Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 82

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 82

Four weeks Later.

I was finally showing, though I suspect I should be much larger than I am now. I didn’t bother to get up when I heard the door open as someone set my food down on the step. I hadn’t seen anyone other than Thane for a few days now. I know they all had a huge fight, ending with Thane smashing the place up when he refused to let them down here.

I also heard the housekeeper talking to the gardener while I sat on the step the next day, eating my lunch. She asked him if they should ring Thane to let him know Rhen packed up a bag and left the house.

And I hadn’t heard from or seen him since. The house was awfully quiet, and I heard Raidon arguing on the phone with who I thought was his mother. He told her she needed to stop ringing Thane and that she was making things worse. Raidon and Thane got into a huge fight which resulted in him leaving, but I think he came back because Thane refused to let Leon leave, saying he was dangerous since he wasn’t feeding and refused the Omega feeder and refused to feed on me.

However, when Raidon returned, they only fought, and when Thane came down that night to do the washing, he had a split lip and a bruised cheek which made me wonder what condition Raidon was in.

But this morning I heard Rhen’s voice as he returned, I was yet to lay eyes on him. Nor did I care to; I didn’t care for much anymore at all. I ignored the stink of the porridge and toast on the steps. My appetite was entirely gone, and I was too exhausted to climb the stairs.

When lunchtime came around, I heard Thane curse before swapping the trays over. I remember opening my eyes at the noise before closing them again. Nothing enticed me out of bed all day. I couldn’t care less. What was the point of waking to stare at the roof and ceiling all day?

The Kindle kept constantly glitching because there was hardly any reception down here for the internet, so I quickly gave up on that. I had read both baby books back to front and was sure I could recite each page word for word if I tried because I had read them so much.

The lights turning on hours later had me yawning and squinting. I was about to go turn them off when I heard footsteps. Sitting up, I see Thane coming down the stairs. I wondered if it was the washing day. I thought it was tomorrow.

“You have slept all day,” he says, stopping at the side of the pitted den.

I say nothing. What else could I possibly be doing? Sure I will go for a short stroll to the stairs and back. Yeah, I would pass on that.

“You should eat. Maybe read. You can’t spend your entire day asleep; you haven’t even drank anything today,” he says. My brows furrow, and I peer over my shoulder at him. He points at the busted light under the stairs.

“I can see you down here; that isn’t a light. Now get up. You need to eat or fix your den?” he says. And what use would that be? I couldn’t even bother doing that. Yet reading those baby books, Omegas went through some bizarre nesting stage where they will destroy every part of their den only to rebuild it. Well, I, for one, couldn’t be bothered.

Snuggling under the blanket and burying my head under a pillow. Thane growls and wanders off back upstairs, and I go back to sleep. I heard him set dinner on the step. Still, I remained in bed even when he returned to pick up the full plate.

It wasn’t until the following day I woke to hands touching me. I jolted to find Leon staring at me, his hands on my belly. I must have been deep asleep because I didn’t hear him coming in. I could see Thane doing laundry behind him.

Seeing it was only Leon and I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I rolled back over on my side. His hands are warm as he rubs the sides of my growing belly, sparks rushing across my skin. The tiniest of movements prodded his hand, making him giddy beside me as he tried to feel for it again.

“Does it feel strange?” Leon asks me. I shrug, kind of used to it now, though it felt odd; I was trying not to get attached to it. It was never going to be mine.

“Thane, come and feel,” Leon says, his words stopping abruptly as he instantly regretted speaking the words as he glanced down at me. Obviously, realizing I would not want his hands on me.

“Never mind, sorry,” Leon whispers.

“Come on, Leon. You saw her, and I am done here,”

“Maybe she can come up for a while?” Leon says, but I shove his hand off me. I already knew the answer to that, so why would he ask?

“Leon now,” Leon’s eyes darken, turning a deep crimson red as his fangs protruded and face twisted in anger where he knelt beside me.

“This is b******t, Thane. You don’t get to decide for all of us,” Leon spits at him.

“Yes, I do. That is why I am Alpha. Now get out before I make you,” Thane snaps at him. I swallowed, recognizing that deadly tone in his voice. He meant every word of what he spoke. Not wanting to see Leon hurt, I rolled over and away from him.

“Rhen is right. You don’t deserve to be Alpha, not anymore,” Leon snarls as he gets up and climbs out of the den. He stomps up the steps, and I feel Thane’s deadly aura and know Leon was in for it when Thane got up there. However, I pay no attention tuning my surroundings out as I go back to sleep.

The sound of the washing machine woke me a short time later, and his scent before the sparks rushed over my skin. I thought it was Leon with him who was touching me, yet when I opened my eyes, it was Thane hovering over me.

His hand was on my belly. “You need to eat, if not for you, for this baby,” he tells me before sighing, and I could tell he wants to feel the same thing Leon felt earlier. Yet he was touching the wrong spot as his brows pinched together. Rolling my eyes, I grab his hand, and he freezes as I move it to the right place and press down on his hand.

He chuffs. “You need to eat, Harlow. Don’t punish this baby for your mistakes,” he says and I reach for my pillow. Thane growls and rises to his feet.

“You have an ultrasound next week,” he tells me. I turn my head to look at him. That meant I would get to leave this place.

“Eat, please. I’ll make you whatever you want?” Thane says before climbing out of my den. He climbs the stairs as the wheels turn in my head on ways I could work this to my advantage. Yet I was mostly excited at fresh air and light, real light. He leaves and shuts the door, wondering if he meant what he said about me being able to pick my own food. Testing that theory, I climbed out, searching for my pen, and had to tear a piece of the cardboard box off to write on.

I scribbled on it; I had been craving pancakes and Allen’s lolly snakes. And that pasta thing he made once, but I don’t know what it was called. So I wrote pasta spirals with the white sauce. Climbing the stairs, I stuff it under the door hearing someone pick it up.

I tried to peer under the gap, wondering if I would get anything off it. I knew better than to get my hopes up. It was probably some trick to make me get up. Sniffing myself, I smelt terrible, so I wandered down the stairs and headed to the shower. It took me half an hour before I got all the knots out.

Hearing the door open on the stairs, I stepped out in my towel to see Thane carrying a tray down. Sniffing the air, my mouth watered. He set the tray on the table before turning to pull the stuff out of the dryer.

Before I realized it, I followed my nose to him to find what I had asked for on the tray. I inhaled my food, not even caring that I was eating pancakes and pasta simultaneously. To me, it tasted good. Better than the c**p he’s been making me eat. Thane raises an eyebrow at me and goes to grab the basket off the table when I finish. Yet when his hand moved toward my empty plate, I realized he was about to take it. I snatch the bag of lollies off it.

“I was going to leave them; I wasn’t taking them from you,” he says at the savage snarl that I didn’t expect to leave me. I clutch my lollies to my chest, intending to savor and ration them in case he doesn’t give me anymore. I had a wicked sweet tooth lately, and I never got anything sweet other than the dreaded green apples he had added to my breakfast, although they were more sour than sweet.

I take my lollies, hiding them in my den but not before stealing a blue one. Covered in sauce and pancake syrup, I nestled back under my blankets n***d, bit the snake’s head, and sighed. For once, the cravings would not drive me mad all night.