Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 92

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 92

My heart sputters frantically in my chest. My eyes instantly looked for another exit, yet found none. Thane pulls his hands from his pockets.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said, and I could feel the guilt emanating from him loud and clear. But he felt guilt when he had me locked down in that den, but it didn’t stop him from doing it. I wasn’t foolish enough to go running back to it on some false promise of him having a change of heart. He still believes I k****d his mother, still believes I ran from them. And I did stab him. Surely he hasn’t forgiven that.

“Just hear me out, I can’t make things right if you don’t let me speak to you,” he tries to reason, I was far from reasoning at this point.

“No!” I tell him my voice is more of a savage growl, warning him to back off. Even I was shocked by the ferociousness of it. I wasn’t going back to that den, and I would d*e before I allowed him to take our daughter from me.

“I get that you’re angry-” My eyebrow raised at his words. Angry would not describe the feeling I held for this man.

“I never wanted this life. I never wanted to be used as an object for someone else’s pleasure or a necessity for breeding heirs for Alphas. Certainly not having my voice taken away or my choices, not being commanded to do things against my will, or being constantly called a w***e because I was born an omega, which was outside of my control. I was treated worse than an abused dog for weeks.” I spat at him.

My words tasted like venom on my tongue. Fury, like never before, wrapped around my limbs, and I had to fight the urge to shift, knowing it would hurt our child. Raidon glances at me nervously as fur spreads across my arms, and I shut my eyes, trying to control my anger, knowing shifting was dangerous.

“Harlow, you need to calm down,” Thane says, and my eyes snap open, my vision changing as my anger rises; my canines slip free, jabbing into my bottom lip as I try to anchor myself and not give into the urge to rip into him, an instinct so unnatural and purely controlled by my anger at seeing him. But if he thinks I would roll over and be his little b***h he was mistaken.

“Calm down? I should calm down? I’ve been forced to eat when I wasn’t hungry, held prisoner. Forced to eat the same food as punishment and deprived of basic human rights. Then threatened to take my daughter from me and leave me with the choice of d***h or being whored out in rotation.”

“I will not go back to endure that again. I would rather d*e fighting to ensure my daughter never has to go through the h**l you all put me through.” I scream at him, pointing an accusing finger at him, only to realize my nails have turned to claws.

Raidon steps closer, and I snarl at him, when his calling slips out, I would not be sedated especially by them. Raidon backs up closer to Thane, and I don’t miss how Jake’s mates step closer outside the windows.

“We know you didn’t do it; I know you didn’t k**l my mother, Harlow,”

“What do you want, a pat on the back, forgiveness? You won’t get that from me, not after what you did. I told you I was innocent, and still, you refused to believe me,” I tell him, and Raidon hesitantly steps closer, and my eyes dart to him.

“Don’t!” I warn him when he reaches for me. Calm down, pull yourself together. I thought, trying to calm the blistering hot anger coursing through me that seeing him brought forth.

“I’m glad you all finally realized I was telling the truth from the beginning, although it is a little too late to repair the damage done.”

“It’s not too late, Harlow. We can fix this,” Thane says moving when a growl tears out behind him, he freezes growling back at them.

“I never want to see the lot of you ever again, and there is nothing further to discuss. So leave and never come looking for MY daughter and me. Your next visit might not be so welcoming.” I tell them. Raidon swallows, glancing at Thane while I glared at him.

“Harlow, you don’t mean that,” Raidon says, and I turn my face to look at him.

“I am not letting you take my daughter. How do I know this isn’t some ploy to get me to come home?” I ask him.

“It’s not,” Thane says, and my eyes move back to him as he steps inside further.

“I scream. Sam won’t miss,” I tell him.

“I am not here to hurt you or drag you back; I want you to come back willingly on your own terms,”

“My terms are get the f**k out. I am not going anywhere with you knowing you’ll just command whatever you want from me,” I tell him, taking a step back. “So leave,” I s*****w, hearing my words resonate back at me, knowing he could just order me. Jake and his mates would be none the wiser if he did, if I was suddenly volunteering to go back with him. My heart races faster.

