Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 99

Read Alphas Possession by Jessica Hall Chapter 99

“You’re not hopping in with them?” I ask her, retrieving a towel from the cupboard under the sink.

“My scent overwhelmed him,” she says, and I look at Leon worriedly. He had been off since he arrived home and if Raidon was in there with them, something must have gone down for her to be sitting at the sink looking upset.

“I don’t get why he doesn’t just feed off me,” Harlow mumbles. He could werewolves had more blood than humans, but still Leon rather not risk it.

“Because he has gone cold turkey, he will struggle to stop,” I tell her, shucking her under the chin before unbuttoning my shirt. Raidon hops out so I can take his place, and I don’t miss how she l***s her lips or miss the scent of her arousal as she watches him grab a towel securing it around his waist.

“Don’t look at me like that. You know I want you,” he says to her. Her hormones had been all over the place, and she even attacked Leon while he was asleep the other night, yet none of us were willing to touch her, afraid of hurting her but worse, afraid of her trying to mark us. We knew it would be upsetting for her when she realized she couldn’t.

Leon couldn’t touch her at the moment, s*x and bloodlust go hand in hand, and without Thane, he didn’t trust himself. Raidon was worried about hurting her, and I didn’t want to have the awkward conversation that her mark won’t stick until she accepts Thane. We knew she wanted to mark us because we could tell by the way she scents us her instincts to claim us growing stronger the longer she was around us. She wanted us to be hers as much as she was ours. However, none of us wanted her to feel pressured into marking Thane just so she could mark us.

Our lack of contact with her though, I could see, was starting to bother her. Harlow growls, slipping off the bench and walking out. Raidon sighs, watching after her.

“She wants to mark us,” I tell them.

“Yeah, and I won’t be the one to break it to her that it won’t work unless she marks Thane first,” Raidon tells me.

“Well, they seem to be getting along today,” I tell him, unbuttoning my pants and slipping them off. Stepping into the shower, though, I wondered how much longer we could avoid that conversation, she would have to mark him if she wanted to mark us, and I could tell she wasn’t anywhere near there yet with Thane.

I was stepping under the shower’s spray when the mind-link opened up, and Thane’s angry voice slipped into my head.

“Is there a reason Lowe looks upset?” he asks, and I sigh when Raidon answers him. F**k! Looks like that conversation would be coming sooner than later, I thought to myself, knowing that wasn’t going to play out well. Everyone knows that in Alpha packs, the most dominant Alpha is the head. One thing they don’t teach in the schools and one thing most Alpha packs don’t share with the world unless you were part of one, you wouldn’t know, it wasn’t something alpha packs advertised. It would be like letting your enemies know your weakness. And that is, to mark one, you must mark the Alpha first.

Same as severing a bond; only the Alpha can do it, Thane could reject her and break our bonds to her, and that is where our biggest weakness comes in. If the Alpha dies; it could break all of us because our bonds break, which is a form of control no one wants to talk about. All of us are linked to Thane. He hurts, we hurt, he breaks, we all break. His word is law, and his life is our life. Broken bonds don’t last without the Alpha.

If something happened to one of us, we would survive it as long as we had our Alpha, but if something happened to Thane, it would k**l all of us, not physically, but you don’t survive that sort of pain. We all submitted to him, gave him his power in a sense, and made him the strongest, although he already was the strongest of us. If something happened to him, we wouldn’t gain that power back because it dies with him. Without him, we would be regular werewolves, despite our DNA.

And Harlow, she was Omega. Thane dies; she would d*e with him once she marks him, and that is the sort of control none of us wanted to scare her from. Once she marks him, there is no way out for her, only he could break their bond if she wanted out, and we all know he would never let her go. She had to come to that decision herself without our influence, just as we had to come to that decision ourselves.

Harlow wasn’t completely helpless, however. Once the bond had been completed we would be able to feel her and sense her, and a pack was only as strong as its weakest link. And she would become ours because if she breaks, she would break Thane, she dies, and so does he. She would be the biggest weapon against us.

It is also why most Alpha packs chose rotation wolves. Omegas have always been seen as weak, and marking one would give rival packs a weapon to use against them, yet at the same time, that would ensure he would always choose and protect her over all of us. Our lives depended on him and his on hers because, without her, his instincts would go crazy, and so would he, just like Thane’s fathers did, which ended in them k*****g themselves.

“Where is she?” I hear Raidon ask Thane as I rinse my hair out.

“The living room, I will check her in a minute,” Thane answers him.

Opening my eyes I find Leon staring at the door. “What’s wrong?”

“She thinks I rejected her,”

“She is hormonal,” I tell him. “Yeah but you should have seen the look on her face, ” he says rinsing the soap off and stepping out.

“She’ll be fine, Thane will speak with her,” I tell him.

“Yeah, well hopefully she gets them in check before dinner,” Raidon says and I had completely forgotten. F**k! “Why dinner time?” Leon asks as I shut the water off.

“Mum’s coming over for dinner,”

“F**k, maybe Thane should have let her cook,” Leon says and Raidon shoots a look at him.

“She wants to apologize,”

“Yeah, but if she upsets Harlow, don’t think I will hold my tongue, I love mum but I love her more,” Leon warns him. Great, that’s all we need a ravenous hybrid, a hormonal pregnant Omega, a raging Thane, and in-laws. Yep, this would be the dinner from h**l.


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