Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 84

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 84

The force sliced my hands ten times worse from the grip I had as I stabbed at his chest but missed the glass going through his shoulder near below his collarbone.

Thane grunts, and my eyes widen at what I did. I can’t believe I stabbed him. Thane’s grip tightens as he looks at the glass protruding from him. I intended to stab him, but I still can’t believe I actually had the guts to do it. To hurt another person, yet the anger I felt dissipated instantly with the horror of what I did. Thane growls furiously as the entire front of his shirt turns bright red as he yanks the glass out and my anger turns to horror as his face twists in fury and his canines protrude frighteningly fast.

I could hear a menacing growl off to the side of me. Before I could even turn to see who made such a savage sound I barely caught a glimpse of Leon as blurred past me and tackled Thane to the ground. Leon hits him, making Thane’s head snap back with the force and I could tell through the bond Thane was startled by the sudden attack.

I was startled because attacking your Alpha was s*****e, Leon would be lucky not to get k****d and I think the only reason Thane would take such a disrespect is because they were mates with a fully forged bond.

Yet being mates doesn’t stop Leon raining blow after blow down on him. Raidon and Rhen stood shocked by Leon’s actions before they finally reacted. Leon’s fangs protruded from his mouth, and he ripped Thane’s head to the side and tore into his neck. Thane’s attempts to throw him off grew weaker and weaker until eventually he fell slack and his command over me also dropped abruptly making me wonder if he was d**d or if he was just weakened enough it broke its hold?

Time seemed to stand still as I saw Thane’s eyelids flutter with one last feeble attempt to push Leon off. He laid there limply. Did he just k**l Thane? Yet the steady beat of his heart, I knew he was still alive when Leon sat back on his heels and wiped his hand across his mouth, smearing blood all over his face. Seconds later someone grabbed my arm, the feral snarl that left Leon’s lips had them j**k away from me. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw it was Rhen.

“Let her go,” Leon said, his voice ice cold, and it chilled me to the bone.

“Leon?” Raidon spoke, his voice barely a whisper. “What have you done?” he asks, looking down at Thane at Leon’s feet.

“I can’t watch him treat her like that anymore,” Leon tells him before he places his hand in his pocket and fishes out a set of keys.

“Go!” Leon says, tossing them to me. I catch them staring at his car keys. My heart is beating rapidly in my chest. What am I to do with these?

“I…I can’t drive,” I stuttered out. Leon tilts his head to the side to look at me before looking at Rhen and back at me.

“You can’t drive?” Leon asks.

“Well, no s**t, she ran a car off the road when she tried to escape last time,” Rhen growls behind me, making me jump away from him.

Raidon looked between us all, yet my eyes were on Thane, who was passed out on the grass, bleeding profusely.

“She can’t be here when he wakes up,” Leon says, looking down at Thane and confirming my thoughts that he would be alright. The tension and fear through the bond were loud and clear. However, I couldn’t decide if they were fearful for themselves or me. We all knew there would be h**l to pay when he woke up.

Rhen grabs my arm. “We haven’t got much time,” he says, shoving me toward the house.

“Rhen!” Leon snapped at him, rising to his feet, and I glanced at him, realizing he was willing to attack all his mates if needed. Rhen stops and looks over at him.

“What are you doing?” Leon asks as Raidon moves closer to Rhen, his steps calculating as he looks Rhen over, and I s*****w, knowing if they attack each other, I would be caught in the middle. Instinctively my hands moved to protect my belly as I tried to step away from him.

“Getting her out of here,” Rhen tells him.

“Wherever you take her, he will find her. He will order you to tell him,” Raidon tells him.

“Which is why I am dropping her into the city,” Rhen tells him before looking back down at me.

“We can’t come with you. We have been his mates too long, Harlow. Our bond is fully forged. The bond would lead him straight to you,” he tells me, and I nod, but that doesn’t stop the sick feeling in my stomach at the thought of being on my own.

