane warns him. But I had another question that no one had addressed yet. What are we going to do with Leon if Thane kills her? Also, the baby? A baby needs its mother. And I honestly don’t believe I could rip it out of her arms.

“Go before I change my mind,” Thane snaps at us, and I snatch the plate of food off the bench and head for the Den.

Walking down the steps, the room is awfully silent, depressingly so, but d**n, was her scent potent locked in here. Leon growls behind me, and as I get halfway down, I find her sitting amongst the cushions with the Kindle Rhen gave her in her hands. She lifts her head before her eyes widen as she gets to her feet. Only when she does, do I feel Thane’s oppressive aura directly behind me.

“Remain where you are,” he orders her, and I glance over my shoulder and glare at him as he follows us down the steps; I was hoping to ask if she was okay, to speak with her just so I could hear her voice again. With Thane behind me though, I knew that wouldn’t be happening.

She watches us approach, and Thane takes the plate from me, setting it on the table along with the bowl of soup. If he is giving her a choice, surely she would pick the steak and vegetables over the same soup he fed her every d**n night.

Yet when Leon jumps into the Den, the little excitement she had dies instantly when she recognizes why we are down here. If I could, I would sleep down here, yet Thane’s punishments lately have been b****l when we have attempted to sneak down or try to speak with her.

He even commanded us not to use the open mindlink and also banned us from mind-linking her. Rhen hardly came out of his room, barely spoke to us, just sat in his room stewing in his anger and sadness. He stopped coming to work a week ago, and the place was barely holding together without him. Only since he had been gone did I genuinely realize he runs that place more than Thane.

She opens her mouth, but no sound comes out, realizing she couldn’t even beg; her shoulders drop as she falls on her butt. Leon tries to speak to her and coax her to look at him, but she refuses, just offers him her neck and stares at the bathroom door.

She knows we aren’t here to free her but use her. And that made my stomach sink. Leon stares at her for a few seconds before he rises to his feet. I look at him and watch as he climbs out of the Den.

“Leon?” I ask him, but he shakes his head, climbing the stairs two at a time.

“I’m not feeding on her when she doesn’t want me to,” he snaps at us before I hear the door slam. Harlow stares after him, but it is Thane that breaks the silence.

“Next time you won’t refuse him unless you want me to hire a f*****g Omega feeder for him?” Thane snarls at her before storming out. A whimper escapes her, and I even thought that was a low blow. Playing on her instincts.

“Shh, I made you dinner,” I told her, hoping she would reply. She can speak if spoken to. She can say yes and no. Maybe not hold an actual conversation, but she can answer, yet she offers me silence before rolling over and laying on her side.


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