Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 86

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Rhen POV

We had to sedate Thane the moment he came to because she hadn’t even left the driveway when Raidon tackled him as he chased after her. If she were still here, I know he would have k****d her; he had completely forgotten she was pregnant with our child and couldn’t see past his anger.

“I can feel him waking up,” Raidon groaned as we watched him stir on the bed. Leon sat beside him, and his blood boiled; I could feel it through the bond. His temper hadn’t dampened in the slightest; Leon’s anger was worrisome given his hunger. I didn’t trust him not to take another bite of him.

We didn’t bother tying him to the bed or cuffing him, he could order us to remove them anyway, so it would be pointless. Our only chance was to reason with him. Getting up, I pulled the blanket back to check his chest had fully healed, and thankfully it had completely closed now, and all that was left was a faint scar.

When I went to tug it back up, his hand moved with speed that made me jump as he gripped my wrist when Raidon growled at him as his claws slipped free from his fingertips, grazing my skin.

“Where is she?” Thane snarls, ignoring him; he sits up, leaning against the headboard before glaring at Leon.

“You nearly f*****g drained me,” he snarled, baring his canines at him.

“And you were going to hurt her,” Leon retorted in a venomous cold tone. Thane swallowed, and he let me go.

“You sent her back to the hotel?” Thane asks, and I glance at Raidon nervously, but it is Leon that answers him.

“We have no idea where she went. We let her go,”

“You what?” he said, tossing the blanket back and getting to his feet. Raidon shoves me aside and steps in front of him, standing toe to toe with him. My heart beats faster at the clear challenge.

“You dare challenge me,” Thane says as his entire body trembles in rage. “I should have weeks ago,” Raidon tells him.

“Stand down!” Thane tells him.

“Make me,” Thane growls and pushes him aside, only for Raidon to grab him and slam him against the wall. Leon gets up, standing on the bed as Raidon holds him there. But we all knew who would win if Thane decided to take him up on the challenge, Thane was our Alpha, and he was for a reason.

He was the strongest of us before we submitted to him, and now he had our blood in his veins and marked us; he was far more than just an Alpha. The man was lethal. Although Raidon knew this, he didn’t seem to care when it came to Harlow and Thane recognizing that he would have to seriously hurt him to make him submit, relaxing in his hold.

“I am not your enemy; I am your f*****g mate,” Thane snaps at him. I watch as Raidon leans closer so their chests are almost touching. “And so is she,” he snarls before shoving off him.

Raidon steps back from him but not far enough that Thane would get past him easily if he tried. “So we just let her go, let her run with our daughter?” he says before cursing under his breath.

“She wouldn’t have to run if you could control that d**n temper of yours,” I tell him.

“Temper? She k****d my mother!”

“I don’t think she did; remember, Thane, you have a lot of enemies. It was no secret that your mother was leaving to pick up our Omega. It was plastered on the front page of every paper that we were caught bidding in the Omega Auctions,” Leon tells him. He had a point about that, it was plastered everywhere, but no one knew whether or not we won the Auction.

“You need to bring her back, and now!” Thane roars.

“We can’t. We don’t know where she went!” Leon says slowly, emphasizing every word. Yet I had a vague idea of where she went.

“F**k! You know she won’t come back, right?” He says, kicking the chair beside him. It flies across the room and into the dresser, narrowly missing Raidon.

“Calm down. She will come back,” I tell him, and he scoffs. “She will; we have marked her. The bond will pull her back here, but if you can’t control yourself, she will only run again,” I tell him.

“As if I would give her a third chance at running from me again,” he snaps, and Raidon growls at him.

“When it comes to Harlow, that is no longer your decision,” Leon says, jumping off the bed beside me.

“Excuse me,”

“You f****d everything up. You are the reason she tried to run,”

“And you let her!” Thane screams at him.

“Because she is not a piece of f*****g property to be owned!”

“Well, she sure f*****g cost me enough!” Thane says, and Raidon punches him. His head whips to the side at the force, and I move quickly, knowing Thane would come up swinging. And I was right, his fist just pulling up off my face at the last second as I forced myself between them.

“Everyone needs to calm down,”

“No, he needs to leave before I f*****g k**l him,” Thane growls in a warning, and I s*****w. The heat of Raidon seeps into my back a moment more before he storms off, “Where are you going?” Leon asks him.

“To my parents,” Raidon replies, slamming the bedroom door behind him. I rub my temples at the mess our lives have become when Leon clicks his tongue, making me look over at him.

“If you want Raidon gone, then I am going too,” Leon tells him, and Thane growls, watching him leave.

“Idiots want to believe her lies,” Thane snarls, and I press my lips in a line.

“Even if she did it, Thane. Would you really k**l the mother of our child or put her in rotation,” I ask him. His answer was quick, and I could feel he meant every word.

“Yes, because she doesn’t deserve to be a mother after k*****g mine,” he tells me, and my eyebrows raise before I nod.

“I was hoping for a different answer, but you truly are blinded with hate for something we aren’t even sure she did,” I tell him.

“We have video evidence!”

“From grainy footage where we can’t make out the faces, even you said it was strange that there was no footage of them exiting the restaurant from that camera footage,”

“It’s her car, the number plates matched the traffic on the cam leading there,” I shake my head. There was so much that didn’t make sense about that day. Why it took so long to notice her body in a parking lot? How the tire marks didn’t line up where the car was found indicated Hana’s car being run off the road, not Harlow running someone off the road, yet every report was the same, saying Harlow was at fault.

Also, how the authorities refused to let us handle it, even the private investigator said things didn’t add up, yet he couldn’t find anything that didn’t say she did it. All evidence pointed to Harlow, yet why would she k**l Thane’s mother? She could have just taken the keys and ran, and Hana probably would have let her. She was non-confrontational; Hana wouldn’t have put up a fight. She would have just let her go and called us.

I just can’t picture Harlow cutting her throat so badly that her head was barely attached to her body. Harlow looked shocked that she stabbed Thane when she did it. She looked horrified at what she had done.

“I can’t believe you are questioning me on this when all evidence shows she did it,” Thane hisses at me before clutching his hair in frustration.

“You want someone to blame, you need justice for your mother, but that doesn’t mean it was Harlow, think Thane. She was willing to let you command her to ask what you wanted to know,”

“Now, why would she agree to that if she was guilty?”

“Because she knows I wouldn’t. She knows I hate commanding you,”

“Yet you had no issue commanding her down in the den or at work. Yeah, Thane, it really looks like she would know that,” I tell him, turning on my heel and moving toward the door.

“Rhen? Wait, you’re not leaving too?”

“We’ll be at Elaine’s. She needs help unpacking anyway. She hasn’t had a chance with working so much,”

“But you’re coming back here,” he asks, sounding almost desperate.

“Not while you can’t see past your fear of being wrong,”

“Being wrong?”

“Yes, Thane. Being wrong, that is why you didn’t command her, because if she was proven innocent, all that anger you harbored for her for years would have turned to guilt knowing you were hating the one person you should have been loving instead,” I tell him before walking out and leaving him on his own.


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