Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 85

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 85

Alpha Jake told me to catch a train and he would come pick me up from Clareview City station because it would take hours for him to drive here. He said he would come pick me up but after I explained I needed to leave now, he looked up the train time tables. With my bag clutched tightly on my lap and over one shoulder I sat in the very last carriage where the security guard was. He watched me curiously but said nothing about me being there.

My eyes stung from tiredness, yet the fear of the unknown kept me awake and alert. Each stop the train made had me staring worriedly out the window. My brain conjured up that Thane would be at the next stop to retrieve me and drag me home. Yet once I had been on the train for an hour I relaxed slightly when the security cleared his throat. My eyes snapped open and I hadn’t realized I had closed them.

In his hand he held a wrapped sandwich, offering it to me. “Eat, you look pale,” he says, his eyes roaming over my face and down my arms. I thanked him and took it but his eyes darted to my hands where blood had stained beneath my fingernails. Only then did his aura slip out and I realized he had Alpha genes. That suddenly made me nervous yet he moved back to his side of the carriage and sat down before heating his dinner.

I looked at the egg sandwich wrapped in clear film, the carton looked untampered with so I opened it. My stomach growled hungrily and I polished it off in four bites only for the security guard to chuckle. My face heats with embarrassment but he shakes his head and rises to his feet before handing me the other half of his. I shake my head.

“Take it, I can get more from the other carriage,” he tells me and I thank him. He sits back down only rising from his seat at each stop to watch the passengers. He wandered off a few times to check tickets but returned retaking his seat. Halfway there I groan wondering how many stops before I would get there.

“You can sleep, I won’t let anyone near you,” the security guard tells me and I chew my lip. He had been nice the entire way and not creepy yet he was still an Alpha and I was an Omega.

Yet as the train slowly made its way my eyes grew heavier and heavier as I fought to remain awake when I felt something soft ripping me from my sleep. My eyes fly open to find the security guard placing his jacket over me and glancing at my ticket.

“I will wake you up before,” he says with a nod and sets my ticket back in the side pocket of my bag. I watched him move back to seat. “Sorry, instinct to protect. You’re an Omega, and your descenter isn’t working because you’re-” He points at my belly.

Yet those instincts were clearly d**d in Thane, just the thought of him twists my stomach and makes my heart beat faster. Sleep takes me moments later, suddenly feeling a little reassured.

“Ma’am?” his deep voice says, shaking my shoulder and I jump glancing around in panic.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you, your stop is next,” he says pointing toward the window and I see we are leaving another station, I nod checking I have everything and minutes later we pull up at ClaireView city. I step off the train nervously looking for Alpha Jake when I am suddenly closed in on by three huge men. I turn back to run to the train when I hear Jake’s voice.

“Don’t be frightened Harlow, it’s just my mates,” One of the men stepped aside and I spotted him. I step away from the dark haired man who had a crooked lip from a scar running through it from his nose.

For some reason my mind instantly went to I f****d up and stepped into a trap. Yet none of the three men touched me, in fact they were very careful not to which I thought was odd because the platform was crowded and there wasn’t much room, instead they just crowded around Jake and I as we left the platform and walked out to the parking lot.

“Was the train bad?” Jake asks and it felt strange trying to make small talk with someone I didn’t know. We stop beside matching Black SUV’s and the three men climb in one when Alpha Jake opens the trunk on the other car. I take my bag from my shoulder feeling a little nervous about getting in the car with him. Yet when I pass him the bag he jerks his hand back when my fingers touch his.

The bag falls and hits the ground. He quickly bent down to retrieve it, giving me an apologetic smile and motions toward the car. I shake the strange action off yet when he climbs in I wondered if maybe he had a cleanliness issue as he santized his hands with sanitiser from the glove compartment.

“Sorry, Omegas well you know?’ he says and my brows scrunch together. He starts the car, the other following closely behind as we make our way towards the outskirts.

“So how many mates have you got?” I asked nervously.

“Eight,” he says simply yet I was horrified.

