Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 88

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 88

Harlow POV

Four days Later

I thought coming here and finding my sister that rest would come easy, that I would find my place here after a day or two, yet I craved my den even though I despised being held prisoner in it, it was going to send me mad, yet being here was much the same. I had no place, not here, not even with my sister.

Zara was my home for so long that I thought waking up the following morning I would find that home again with her, but all I found was just the opposite. It was far from that reality I once found safety in.

Now I had no home, and what I craved for home was toxic. What my instincts told me to go back to was unhealthy; yet still I craved that familiarity because sitting here watching my sister with her mates, getting the support and love she always craved and wanted within a pack, something I never had, made me feel even more lonely. I was like the third wheel, or ninth in her case.

Eight mates, I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact she had so many, yet at this point I would take any one of mine, even if it was Thane’s overbearing a*s, just to feel like I had someone, because this place wasn’t mine and never would be, this was not my home and she was no longer my safe place.

So far from the reality we once shared and now all I see was the distance between us, how far removed we were from each other now. We were twins, connected in the most sacred and pure of ways but she had suffered a great loss, she was no longer the girl I remembered and neither was I.

Gone were the two girls joined at the hip, polar opposites, yet one in the same. Now I was Harlow, an identity I just got back and I wasn’t even sure who she was anymore. And Zara was traumatized, stuck on the loss of her daughter, stuck in a past I couldn’t relate to because I wasn’t there for her when she needed me.

I no longer knew how to bring her back from the brink and she didn’t know how to bring me back from the coldness seeping into me, we had become identical strangers. Our wants and needs changed over those couple of years. Only now had I realized I learned to live without her, learned to be on my own, only now did I truly realize how alone that was.

No one in my corner, no one to watch my back and I suddenly found myself walking a path never deemed for me. One that wasn’t either of ours and that reliance on one’s self, now had me recognizing the trauma that it had caused me.

She left a bad place and found a home, I left a bad place and found loneliness, found emptiness. Zara now carried children that would grow up loved and safe, with support and stability while I carried a child that would have only me. I would get no support and once again I found myself in that familiar helpless place of being on my own.

For a second I let myself believe that I had one and that was in that dreaded den he kept me in, that miserable place made me comfortable in my misery yet it was mine or supposed to be and I lost that too.

I was starting from scratch again when I never had scratch to begin with. Fallen from the heavens of what a pack meant and back down the rabbit hole trying to crawl my way back to that sense of hope a pack offered. And that clarity smashed into me heavily when Jake came to sit with me on the huge verandah of a place I would never find home in.

“I made you hot chocolate,” he says, passing me the mug and handing me the blanket draped over his arm.

“Thanks,” I tell him, accepting the warmth the hot chocolate offered and the blanket he gave me while making sure no part of him touched me. I felt contagious, like a plague infected me. Everyone was so careful to keep their distance and I suddenly missed touch, suddenly missed the pack that never wanted me because they were the one thing that were mine yet I was denied that too.

“We are worried about Zara,” Jake finally says after moments of stretched silence. I nodded my head, knowing it was coming.

I knew being here was disrupting her, having her so close disrupted me too. Omegas were never meant to be sister wives, which to me is funny given we were sisters, yet my presence now made her uneasy, just as Sarah around my mates made me.

Zara had sleep walked into my room the other night, my scent when I went to the kitchen sent her on the hunt and it was only moments before she attacked me that her senses came back to her and she noticed who I was to her. But for those few tense seconds as she entered my room I feared for my life, because hers was one I could not take from her when I just got her back.

“I will find somewhere in town to stay,” I tell him, looking out at the rolling hills that surround this place. It was a slice of heaven out here, yet not even heaven would have me in this wide space.

Jake nods and his hand reaches for mine before he pulls it back. I smile at him knowing it must be hard and an adjustment having two Omegas under one roof.

“We have a guest house at the back of the property if you prefer that, and it is close enough that you can come over to see her when you like, we usually stay there when Zara puts us in the doghouse,” Jake chuckles.

I nod my head and he rises to his feet. Zara is making breakfast. Although, I should warn you she can’t cook for s**t, just smile and b**e it, don’t insult her, she thinks she is a masterchef, and rarely cooks,” he laughs.

“Thanks, I will be in a few minutes,” I tell him and he goes to walk off before pausing. He reaches into his pocket and hands me his phone. “Rhen tried calling, your mates are worried about you, you should give them a call and let them know you’re okay,”

“But Thane,”

“Thane won’t get past my borders without me knowing, you can ring them, Harlow,”

“But if he comes here,” I panic,, worried about my sister’s state of mind.

“You can’t avoid them forever, and honestly I am surprised Thane hasn’t come here already, I know he watches his mates phones. Rhen, Raidon and Leon have been blowing mine up, trying to reach you.”

“You’re not worried about Thane?” I ask him. Jake shrugs.

