Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 90

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 90

Harlow hung up the moment she heard Rhen’s voice as he opened my door when they located me where I was still parked on the side of the road. Rhen said nothing as he peered down at me and I rested my head back on the headrest.

“You got her to ring me.” I breathe and I close my eyes.

“No, but she was on the phone with Leon when we felt you freak out,” So she rang on her own accord not because she was asked to? I swallowed and nodded my head.

“You’re not driving like that, climb over to the passenger seat,” Rhen said pushing on my arm to move. Sighing, I relent and do as he tells me, quickly moving to the other seat as he climbs into the car.

“Are we going home?” I ask him.

“Is that where you want me to drop you?” he asks and I turn my head to look at him.

“Are you all coming home?” I ask him and he purses his lips but says nothing.

“I want to go wherever you are all going,” I tell him. He nods once and we follow Raidon back to his parent’s new place.

The Hamptons looking home was vast, and everything Elaine had always wanted, it was also out of the city and surrounded by forest. Rhen pulls into the garage and shuts the car off before climbing out. Elaine stood by the door staring at the cars as she worried her lip between her teeth. Even here I found no comfort, even surrounded by my mates. When I don’t climb out of the car, Raidon opens my door looking at me expectantly.

“Come on, Mum made lunch,” he tells me. And I nod once before he steps aside. I followed him through the house with neutral tones and high ceilings, it resembled a show home and I knew Elaine was very house proud, as she always had been.

“Are you staying the night dear?” she asked me as I stepped into the huge gallery-style kitchen that overlooked the living room with its open rooms and sweeping polished floors.

I looked at Raidon, it was his mother’s house, not mine and I wasn’t sure I was welcome despite her asking as I took a seat on the couch. Leon comes in moments later and watches me closely as he moves toward the living area. I wanted to feel anger at him for draining me, for knocking me out yet I felt nothing but numb, desensitized to the anger I felt before.

He stops in front of me as if asking the question of my forgiveness. Yet it was me who should be asking for theirs. When he doesn’t move to sit, I reach for him, gripping his wrist and tugging him to sit. He sighs leaning against me, yet I could feel his burning hunger, the need to feed from his Alpha. So strong as it was Harlow.

“Yes, ma he is staying the night,” Raidon answers and I didn’t realize how much I was hoping he would say yes until the words spilled from his lips. Elaine smiles fondly at her son, we were always close, and after a while I found myself relaxing in her new home.


The night was long as my mates settled into the routine they had for the past few days here. Raidon’s father went to bed early having rounds at the local hospital that was understaffed right now, and he was called in for the early hour’s shift.

Elaine sat on the armchair across from us going through boxes of paperwork she needed to sort out. Rhen going over her finances from his laptop beside her, she hands him a folder and he accepts it, flicking through the pages for something he needed for her taxes. Turning my attention back to the TV, I leave them be, before Rhen packs up his laptop, having finished doing whatever it was she asked of him. I watch as he stretches and yawns.

“It’s finished, I just need to send it in tomorrow,” he tells her before rising to his feet. He leans down pecking her cheek.

“I’m going to head to bed,” he tells her and she nods, going back to her task at hand of sorting through the office paperwork she had. Leon and Raidon are quick to follow after him and Leon stops behind Elaine looking at me expectantly I sigh. I was much too wired for sleep yet the way he watched me I knew he was asking for me to follow.

“I think I will do the same,” I tell Elaine, getting to my feet as she pulls out some journal looking it over with a confused expression. I lean down pecking her cheek and as she opens it.

“Night son,” she tells me, picking up whatever fell from between its pages and landed on the floor by her feet.

I followed Raidon and the others to a room upstairs where they had pushed two queen beds together. It felt awkward almost as if waiting for permission to rest with them. Yet as they climbed into bed I found myself following and within moments of my head hitting the pillow my eyes closed as their familiar scents surrounded me. Feeling the bed dip I went to roll when I felt the sharp pierce of Leon’s fangs as they sunk deep into my neck.