Eight mates! I shake the thought away. I would d*e if I had eight Thanes in my life, one was enough. Just as we leave to go to a back road I grow nervous when the phone rings through the bluetooth. Jake holds a finger to his lips and points to the screen on the dash. Bub pops up on his stereo display. He answers it by pressing a button on his steering wheel and my world stops at the sound of her voice. A voice I would recognize in a crowded room, A voice I wished I could hear again.

“What’s up, Love,” Jake answers.

“Where are you?” she demands.

“Almost home, I have a surprise for you,” Jake tells her.

“What sort of surprise. Ooh, is it a trifle?” Jake laughs.

“Something better,”

“What is better than trifle?” she asks. “Now I want chocolate trifle! Why did you mention trifle,” she demands, sounding very much like a pouting Omega.

“I will send Travis back to get you trifle,”

“Wait, Travis is with you, have you seen Donnie and Sam?” she asks.

“They’re behind me, but if I don’t get off the phone I can’t ask them to turn around to get your trifle,”

“Malteser one,” she says.

“Yes, okay, I will see you soon,” he tells her. “Don’t forget the trifle,” she tells him before hanging up and I blink at the screen before seeing the cars lights behind us flash as they turn around heading back into the city.

“She b****y loves anything with chocolate,” Jake laughs and I stare at him.

“You weren’t lying, she is really alive?” I gasp choking on air. I couldn’t believe it. All this time I thought she was d**d.

“I would not lie to you. Everything I told you was the truth,” Alpha Jake tells me as we pull up at some extravagant mansion. Lit up like a christmas tree.

“But the other Omegas, the ones that died?”

“Were originally pack members of my former pack before I stepped down and gave it to my brother and created an Alpha Pack. Those Omegas got themselves in trouble and were forced into rotation and then auctioned. I brought them back to the city, changed their identities, and returned them to their families, packs are family, still are even after you leave one,” Jake tells me.

“Then why would you buy an Omega if you had some here?”

“Same as any Alpha of Alpha’s does, we need to find one with strong genes to take our knot,” he says.

“So they aren’t d**d?”

“What, No! You shouldn’t believe what you read in the media. Alpha Packs are always painted poorly. Especially those like Thane and me. We are constantly in the media,” Jake tells me as he pulls up out the front.

I suddenly understood why he freaked out when I accidentally touched him, why the others didn’t get too close. Not because they were grossed out by me, but out of respect for Zara. For my sister knowing it would send her crazy if they came home stinking of another Omega.

Yet despite that, it didn’t stop the feral snarl that left her as he stepped through the door in front of me. I heard a struggle and Jake rushed toward her ripping his jacket off which would smell like me from the car.

Another man comes down the stairs opposite the foyer and stares at me as I step inside looking around to find Zara savagely tearing at Jake’s clothes as she scents him.

“Calm down, it’s your surprise,” Jake tells her when her hand whips out, slapping him. A man on the sofa beside her chuckles as Jake rubs his jaw.

“You dare come here smelling of some w***e!” she roared at him and I heard Jake sigh loudly.

“That w***e is your sister,” Jake tells her, stepping aside and motioning toward me. She blinks at me. “Harlow!” she whispers and her eyes turn glassy as her lips quivers. She moves to stand and Jake, the two men on the sofa with her move to help her and I see why; she was massively pregnant and she looked frail as h**l.

“Steady, Love,” the man beside her says and I could hear the panic in his voice and I moved quickly toward her so she wouldn’t try to come to me. Her fingers reach out for me and I clutch them when she breaks down, turning to a sobbing mess as she falls back onto the sofa.

“It’s really you, you’re really here, I thought you were d**d” she breathes. I smile sadly, tears streaming down my face as the sight of her. She was the same as I remember yet so different. I help her sit down.

“You’re pregnant,” I gasp. Her eyes went to my pod belly which was nothing compared to the size of hers.

“And so are you? You have a pack?” she asks, staring at my belly confused before looking at Jake. My mind was reeling. I had so many questions and I could tell she had the same.


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