“Thane, let’s just go,” Raidon says, stepping in front of him. Thane watched me for a second, and I suddenly found myself caught like a deer in headlights waiting for what he would say. Thane glances over his shoulder to where Zara’s mates are now on the path beside the cabin before looking back at me.

“I’ll give you my serum,” he says finally.

“I already have your serum,”

“My new serum, Harlow. I won’t be able to command you. We will be equal,” he says, pushing his hand into his pocket. He pulls a vial out, holding it up to show me. The silver and red liquid swirling through it glistened.

“I can’t take that while pregnant, and how do I know it isn’t one of theirs?”

“It’s not. That is my blood and my venom,” he says, holding it out to me with the vial pinched between his fingers.

“Take it. You’ll be able to tell by opening it,” he says, and I hesitantly step forward before snatching it and stepping back.

I unscrew the cap and sniff it, finding Thane’s potent scent, and not just his scent, but all their scents mixed with his, proving this is his new serum, one that would make me equal to him. I looked at Raidon, who was watching me, and I could feel his shock at what Thane gave me.

“I can ask my mother-”

“Your mother is not coming near me,” I tell him, and he swallows but nods once. She was just as bad as Thane, maybe worse because she was also Omega and pushing him to k**l me.

“Come home,” Thane says, but I shake my head.

“You have that vial. Use it. It won’t hurt you or our daughter; it will just strengthen you and her. I already checked,” Thane says.

“I’m not coming home,”

“Then at least come back to the city. You can choose where you stay. F**k, I will give you the house and stay at a hotel until you trust me,”

“No, I don’t trust you,” I tell him.

“And how do you expect me to earn it back if you don’t give me a chance to,” Thane argues.

“You want me to trust you? Then leave, let me come back on my own; I am not getting in a car with you,” I tell him, not trusting him not to lock me in the trunk and force me back into the den.

“Then go back with Raidon; I will find my own way back,” Thane says, looking at Raidon.

“I can run him home,” Jake says behind Thane, who glances at him and nods.

“You take that he has no power over you,” Jake tells me, nodding to the vial in my hand. I stare at it.

“It makes me un-commandable. It doesn’t stop him from hurting me, Jake,” Jake sighs and nods his head.

“I’ll give you whatever you want; just come home,” Thane tells me.

“Will you void the Omega contract?” I ask him and Thane swallows, folding his arms across his chest.

“This stops me from being commanded, but you own me by council laws; I have no say if you chuck me in rotation, or take our daughter,”

“I do that. You’re fair game for any Alpha, Harlow. I can’t do that; it would put you at risk,” Thane tells me. I shake my head, I would rather take my chances.

“Pick one of them then, I can’t remove the contract I have with the sanctuary or the council, but I can change the ownership title over,” Thane says, and my eyes dart to his.

“Pick, Harlow. I am not leaving unless you are coming back to the city,” Thane says, and Jake growls at him.

“I won’t force her, so stand down, Jake. Sam may not miss, but I will k**l you long before he picks his shot,” Thane warns him confidently, without glancing at the Alpha at his back.

“Harlow, please,” Raidon whispers.

“I’m not leaving until that contract title is changed,” I tell Raidon.

“I can do it online. Jake just needs to lend me a computer,” My eyes darted to Jake, who nodded his head, confirming what he said.

“Fine, sign me over to Leon then,” I tell him. Thane nods, but I don’t miss the pang of hurt from Raidon at not choosing him. Leon was the only one that believed me; he attacked Thane for me while they would have let him drag me back to the den.

“Pack your bags then,” Thane says, turning toward Jake, who steps aside.

“I’m not leaving until I see the title change,” I call out to him and Thane stops, nods once.

“Anything else?” he asks. I think for a second.

“Yeah, I’m taking your room. You get the f*****g den,” I tell him. He presses his lips in a line but nods once before following Jake.