Turning my head so he had better access, my fingers found their way into his hair as I caressed his scalp, his tongue lapping hungrily at me, enticing a m**n from my lips as I pulled him on top of me. His hard c**k dug into my stomach as he moved against me before pulling his fangs from my neck. My blood dribbled down from his lips as he pulled back, his tongue poking out to l**k it up as I held him in place.

Raidon groaned beside Rhen feeling Leon’s sudden arousal and mine as I relished his weight atop of me, the feel him in my arms as he peered down at me. Gripping the back of his neck, I drew him closer and he groaned as his lips moved against mine just as demanding as his fangs were embedded in my neck. My tongue sweeps across his lips, and his lips part granting me access as I tugged at his boxers.

Yet before I could relish in the desire coursing through me, the door burst open and the light was flicked on. Leon lurched to the side, as Elaine’s scent wafted to us, and I sat up rubbing my eyes against the brightness of the light.

“Geez mum, knock next time,” Raidon growls at her as he too sits up. Startled, I peered toward the door where Elaine stood white as a ghost. Alarm coursed through me seeing her so frightened and I tossed the blanket back.

“Mum?” Raidon asked her as Rhen groaned at the lights.

“I made a mistake,” she whispers and my brows scrunch together in confusion. Her skin is clammy as she steps into our room with the journal I saw her with before I left the living room. Her hand shook as she clutched it, the journal gripped so tight her knuckles were pressed white beneath her skin.

“Mum?” Raidon asks, but it was me she moved toward.

“I’m sorry, oh god, I’m so sorry,” she pleaded as tears began to steadily stream down her face.

“Sorry for what?” I ask her, completely confused by whatever had spooked her so much. The look on her face was as broken as the one she wore when she learned of my mother, one of immense grief and fear. Elaine wore that same look as she handed me the journal.

“She didn’t do it, she didn’t k**l, Hana,” she murmured before her legs gave out from under her. Her knees hit the floor hard and Raidon rushed to her side, gripping her under the arms and hauling her to her feet.

“What are you talking about?” he demanded as I flicked open the journal wondering what she was talking about. The first page is chocked with old photos, a photo of Harlow and Zara, and photos of them with their parents. Yet it was turning the next page that had me startled beyond comprehension.

It was a drawing of my mother, so precise, so exact it was as if I was staring at her in real life.

“Harlow, son. She didn’t do it, she didn’t do it.” Elaine sobbed into her son’s shoulder just as the door burst open again and his father came in search of his upset mate.

“Oh she’ll never forgive me for what I have done,” Elaine wailed as I flicked through the pages to find a drawing of the car that she supposedly ran off the road before finding her writing scrawled on the pages telling a different story of the one I knew.

One where my mother told her to run, yet the most shocking thing of all, her drawings one of the people I least expected to see, it was the lead investigator of the case, labeled above his head was m******r. I stared down at her neat handwriting, the wheels turning in my head as I saw everything from a perspective other than the one I was told.

The way she described my mother it was clear she felt safe in her presence not threatened, In the journal I learned so much, tales of her fight, she spoke of her shame, and the blame she felt for her sister, her fear as she learned of my mother’s passing, worried they were still hunting her as they did through the forest for hours while she lay inside a hollowed log for three days, too scared to move and covering her scent in thick mud.

Everything proving her innocence lay within the pages, along with everything we didn’t know and the pictures drawn by her hand of the men she feared from that day. My heart raced as I turned each page before I looked up to see Elaine frightened.

She flinches as I stand as if she thought I would strike her for the blame she felt. Yet the moment I stood, the book fell to the bed, lost from her grip as I rushed toward the bathroom.

I barely made it as I threw up the contents of my stomach, sickened by my actions, sickened at what I had done to a woman just as innocent as she claimed she was. My stomach twisted at the deep pit forming as I realized just how truly I had f****d up. The evidence is right there. Now I had no way of making excuses for the things I had done. No way of making it up to her or correcting the wrongs I made.

All I could think was what have I done, what have done to the woman I loved, she would never forgive me but I sure would try to make it up to her, if she would have me.


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