“Yes and No. Yes because I have his Omega, and I know what I would do if someone took mine. No because I know he won’t hurt you not while you’re carrying his child. Thane has always wanted children, he just didn’t know it,” he tells me.

“You used to be close to Thane?” I ask him. He sighs.

“We have a strained relationship, but Hana, his mother, she was my godmother, Thane and I grew up around each other, always competitive though, we never had a brotherly relationship. But Hana, I loved that woman as if she was my mother too.”

“But how does that prove he wants children,”

“Because it was Hana that bought you from the Auction, Thane never bid, it was his mother, he didn’t know until he won. Hana was playing with his money, she was the one that sent in his serum,” he laughs.

“That’s why she picked me up?”

“Yes, same as I sent my mother to get Zara, it’s better that way. Omegas are flighty and sometimes need a reassuring face, what better one than another Omega. Someone who has been in their place,”

“Hana was in a facility?” I ask him and he nods. “Yes, with my mother and Elaine, they grew up in that place together,” Jake tells me and my brows furrow.

“When I found out Zara wasn’t you, she told me what happened. We faked her d***h hoping to bring you here and help you find a pack. But when I found out it was Thane, I knew you would be in safe hands, that Hana would look after you, but then she was k****d and you went missing.” Jake sighs and runs his finger through his dark hair.

“My pack helped with the investigations but we got nowhere, it was almost like it was some cover up,”

“But Mr. Black gave your money back?” I asked him and he nodded. I kind of felt guilty, because I did suspect it was the Obsidian pack for years, I just had no proof. He must have read that thought on my face because he chuckled.

“You thought we were behind it?” he says, shaking his head. “The money we gave to Omega aid, Thane’s mother was a humanitarian in a sense. Hana tried to have the rotations banned. The money I got back for Zara went to her charity to help Omegas get back on their feet once pulled from the rotation system. Thane is building a sanctuary in the city in mothers honor. That was always her dream, yet he only just bought the land for it recently. I saw something in the paper about it a couple weeks ago saying that he finally purchased the land and received the council approval for the go ahead,” my brows furrowed remembering the newspaper article he gave me on a new development.

I never did find out what it was for, and I never saw his name on it either, but it made me wonder if that was what it was for.

“And you thought I was guilty of k*****g her,” I tell him and he shrugs but nods his head.

“Yes and no, some things didn’t add up for me. Or Thane. Yet he was so blinded by his anger he put a bounty on you when he couldn’t locate you,” Now that surprised me, although it wasn’t overly shocking either.

“You contained his last serum, for the grandchild his mother always wanted. His mother pestered him constantly for an Omega, for you. Thane gave her his serum to shut her up, Hana told my mother it was like pulling teeth from him, but that she would show him what it meant to have a complete pack, a real one with an Omega that would love him and his mates once he claimed them and they submitted to him,”

“But you said he wanted kids?” That didn’t sound like he wanted any to me. Jake nods his head.

“He just didn’t know he did, until he saw how happy his mother was and how happy his pack was. They officially submitted to Thane when he won the bid, they knew once Hana placed the winning bid that they could officially become a pack. After Tara she-,”


“Yes, my half sister, she was my father’s first child, her mother was a rotation Omega. Her name was Tara, she used all Thane’s serum, but she was taking birth control, I tried to tell Thane not to take her as his Omega, that she only just wanted his money after my family disowned her, yet he loved her, or thought he did. But Rhen refused to submit, I think he knew something was off about her. Thane believed after she fell pregnant that he would come around to her.”

“Rhen finally accepted her but Tara nearly took everything from Thane, Rhen was the one that pointed out that the money was going missing,” my stomach drops knowing I wasn’t meant to be theirs, that they originally intended to take Jake’s sister. It also made me wonder where she was and I found myself asking.

“Is Tara-” Jake waves me off.

“You don’t need to worry about Tara, she is d**d. She got herself mixed up in some underworld issues back in the city with the vamps, she became one of their feeders and well we know how personal feeders end up,” he tells me and I s*****w.

“Thane caught her cheating, then discovered she had been slowly taking money from his father’s business. Thane confronted her, and she ran off with her pimp. They lost nearly everything and at first they didn’t notice. She was their secretary, that is how it all started, Thane felt obligated to help her since Hana was my godmother, she then weaseled her way through them by letting Leon feed on her.” he tells me and I wondered if that was how his blood addiction took over.

“Leon became addicted to her omega blood, f****d him up pretty badly, he ended up in rehab after she died. It is also why Thane and I have a very unhealthy business relationship. I think he thinks I blame him, but I knew my sister and that was why I tried to warn him,” Jake tells me with a heavy sigh.

“Ring your mates, Harlow,” he tells me pointing to the phone. “If Thane comes and you don’t want to go, we’ll deal with it when the situation arises,” he tells me before wandering back into the house and leaving me with more questions than answers.


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