Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 96

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 96

Once I was back in Leon’s room, I shut the door, and I didn’t intend to speak with Thane until he pulled his head out of his a*s. Yet, in true Thane form, he never likes to be on the tail end of a losing argument because he busted the door down within minutes of me climbing into bed.

A squeak leaves me as the door bangs against the dresser, making the mirror on the top rattle.

“You don’t get to yell and scream at me and then run from me,” he was furious, but the feeling through the bond told me not at me as he moved closer to the bed. I shuffle upright, knowing all too well how unpredictable his mood swings are.

“I wasn’t going to hurt you, for f**k sake, Harlow. Stop flinching; I have never beat you,”

“No, only locked me in a d**n den and ordered me around and used your d**n aura on me,” I snap at him while my hand slips down beside the bed and the wall where I kept the wolfsbane spray that Rhen gave me. My fingers wrap around the can, my finger on the trigger.

“I can’t take what I did back, but you can stop throwing it in my face every chance you get,” he growls, and his eyes turn onyx as his canines protrude. My eyes widen in horror as flashbacks of him chasing me down and charging at me flood the forefront of my mind. Thane reaches for me, and I shriek, unleashing the can on him only to have the nozzle around the wrong way instead, drenching and blinding myself.

I choke, gasping for air as I inhale it. My eyes and skin b****d as if I was doused in acid, and I dropped the can and clawed at my face.

“F**k!” I hear Thane swear as I blindly reach for the blanket needing to remove the substance burning me. Hands move under my legs and a*s as I flail and cough on the liquid.

“Don’t s*****w it,” Thane panics when I feel cold water blast me from the ensuite’s shower. My feet slip on the floor, yet his arm under my belly holds me steady.

“Hang on,” Thane says, scrubbing my face with soap while I spit torrents of water out, so I don’t s*****w any. The soap made my eyes b**n worse, and I could hear the mindlink going off, and Thane was trying to reply to them, yet all I could focus on was the burning of my skin.

Eventually, the pain eases off, and I blink, staring at the black tiled wall, my vision returning, yet blood coated the floor from it, eating my skin away when something is shoved in my mouth. I choked as his metallic-tasting blood warmed my mouth.

“S*****w it. It’s my blood,” Thane urges, and I grab his wrist. S********g it down, his blood never worked as quick as marking would or Leon’s blood, but I could feel my skin healing slowly the more I drank it.

“Did you s*****w any?” Thane asks, and I shake my head, pulling away from his bleeding wrist. I hated that I couldn’t shift. Everything takes longer to heal than it would if I could.

“I wasn’t going to hurt you. Geez, Harlow,” Thane says before sticking his hand inside my shirt. I grip his wrist, my nails digging in; he hisses and growls behind me as his hand slips into my bra.

He steals the serum that I always kept on me, and I snatch it off him. “I wasn’t taking it, but use it,” he whispers, and I peer up at him over my shoulder. Thane adjusts the shower temperature, turning the heat up.

“I’m pregnant, Thane; it will affect our daughter,”

“And our daughter has four fathers and a stubborn a*s mother to keep her in line. Use it. She will be born Alpha. It will enhance my DNA in your system to override yours to ensure it,” Thane tells me.

I look at the vial. “There is no way in this world I would let our daughter be sold off even if she chose that life,” Thane growls.

“Omegas are rare, Thane, we are almost extinct,”

“F**k the rest of the world; I don’t care about them. I only care about you and our daughter you’re carrying,” he tells me.

“It changes nothing, though; the entire Omega system is wrong. That was my point. Not that I hate being Omega. Well, I do. But I see why we are necessary to Alphas,”

“Well, what do you want then? I can’t win with you. You wanted space; I gave you that; you wanted me to sign you over to Leon. I did that. I sleep in the den because you told me to! I don’t know how else to make what I did up to you!” he growls.

“You could apologize properly! Let’s start with that!” I snap at him.

“I did apologize!”

“No, you acknowledged you were wrong. Big difference,”

“That’s the same thing,” he says, and I turn around to face him.

“Are you being serious right now?” I ask him. Thane blinks at me before reaching for my shirt and peeling it off while I scramble to try to keep it. Thane tosses it out the shower door, ignoring me, slapping his hands away as he undoes my bra and the button on my jeans.

“Thane!” I snap at him as he undoes the zip. “I’m helping you,” he retorts, j*****g his hands away. I growl at him, removing my own d**n pants while he rids himself of his shirt.

“Fine, I am sorry,” he says like a sulking child being forced to apologize to a sibling.

I press my lips in a line and shake my head. “Just get out!” I tell him, turning sideways to turn the heat up more.


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