“We haven’t got much time,” Raidon says, rushing ahead of us. Rhen leads me toward the garage door, and I see they must have just pulled up as I escaped. Their doors were still open, and Rhen pushed me toward the door leading into the house. My feet falter, and I come to a stop.

“You can’t leave covered in blood and half n***d.” I shake my head, knowing the prison this place is. “We aren’t, Thane,” Rhen whispers behind me, nudging me forward.

Hesitantly, I step inside the place to find Raidon ripping through the linen closet, and Rhen runs up the stairs. Raidon drops a bag on the ground before tossing me some clothes and filling the bag. I slipped the clothes off I was wearing that got ruined when Leon rushed past me in a blur as I stood in the hallway. He returns moments later with a wet cloth and descenter.

He scrubs the blood off with the wet cloth, and the descenter stings the cuts covering me that were slowly healing. “Taxi will be here in five minutes,” Rhen says before dropping a heap of cash he retrieved from somewhere in the bag as Raidon nods and zips it up.

“If you run out,” Raidon says, pulling his wallet from his back pocket. He pulls a card out and hands it to me.

“Withdraw what you can and get the h**l out of wherever you are. Thane will be watching our cards.”

“I don’t know the Pin,” I tell him.

“It’s your birthday, your real birthday, not the one on your s****y fake ID,” Rhen says behind me. “We all use the same pin,” he says.

“I need someone’s phone,” I tell them, knowing they would have Alpha Jake’s phone number. It was the only place I could think of, knowing Tal’s or Bree’s would be the first place he looked.

“I will toss it when I am done with it,” Rhen growls. I had a feeling he knew what I wanted it for but handed over his phone anyway. Yet I had a feeling Thane would hesitate stepping into another’s territory so easily. That would cause issues, and there were sanctions in place. Unless approved by the pack Alpha, it was forbidden.

Thane may own this city, but he doesn’t own Clairview City. That was Jake’s territory and, at the moment, the only place I would consider safe despite my condition. I just hoped he was genuine about what he said because I am not letting him hurt my baby.

“Get rid of the phone, quickly, take whatever numbers you need and get rid of it,” Rhen tells me. Hearing the intercom for the front gate, we all look at the door, and Leon hits the buzzer to let him in. Raidon grabs my bag and moves toward the front door. My heart beat faster, knowing I was getting out here and being set free. That thought was just as scary as remaining here.

It is incredible how one had the ability to be comfortable in their own misery and suddenly leaving here for the unknown scared me more than Thane. Yet I wasn’t going to lay down and d*e or let him rip my daughter from me, so I s****d in a breath and moved toward the door.

Raidon opens the trunk and tosses the bag in; I move toward the back door, and Leon opens it. The driver, although startled, says nothing as I move to climb into the backseat when Leon grabs me. His lips crash against mine.

“Take care of our daughter,” he whispers when he pulls back. “When we can we will come for you, when it’s safe,”

“Find a way to contact us so we know you’re okay,” Raidon tells me.

“But Thane,”

“We will handle Thane. Until then, it isn’t safe for you here,” Rhen tells me. I chew my lip before hopping into the car. Rhen shuts the door, and the driver pulls away.

“Where to Ma’am?”

“The train station,” I answered him, pulling Rhen’s phone out and unlocking it with my birthdate. I scroll through the contacts pulling up Alpha Jake’s number. My hands shook as I hit the call button and lifted the phone to my ear. The phone rang a few times before finally, he answered.

“Rhen?” Jake answered, and it sounded like he was somewhere busy by all the noise in the background.

“No, Alpha Jake, it’s Harlow,” I told him while my heart beat rose, and I felt sick to my stomach at what I was about to do; I was willing to run to another Alpha for help.

“Harlow?” he says in a hushed tone.

“I need your help,” I tell him.

“Where are you?” he asks, and I let out a breath.


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